HCHS Basketball Homecoming Celebrated

16HomecomingThank you to Crystal Clear Photos for Photo of Homecoming King Jesse Venezuela Jr. and Queen Angelica Garrison
By Judy Bushy January 29, 2016
Happy Camp High celebrated Homecoming and the Royalty was crowned. Lucus Jones came home from college to crown Jesse Venezuela Jr. Homecoming King. Sydney Snider crowned Angelica Garrison Homecoming Queen. It was great to see all the prince and princesses and smiles on the Royal Court!! Then on to the work of playing Basketball!!!

If you have Facebook on your computer, you probably enjoyed seeing the photos of our young gentlemen and ladies getting ready for the Happy Camp High School semi-formal Winter Dance last week. They all looked so lovely!

Last week, they dressed up quite differently, but with fun!! It was time for Basketball Homecoming! They dressed up for Dr Suess Day, Patriotic Day, ghost day and plaid Day It was only a four day week, with Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday giving them a day off school on MOnday.

The prince and princess for classes are; Angelica Garrison and Silas Yakamoto, Azalea Hale and Shaye McCartney, Miranda Rasmussen and Jesse Valenzuela, and Mariah Mattson and Jordan McCartney. Friday was the big day when Basketball was actually be played and the coronation of the Homecoming King and Queen! It is great how wonderfully our community supports the youth and so many come out to the High school gymnasium by 5 o’clock for the game against Butte Valley game on Friday evening.

Remembrances To Start the New Year!

2016NewYear 001
by Judy Bushy January 2016
The busy Holiday season was fun! Thanksgiving, Hanukkah,and all the many celebrations of Christmas has given way to New Year! Good Day, and Happy New Year! Our hope and prayers that this year will be a good year for all our friends and Neighbors along the Klamath River and for all!! Although we are glad to see some sorrows and problems of the past year are over, now we are looking forward to the bright future that 2016 could be. “Life is filled with wonderful surprises,” says a little lighthouse picture over my desk, and especially at this time of changing the year, it is good to recall that.

My favorite way to look at the new year is as a blank page, of a book to be written. journaling is fun for me, and helps me with reminders of things to write about, or things I would otherwise forget. When Ohlunds Office Supply used to have a journal with dated pages, I always knew that page would be wasted if it wasn’t written on, and that helped to keep up with the daily writings!! A bank notebook doesn’t work as well.

Happy Camp became “Happy Camp” 165 years ago this year! That’s a good reason to celebrate, as many towns formed by gold prospectors left as the gold rumors of other places drew them to bigger strikes. Happy Camp endured as a fishing paradise even though it made it into one book of California Ghost Towns!! It didn’t become a ghost town completely, and then logging became the chief industry. Timber supported the schools and the infrastructure of our town. While the timber industry moved on when the last mill closed in 1995, we haven’t altogether disappeared and Happy Camp is still on the map.

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce has been endeavoring to keep Happy Camp on the map for the past thirty years as of July. Can’t wait to see what will be happening in the coming year!! Jedi gave some Chamber members a training in Mount Shasta on using Google to put businesses “on the map!!”

The Mini-Acorn Grant received by the Karuk Tribe for the Happy Camp Walk/Jogging obstacle Course is an exciting plan on the horizon. The weather didn’t cooperate, although we enjoyed the precipitation!! and the Big Boy Toy Competition to clear out the brush on the site at the River Park had to be postponed. Look at it as a blessing, you can still volunteer and get involved. and you can get forms for your team to sign up from Debbie Bickford,
Annie Jones or Jamie Smith. You can fulfill lots of those New Years’ resolutions, help out and volunteer to help make the Obstacle Course ready for your fitness program

This years Bigfoot Jamboree will be the 50th! What an exciting time to have a golden anniversary. Help out the Happy Camp Coordinating Council with your suggestions, backed up by your volunteer time and efforts!! Give Linda Zink or Abigail Yeager and the rest of the Happy Camp Coordinating Council a helping hand and look forward to a great time.

