First-2nd & 3rd Place for the 5K Bigfoot Run

First-2nd & 3rd Place for the 5K Bigfoot Run

BY Judy Bushy September 7, 2015

Early Sunday morning there was a Pancake Breakfast at the Happy Camp Elementary School by the High School Class and assisted by Dan Effman. It was a delicious breakfast with eggs done just the way you request, orange juice, sausage and pancakes.

It ended in time for everyone to get ready for the Parade, but first we went to see the 5K Bigfoot Run Completion. Thanks to Jaime Smith and the volunteers that she organized for the 5K Bigfoot Run!!

First Across the Finish Line was Gabe Cheek with 20:51:78 time. Second place was Antonio Ruiz 21:52:72. The third place was Kevin Tkoch with 22:18:52 and then came more, younger, more mature, and all had run or walked from the pavilion over the Nature Trail to the bridge to Elk Creek Road to the Curly Jack Campground and back to Highway 96 to Reece where the finish line was adorned with orange balloons for the hero and benefit of the occasion, Baby Cal who has been undergoing treatment for Leukemia.

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