2012 Ladybug friends had fabulous fun in the Bigfoot Jamboree Parade!

2012 Happy Camp LadyBugs: Dinah, Bonnie, Rusty, Leona and Terri had such a fun time in the Bigfoot Jamboree parade!

Remember all the fun with family and friends last Bigfoot Jamboree!?!?!? Ladybugs had a really fun time!

Well,all that fun doesn’t “just happen!” The Happy Camp Coordinating Council has begun getting ready. Thursday evening meeting at the Pizza House they met to begins to plan Bigfoot Jamboree for this Labor Day weekend 2913.

Linda Zink, Sammi Offield, and Abigail Yeager were on hand to talk about what new and exciting things will be happening at this years Bigfoot jamboree!!

They will also be helping the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce put on the fabulous concert at the River Park Saturday, June 29th hosting the Beer Booth and Bake goods to raise funds for the best Bigfoot jamboeree ever!!

Next meeting of the Happy Camp Coordinating Council to plan Bigfoot Jamboree will be April 3rd at the Pizza House at 6 PM. They’d really appreciate all the hard working volunteers who want to see it happen!!

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  • Ronald Hayes

    Received a letter and application for the 2013 Bigfoot Jamboree.
    Our square dance club has a Pepsi Trailer that we use at the Siskiyou Golden Fair in August. It is 8 1/2 x 10 feet that would require water and electricity. Would this be considered in the Jamboree? I will present this to the board this Saturday (4-20) tjo see if there would be interest in taking the trailer down to Happy Camp and to secure volunteers to work the trailer during the hours posted.
    Thank you for answering the questions and hoping we can come to the Jamboree.
    Ron Hayes, president
    Circle n Square Club

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