2009-2010 School Year Ends in Awards!

2010 Graduates Recessional

HCHSA Students of the Year

Carly Hammon & Andrew Bley, Students of the Year

The 09-10 School year has concluded with a really encouraging Award Assembly at the school. There were awards for fun things, some for academics and even the “Students of the Year” presentations.

Denise Bearding announced one of the “Students of the Year,” for the 2009/2010 school year, Carly Hammon. Carly “has an excellent academic record, with a grade-point average above 4.0. She has taken additional courses through College of the Siskiyous and Brigham Young University, and as the top student in her class has achieved the title of Valedictorian. In addition, Carly played all sports, and excelled at them. She participated in our variety shows, helped create yearbooks, wrote for local newspapers, and had artwork in juried gallery shows. She sets high standards for herself and achieves them, while maintaining a strong set of family values. She is an honor to our school, and we congratulate her on this award.”

Dorie Ekman-McDonald announced the other student of the school year, Andrew Bley. Andrew “is an incredible young man who has accomplished great things throughout his high school career, mostly, I believe because he marches to the beat of a Different Drummer. He walks the walk and talks the talk! He is humble and yet dynamic. Some of his accomplishments have been receiving straight A’s for most of his 4 years at Happy Camp High, with the help of only the Internet, Andrew taught himself to play the guitar, with the help of former students, he created a Christian band called “Reign Down.“ Andrew has led Campus Life for 4 years, has guided and inspired other students in their walk and faith as well, is in charge of the whole music ministry at his church in the Meadows and he is the person to call if your computer messes up! With great pleasure and pride, I present the “Student of the Year” award to Andrew Bley. Way to go, Andrew!”

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