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Celebrating Love Along the Klamath

January 20, 2014

Heart of the Klamath celebrates with Valentine hearts

Heart of the Klamath celebrates with Valentine hearts

Judy Bushy
January blues aren’t a problem when all the fun garden catalogs begin arriving. What fun!! The days have been much too dry this winter, but the sun is wonderful. The low level of the lakes and str3eams remind us that we need the precipitation.

Perhaps it is because children love holidays, and from day care years we celebrate every holiday that comes along with enthusiasm! We make up a holiday if there isn’t one. This time of year, with all the Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays over, we need a holiday.
Valentine’s Day is coming, it is true. Three weeks from Friday, everyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day can celebrate our romantic love, but all love deserves celebrating.

Love always deserves celebrating because it is what makes life worthwhile. It is love we first experience as all our needs are taken care of in a loving family. It is loving friendships that take us to our first experiences in the outside world and enlarge out circle of living. It is the neighborly love of our community of Happy Camp that encircles us in the center of this beautiful surroundings of forest, stream and blue skies above along the Klamath River. Our Klamath Neighbors are privileged to live, work and recreate in this home of outdoor beauty.

Our school children will, no doubt make red hearts to share with each other. Some high School students are planning a bake sale the day before at Parry’s Market. Our church messages will teach that we Love God because He first loved us, and we ought to Love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. The Golden Rule, to do to others as we want them to do to us is the heart of many persons value system.

Hope that you will give me a call (493-5248) or note (klamthviews at yahoo) and share what is going to be happening between now and then, Who is having a bake sale, where a special meal will be offered for the occasion, or other special things will be happening to celebrate love.

Happy New Year in Happy Camp!!

December 31, 2013

We go back to school January 6th. Half of the vacation time is over already and it sounds like students have been visiting friends and relatives and fishing and so far only one “boring” complaint…. that I’ve heard.

My sister, Nancy, has a birthday today so I get to call her up to catch up on what’s happening with her children, grandchildren and darling little great grandson. Happy Birthday to Jess Haun, our drama and English teacher at Happy Camp High School also. Belated birthday wishes to Megan Hague and Vickie Simmons also. It’s difficult to have a birthday at these very busy times of the year so wanted to remember them!

Next week will be another busy return to business.. Sunday, will be the Dear Mad’m meeting at 2 o’clock. The 4th annual Dear Mad’m event which honors Stella W. Patterson who wrote Dear Mad’m about moving to a mining cabin by the Klamath River when she was eighty years old, is a combination effort of the Klamath Writer’s Group and the Chamber of Commerce. This year’s event will be May 2-4th. The Writer’s have proposed a Writing contest for all you great storytellers to write your favorite story about Happy Camp! At Sunday’s meeting we will establish the guidelines and then we will be ready to let you know the details and the nice prizes that you may win for your entry into the contest!!

The old year, the year that has been with us for so long, is passing away. A new year, 2013, full of promise and potential is about to begin! What new challenges will the new year bring? What blessings are in store for us?

Tuesday, January 7th is the first meeting of the New year for the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce. We usually meet at six o’clock at the Chamber of Commerce office 35 Davis Road next to the post office. We will have a special speaker so please call the office 493-2900 if you don’t usually attend and would like to hear about grants available and help that Ore-Cal RC&D can offer to Happy Camp organizations, please let us know. We will have a the Director of the OreCal RC&D with us at that time and we remember how very helpful that they have been to our community in the past.,

Neighborhood Watch and Community Emergency Resource Team (CERT) meeting will be Wednesday, January 15th, so be sure that is on your brand new January calendar and plan to attend. By working together we can turn things around and eliminate the crime from our area. Thanks to those who have had the day long training by Deputy David Nye for patrolling and have been keeping an eye out for suspicious characters! Your help is needed to keep out Klamath River Neighborhood safe and crime free!\

Perhaps you’ve made it a New Years resolution to become more active in our community this year. There are a number of organizations that need volunteers to help make Happy Camp work. they’d welcome you with open arms!!

Thank you to our Veterans!

November 10, 2013


In a tribute to our Veterans, the NRA said, “Peace is predicated upon the good will, good nature, and general goodness of mankind. Thus, war and conflict have been used to settle what goodness alone could not. Our history as a nation is replete with conflict; it established our righteous beginnings and divided our civil discourse. In the face of these conflicts, there have always been men and women ready to answer their nation’s call. They have inspired us with their sacrifice, honored us with their dedication, and humbled us with their unfathomable courage.

