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140 Years for Happy Camp Post Office & Scott Valley Bank

March 25, 2008

Skip Davis, Linda Kufner at Anniversary

Photos by Dan Bushy

Wednesday was a big celebration in Happy Camp. Both the Happy Camp Post office and the Happy Camp Branch of the Scott Valley Bank were celebrating 150-year anniversaries.

Did you see the man in bowler hat and old-fashioned banker attire? It was the Scott Valley Bank founder, A. B. Carlock. One hundred and fifty years ago that financial institution began and is still serving our Siskiyou County residents today. The Scott Valley bank has been in Happy Camp for forty-one years also! Just ask one of the old timers about the bank robbery where the robbers escaped a few years ago.

The celebration was held at the Happy Camp Post office on Davis Road next to the New 49′ers building. There was canopy protection from the rain and many residents of the area stopped by for delicious hamburgers.

Back when Henry Doolittle was appointed postmaster in March 19, 1858 Happy Camp was in Del Norte County. (The boundaries were redrawn to put us in Siskiyou County in 1889) Recent postmasters Lucinda Sturdevant (4/01/2006) Pauline Attebery (officially 6/12/1971) Jay Clark (2/17/1996) who enlivened parades as a long-legged Uncle Sam, and Linda Kufner (12/19/95) were present to celebrate the 150th anniversary.

The Post Office and bank have given many years of service to this community on the Klamath River corridor. Makes us feel as if we have some ties with civilization out there!

Sunrise Celebration At Airport

March 16, 2008

by Judy Bushy

Easter comes early this year, March 23rd. We no sooner finish the wearing of the green for St. Patrick’s Day and it is time for Christians all over the world to Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave!

It has been a tradition in Happy Camp for the Happy Camp Bible Church, the Assembly of God and the Christian Fellowship to get together to celebrate on this one day of the year. That celebration takes place at Sunrise (7:30 AM) at the Happy Camp Airport up Airport Road. The churches share responsibilty for the music, message and prayer and a large number gather despite the chill in the air and the early hour.

Following the Sunrise Service, all are invited to take part in a potluck breakfast at the Happy Camp Elementary School where Praise music will continue in the joyous tradition.

You are invited and would be most welcome!!

Sucessful Watershed Program in North CA

March 7, 2008

Another successful year for Watershed Stewards!

The AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project (WSP) successfully completed its 13th year of community service surpassing program goals for community outreach, education, watershed monitoring, and restoration. Since 1994, more than 50 WSP members each year volunteer 11 months of their lives to serve Northern California watersheds and communities.

Members who served in the 2006-07 program year completed a combined total of 86,787 hours. In placement sites from San Francisco to the Oregon border, members served 2,170 students in local K-12 classrooms using WSP’s Real Science watershed-based curriculum to present a five-visit series of lessons about watersheds, the water cycle, salmon and trout life cycle, habitat and anatomy, as well as general ecology.

WSP members engaged almost 940 volunteers in their local watersheds through hands-on restoration projects during the past year such as tree plantings and stream clean ups, totaling over 3,350 hours of volunteer service. Members also provided almost 2,000 hours of community presentations to more than 8,200 community members about conservation and best land use practices.

Serving under the guidance of natural resource professionals, members conducted watershed restoration and monitoring, including surveying over 1,340 miles of stream and watershed habitat throughout Northern California.

A special project of the California Conservation Corps, WSP is sponsored by California Volunteers and administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service. For more information, contact the Watershed Stewards Project at 707-725-8601 or visit Watershed Stewards.

Klamath River Resort Inn
Klamath River Resort Inn

Indian Creek

Indian Creek, downstream from the Eddy.

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