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Festivities at the Art Center

September 11, 2009

Alan Crockett announced that the Art Center will be open and serving an excellent Mexican Burrito Lunch on Monday October 14th from 11- 4 pm with great music, wine tasting, Susan Corum’s unmatchable cheesecake, and Laura Jaffe- Stender’s scrumptious carrot cake. Coffee and drinks will be provided by Chris and Tera of the Salmon River Outpost. Come hang out and welcome in the cyclists at the Bigfoot Corner.

A long overdue thanks to all the folks who have poured their energies and amazing culinary talents into this years food fundraisers–It is bringing the new gallery closer to building. A very special thank you to Nyomi Rivera and Melinda Sterns for creating such a artful dinner for last month’s show.

Art, music, good food, and the wonderful company of HAPPY CAMPERS in the Heart of the Klamath, what could be better?

Fun at Bigfoot Jamboree

September 8, 2009

Happy Camp dogs brought their owners to Old Town Park.
Happy Camp dogs brought their owners to Old Town Park.

Saturday was a day full of entertainment and food, as well as lots of fun at the River Park .

Smokey Bear was visiting with Forest Service friends, the Lion’s Club gave away gold nuggets, and the Happy Seniors had “pull tabs.” The K9 Corps performed a demonstration on Sunday afternoon also. Whenever there is fun in Happy Camp it usually includes food and there were a number of food booths available for your taste.

There was also a dog show at the Old Town Park! Just about every dog owner entered earned some sort of recognition. There was an obstacle course made by the Wood Shop class at Happy Camp High School under the guidance of Dave Timbrook. Everyone especially enjoyed the flaming hoop to jump through that Ethan Cook made, except the dogs. They didn’t seem impressed with the idea to jump through it. Justin Wright, Taylor Wright, Rio Lloyd, Charley Reed, Kevin Harrison, “Spanky” (AKA Justin Markin), Kyle Carney, Brandon McCartney, Elizabeth Harrison and Ethan Cook did a wonderful job making the obstacle course.

Bigfoot Jamboree Parade

The Karuk Tribe’s float.

The Dear Mad’m Cabin

Sunday, the highlight of the Bigfoot Jamboree was the Parade. The theme was “The Heritage of Happy Camp.”

Double J and ABC Logging worked together on the number #1 commercial float. Elk Creek Campground came in 2nd in the commercial entries with a little cabin with Charlotte as Stella Patterson, and “DearSir” and “UpandUp” along. These characters are from Stella Patterson’s book of memoirs, Dear Mad’m.

Organizations were also in full swing. Family Resource Center was 1st place, Tom White on horseback with his POW flag was 2nd, and Smokey and the Forest Service won 3rd place in Organizations.

Bigfoot was especially energetic this time and even got into a tussle with some of the men, and he was 1st in the Individual category. Tom and Linda Seals in their 1923 T-bucket roadster came in 2nd and Katlynn Driskell with Charlene, Paul and Jim Driskell were third place.

The Grand Prize went to the Karuk Dancers. Grand Prize winning Karuk Dancers float were Shauniece Polmateer and Stormy Polmateer, Mikala Polmateer, Mac Polmateer, Jay Jay Reed, Charley Reed, Jason Reed, Rony Reed and David Arwood.

Judges were Buster Attebery, Jordon Blackford and Carol Day. The Grand Marshall was Don Zink.

Queen Tuesday Reigns at Bigfoot Jamboree

September 7, 2009



Each year the most important festival of the year in Happy Camp is the Bigfoot Jamboree. This year is no exception and it was a wonderful time.

The weather cooperated by being a little cooler and everyone worked together for a great time. Thanks to the Happy Camp Coordinating Council!!! I’d mention Tracy Burcell, Donna McCulley, Leonie Jacobsen, Janet Burcell, Linda Zink and Linda Davis but I don’t want to leave anyone out and you know it takes many willing volunteers to make such an event such a success.

Sammi Jo Goodwin, Kelsea Huston and Tuesday McClun were our top raffle ticket selling royalty for this year. Tuesday was crowned as Queen of the Bigfoot Jamboree before the teen dance on Friday night.

Klamath River Resort Inn
Klamath River Resort Inn

Indian Creek

Indian Creek, downstream from the Eddy.

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