“On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month of 1918, hostilities in World War I ended with the hope that the world could find peace. While that peace was short-lived, Americans’ respect and support for their uniformed veterans was not. Known around the world as Armistice Day for some, Remembrance Day for others, the 11th day of November is set aside to honor all those who have honored us with their service.

Beginning the program were prayers by Bud Johnson of the Karuk Tribe and Kirk Eadie.of the Christian Fellowship. It is a blessing that each can pray according to his conscience and be included in the program giving appreciation to our Veterans. The Supreme Court of our nation is now deliberating whether those who say they are offended by certain prayers can dictate what men can pray! Prayer is talking to God. In my view, government shouldn’t be telling us how to address God. There have been prayer invocations since the Continental Congress to write the Declaration of Independence first convened on September 7, 1774. They weren’t sure which clergyman to choose for the honor among numerous faiths represented. Samuel Adams arose, according to John Adams, and said “he was no bigot, and could hear a Prayer from any gentleman of piety and virtue, who was at the same time a friend to his Country.” The motion carried and an Episcopalian, Rev. Jacob Duche’, opened the next session in prayer and read, Psalm 35. Adams said this Scripture electrified the Founders. “I never saw a greater effect upon an audience. It seemed as if Heaven had ordained that Psalm to be read on that morning.

While many values of the Judean-Christian ethic of out Founding Fathers have come into question in modern days, the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the basic tenets of the Bill of Rights are imperative today as much as in the past!!

See Veteran Appreciation notes on Klamath Neighbors page.
See October Neighborhood Watch on Community page.
See Rusty Williams exciting poetry honors and a recent Art Center evening on Art & Entertainment page
Homecoming events at Happy Camp High will have more photos added tomorrow on Children & Youth page..
October events at Dear Mad’m Day are at and will continue to be updated.

Morning Inspiration by Pastor Blue

Of men of God, we can be proud,
who follow not the earthly crowd.
But hold Christ high and strive for right,
forever to show a witness bright!
Men who shared their Lord in all:
Men who heed the Master’s call.
Men who seek not a reward,
but only strive to please the Lord.

Knowing that a a careless word may kindle strife
A cruel word may wreck a life.
A bitter word may hate instill.
A brutal word might kill.
A gracious word may smooth the way.
A joyous word may light the day.
A timeless word may lessen strife
A loving word may heal and bless.

Big Fun at the Bigfoot Jambore & Don’t miss the Parade Sunday!!

August 31, 2013

Alyssa Allgiers was crowned Bigfoot Queen on Friday night at the Happy Camp River Park. Alyssa was escorted by Travis Ward as they danced the Queen’s dance. Her royal court of Princesses included, Julia Peters escorted by her dad, Abigail Eadie escorted by Kris Nelson, Frankie Snyder escorted by Cody Haskell and Cierra Silva escorted by Brandon Tripp. The girls were all lovely and handed flowers by the two little flower girls as former Bigfoot Queen of the Jamboree, Bailee Allec placed the tieras.

2013 Bigfoot Jamree Queen

2013 Bigfoot Jamree Queen

The parade begins about eleven o:clock on Sunday!
We hope to see you at the Happy Camp River Park this
Labor Day Weekend!

Bigfoot Jamboree Schedule is Out!!

August 26, 2013

The annual Bigfoot Jamboree is held at the Happy Camp River Park in Happy Camp, California. This year’s event will feature great entertainment for kids and adults. Don’t miss out this Labor Day Weekend, starting August 30th, 2013 through September 1st, 2013. The 47th Annual Event will provide great music, games, prizes, the parade and a whole lot of fun! We hope to see you and your family and friends at the River Park!

The Happy Camp Coordinating Council has created a website to connect with the community regarding this important event. In order to continue this event in the future we need the support of the community, both in participation and donations. For more information go to the website:


Thanks and Jefferson proposal Discussions

August 20, 2013

Happy Camp is our town!

Happy Camp is our town!

Thanks to those who came out for the Community Solutions and Neighborhood Watch meeting Monday evening. It was great to have Deputy David Nye with us again and he brought Deputy Dennis Mellum with him! Deputy Mellum has been Deputy Dare for most of our children and was involved with Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch when it was tremendously successful in the past. You will not want to miss the September 9th meeting when Chairperson is elected and Neighborhood launches forth with renewed enthusiasm!!