Please let me know the plans and activities that you’ll be having this year so that I can let the readership and community know about it. Thanks so much!!HappyNewYear Looking forward to a great new 2016 for the whole community!!

49th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree is History

Individual Winners in the Bigfoot Jamboree Parade

Individual Winners in the Bigfoot Jamboree Parade

In the Individual Category, the Nascar Old’ Folks of Grants Pass won third place with seven or eight vehicles all in a line. Second place went to Betsy who was Cribbage Dealer., and the first place Super Mario was the cousins, Riley Gail-Derry, Madison Whitehouse and Kyndal -Whitehouse. See further news, three articles, highlights, 5K Bigfoot Run for Cal and the Prade of the Bigfoot Jamboree on http://bigfootjamboree.com/

Prepare Now for Bigfoot Jamboree!

Bigfoot Jamboree is Coming! See www.bigfootjamboree.org

Bigfoot Jamboree is Coming! See www.bigfootjamboree.org

by Judy Bushy August 22, 2015
Bigfoot Jamboree is planned, promoted and produced by the Happy Camp Coordinating Council, Inc. If you want to see the wonderful things that they are planning for Labor Day Weekend, look on the beautiful Web Site Abigail Yeager has made on: www.bigfootjamboree.org. For those who haven’t gone there, there is a very special 5K Dash/run that will take place, the Cup Cake Wars,Lawn mower Races and still more to come! Friday night will be a Traditional Salmon Dinner 6:30 until it’s gone.

The Bigfoot Dash, which is 5K, is returning for its 3rd Year! Bigfoot Dash begins at 9am on Sunday, September 6th, 2015. Runners will take off from the River Park Pavilion and head down the Nature Trail along the Klamath River to the Klamath River Bridge, crossing the bridge and taking Elk Creek Road just to Curly Jack where the Curly Jack Campground marks the turnaround.The runners head back towards town crossing the finish line in front of the Parade Judge’s podium next to Ricks Napa Auto Parts. You will want to pre-register for the race at a reduced rate of $10 per person and order a t-shirt for an additional $15. Race-day Registration begins at 8am and is $15 per person. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place runners will receive Medals.Proceeds from this event will be donated to Baby Cal, a local boy who is fighting leukemia. Support this great cause and register today!

There will also be the 3rd Annual Cupcake Wars at the Happy Camp River Park during Bigfoot Jamboree. Come taste and vote for your favorite cupcake on Saturday, (9/5) at 1pm under the Pavilion. If cupcakes appeal to your sweet tooth, tasters will purchase a voting ticket for only $5 and receive a taste of each competitor’s cupcake. The baker with the most votes wins $100! There will be refreshments provided to go with the cupcakes: milk, iced tea and lemonade! Happy Camp has great bakers so be sure to sign up now in order to reserve your place in the competition. There are a limited number of entries available. Call Abby at 530-493-5400 if you don’t have access to the sign up form on line. Bakers must bake, frost and decorate thirty (30) cupcakes and bring them to the River Park Pavilion on Saturday (9/5) at 12:30pm. Bakers create a sign that displays the name of the cupcake and describe what kind of cupcake it is (batter, filling, frosting, etc.). Proceeds from this event will go towards the 2016 Kids Day. Support this wonderful event for our kids by participating in this event as a baker or a cupcake consumer!

The 2015 Lawn Mower Races at the Jamboree will begin on Saturday, September 5th at 6pm and the races continue on Sunday at 12:30pm put on by The State of Jefferson Mower Racing Club. The race track is located on the Northeast side of the River Park. These lawn mowers can reach speeds of 50 MPH! This is a great event for the entire family, don’t miss it!

Finally, the Coordinating Council is also looking for people qualified to be nightly park cleaning, nighttime park security, and daily road watering from the 4th to 6th of September. If you want the jobs, give the Coordinating Council a quote on what you’d charge. Also, if you want to have a booth, the charges are $30 for local non-profits, $40 for locals along the Klamath River Highway or $75 for non-local vendors. The application form is on the website.