Thanks to those who came out and supported the Town Meeting the previous week also. It was great to have our Sheriff, Jon Lopey, with us and despite the good size crowd, he committed to let everyone who had a topic to discuss would be heard. This was appreciated. Even though the meeting began at 6 and didn’t wrap up until 9:30 there were many things discussed that needed to be brought up for solutions. Thanks to Doreen and Becky for posting information, as well as Nadine who e-mailed to get people informed. So grateful when Becky Tiraterra brought in platters of watermelon and grapes! Javabob brought the coffee machine ready to go, Dan Effman had BBQ hot dog slices and other Chamber members provided the cookies.Doreen made the lemonade and we were so grateful for the Grange providing the place to meet. Thank you Ruth!

If you are curious about the Jefferson proposals, be sure to check out the information at the Grange tonight (Tuesday evening) at 6 at the Grange.

Tomorrow school begins for the elementary school, Wednesday, August 21 while the High Schoolers start next Monday, August 26th. Still it is that time of year!

Do you remember all of those first days of school?… What are your memories of heading back to school? In An Old Man’s Thought of School, Walt Whitman writes,

“An old man’s thought of school,
An old man gathering youthful memories and blooms that youth itself cannot.
Now only do I know you,
O fair auroral skies–O morning dew upon the grass!
And these I see, these sparkling eyes,
These stores of mystic meaning, these young lives,
Building, equipping like a fleet of ships, immortal ships,
Soon to sail out over the measureless seas,
On the soul’s voyage.”

Seiad Day is Saturday, August 24th. Don’t miss the parade there!!

Bigfoot Jamboree is Saturday, August 30, 31 and September 1st which is the Disney parade! (See

Dear Mad’m Days is coming soon, October 11-13 (

Thank you for your active interest in our community!!

Happy Camp

Happy Camp Town Meeting Tuesday

August 10, 2013

ny Judy Bushy
Most Important coming event is the Town Meeting at the Grange August 13th with Jon Lopey, our sheriff. Please come and bring a citizen of the community with you!!

Last week the Happy Camp Coordinating Council began meeting each week as they tie everything together for putting on the 47th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree on Labor Day weekend. This year has some really special activities planned for families. Saturday will be a very special Kids time. In preparation you are invited to get the picture to color the coloring page can be downloaded from the website, under Events/Kids Day. You can bring it to Double J, Parry’s Market, or Scott Valley Bank who will hang up the pictures until they take them to the River Park, Saturday August 31st? You may also bring it to the park for the Kids Day events. The winning boy and girl will receive a brand new bicycle. So if you have a child 3 to 8 years old, be sure to have them enter the coloring contest.

Winning raffle tickets have some great prizes this year so keep your eye out for the Bigfoot Princesses, the girls selling raffle tickets.

Community love to the Henderson Family!

July 27, 2013

Henderson Family, Frank & Jodi

Henderson Family, Frank & Jodi

Frank Henderson, having recently experienced surgery, and facing more in August, there was a community Benefit Mushball Tournament last weekend There will also be a Big Bucks Bingo on August 3rd. All you Bingo fans can help out with a fun night!

Ann Gould also reported:
“Just wanted to let everyone know that we had a great turn out on Saturday for the tournament. The auction went wonderful as well. Thank so much for all the volunteers that helped us! Big thank you to the “Genuine Draft Band” for providing the music for us Saturday night!” Sunday, the first game resumed at 9:30, Many orange shirts for the occasion were seen. It’s great to live in a community that gets behind our neighbors when they come to trials, and Frank and Jodi have helped many over the years so out thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Just wanted to say what an awesome weekend!! A huge thank you to all the business,s who graciously donated items, all the private donations all the volunteers who helped with this tournament. Carmynne Neimoyer we did it girl!! Big thank you to you, without you this tournament wouldn’t have happened. So happy to say that we raised $9400.00 this weekend!! This community is great! Special thank you to Richie Hahn and family also Erik Haskell, Cat, Cody, Brandon McCartney, Randi Wallenstein and Jim Gould, Helitack 503 crew you guys were all great and worked hard. Thank you for all your hard work. Frank Henderson, Jodi N Frank Henderson Love you both and glad that we could do this for you. I am exhausted but happily so. Was a great time.

See also Happy Camp Community Emergency Response Team is ready to go! On the Community Page (see list of pages to the left column)

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting is Tuesday, August 5th. Sheriff Jon Lopey will be with us on August 13th for a Town Meeting at the Grange at 6 pm.

Neighborhood Watch will be a week later than usual. Plan now to attend this important meeting on August 19th. We especially hope to see all the recent graduates from the Community Emergency Response Team Training!!!

Won’t be long until School is back in session August 22nd.

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