Put on your thinking cap now and plan for a float in either the Individual, Organization or Business category for the Sunday parade as everyone lines up along Hwy 96 to see the floats. It may seem early for preparing for Bigfoot Jamboree, Labor Day Weekend, but my son told me there’s still time to get in shape for the 5K Run to help out Baby Cal as he fights leukemia!!

Making Summer Memories – 28 Days to School

Happy Campers stroll to the River for a Boat Ride

Happy Campers stroll to the River for a Boat Ride

by Judy Bushy,July29, 2015
Is it possible? Only 27 more days, less than four weeks, and Happy Camp High School students will be back to school. It will be great to see them all again and get into the grove of “hitting the books!” Their younger counterparts in Kindergarten through eighth grade will have a couple extra days until August 26th. They are the ones that show up with new dud’s and shining faces for the first day of school.

Enjoy your summer! Make a lot of memories, swimming in the creek or at the eddy! Hike into the Marble Mountain Wilderness, or Red Buttes, or Siskiyou Wilderness, or just down to the park. If it gets hot, go rafting and splash a lot of water! Get out the bike and go up Elk Creek for a ride!

Siskiyou Golden Fair is coming in only about 15 days, August 12-16th. Seiad Day will be August 29th/ Enjoy the summer and opportunity to be active in the sun! There will be a day in about six months, Lord wiling, when it will be bitterly cold and rainy, or hopefully snowing, and these pleasant summer days will seem like a dream.

While there is more free time, plan to go to the Neighborhood Watch meeting Monday. The Community Emergency Resource Team meets at the same time. There has been concern on Facebook about the reports that we are about a hundred years “overdue” for a big earthquake in the West Coast. That makes me grateful not to be living in Seattle, Portland or San Francisco! But it did say that if the big 9.? Quake comes, everything west of I-5 would be toast…not literally of course!

Block diagram of southwest B.C. showing the Juan de Fuca plate descending beneath North America along a subduction zone.

Block diagram of southwest B.C. showing the Juan de Fuca plate descending beneath North America along a subduction zone.

Happy Campers handle electric outages, flood and wildfire with capability that you wouldn’t imagine. But it is a reminder that having water and some basic food and camping gear is a great benefit to get along relatively comfortably in an emergency. See how you could help your neighbors and be prepared yourself if calamity comes! At the same time, show your support to those working to make our community safer and more crime free when they meet the first Monday of each month.

On the first Tuesday evenings each month, Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce has met for nearly thirty years. Since there will be a Happy Camp Coordinating Council Meeting on August 4th, we adjust our schedule to be able to do both! The Coordinating Council puts on the Bigfoot Jamboree (September 4-6th this year.) Be sure to sign up early for the Bigfoot 5K Dash. The Dash early registration is only $10 and the shirt is $15 so get a check for $25 off to the Coordinating Council at P. O. Box 237, Happy Camp CA 96039 (At the event, the same will be $30.) It is just fabulous to hear that Baby Cal is home from his leukemia treatment at UC Davis but he still has more to come, and the proceeds from the Bigfoot 5KDash will help show his family the support that they need at this tough time.

Some days I wish that the newspaper was capable of skypeing, like the computer where you can see the person that you are talking to!! It is so great when I hear from readers! Some times it is with a suggestion to improve, or the proper spelling of a name, and I really appreciate that since I don’t want to perpetuate errors!! (Which reminds me, Abigail Yeager’s name was misspelled last week when I told you that she is the person to contact about the Bigfoot Jamboree plans! I do apologize Abby!!) Sometimes you express your appreciation for the news coming to you, and it reminds us that despite all the dour reports of doom and gloom for the news publishing industry, people still like to know what is going on in the world!! Nearly every week for almost twenty five years, I’ve sat down to write a “letter” to my Happy Camp and Klamath friends, as well as a few further afield way out in Yreka and a few beyond that. Thanks all who share the news!!

“If with pleasure you are viewing, any work a man is doing, if you like him or you love him, tell him now!” Space is gone, have to chat more next week. Thanks to each and every one of you.

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