“GAMES” Parade theme for Sunday Morning

From Over the Hill, Obrien, OR came musical minstrels to serenade at the Bigfoot Jamboree!

From Over the Hill, Obrien, OR came musical minstrels to serenade at the Bigfoot Jamboree!

by Judy Bushy September 7, 2015

The Parade theme was “Games.”The Parade began with the Happy Camp Fire Truck driven my Chief Eric Haskell, followed by a couple more local fire trucks. Then came Seiad Valley Fire truck with Tom Mopas at the wheel. The Grand Marshalls were Rick and Leslie Huston. Rick has been active in so many community activities and always a big help to the Chamber and president of the Coordinating Council the year the River Park was first used. He is also a help to all those needing an auto part in our community. Leslie is more usually at home in Seiad Valley busy with the activities of the community and formerly their children through the years Kyle, Marshall and Lindsey.

Grand Marshalls: Rick & Leslie Huston who have contributed so much to our Klamath River communities!

Grand Marshalls: Rick & Leslie Huston who have contributed so much to our Klamath River communities!

In the Individual Category, the Nascar Old’ Folks of Grants Pass won third place with seven or eight vehicles all in a line. Second place went to Betsy who was Cribbage Dealer., and the first place Super Mario was the cousins, Riley Gail-Derry, Madison Whitehouse and Kyndal -Whitehouse.

!15BigfootJam_9298VeraFloatBusiness category ribbons were given to the Karuk Dancers Float in Loving memory of Vera, and Pac Man Float from Spence Fishing Guide Service. The ribbon went to the Parry’s and Marble Mountain Gift Float which got a trophy and $250 donation to the nonprofit charity of their choice as well.

Alan Dyar anmnouncing, Laura Mayton, Rita Manley-King, Patt Celeyata who judged the Parade.

Alan Dyar anmnouncing, Laura Mayton, Rita Manley-King, Patt Celeyata who judged the Parade.

Forest Service Fire Fighters took time for the Bigfoot Parade!

Forest Service Fire Fighters took time for the Bigfoot Parade!

In the Nonprofit category Angelina Ballerina “Dance with Me” Dancing Toes won the red ribbon. Angry Bird Float by the Happy Camp Family Resource Center received the second place white ribbon and the River Valley 4-H Club horses were costumed as Polo Players and the kingly game of Jousters. River Valley 4H will also received a $250 check.


First Place Raffle Winner, "Ice Cream for all!!"

First Place Raffle Winner, “Ice Cream for all!!”

Nearly forgot to mention, the Lawn Mower Races that began 6 Pm on Saturday and also 12:30 PM on Sunday. Thanks to the State of Jefferson Mower Racing Club. Ducky Races were held as well.

48th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree will be Classic “camp!”

How exciting!! The Happy Camp Coordinating Council has announced the theme for this years Bigfoot Jamboree Parade!! Now don’t go thinking that you have all the time in the world to make a float. Put your thinking caps on and come up with a stupendous idea!!

The theme is (da da…drum roll!!) Classic “Camp.”

Create a float that captures a piece of Happy Camp History. Maybe you’ll want to talk about the logging history and the mill or mills of your choice. Maybe you will want to talk about the Karuk Tribal Culture and the rich traditions of the Native American members of the community. Perhaps you want to talk about Mining, the Classic Hill, Siskon, Independence, Chamed or GreyEAgle mine. The original name, Murderer’s Bar, might be your float, the ’64 flood or fire fighting to keep Happy Camp safe. Perhaps you’ll recreate the historical “Camp” places, woodsman bar, the movie theater,, Evans Mercantile, Clear Creek or “the Eddie” swimming holes.

The Parade begins at 11 o’clock on Sumnday August 31st, 2014. We are looking forward to seeing you there, and seeing your entry into the Parade!!

Fun from the Fantastic Bigfoot Jamboree 2013

Queen Alyssa Algiers was escorted by Travis Ward.

A kind heated Bigfoot or Sasquatch had been captured, but as usual, frequently escaped his cage along the parade route. He was accompanied by beautiful Belle of Beauty and the Beast AKA Bailei Allec. Two trucks were pulling Pirate Boats were from Klamath River Resort Inn & Rafting Lodge with smiling pirates.

Pirates of the Klamath River Resort Inn & Adventure Lodge have been out Adventuring!

The Bigfoot ‘Queen Alyssa was crowned as the queen Friday before the dance by last year’s queen Bailei Allec. Alyssa reigned and rode with two of her princesses, Abigail Eadie and Julia Peters. Frankie Snyder and Ciera Silva also rode in the parade. The Bigfoot ‘Queen Alyssa was crowned as the queen Friday before the dance by last year’s queen Bailei Allec. Alyssa reigned and rode with two of her princesses, Abigail Eadie and Julia Peters. Frankie Snyder and Ciera Silva also rode in the parade. .

For the first time there was a $500 prize for Nonprofits Float. It was a tie between Family Resource Center with a tea party from Alice in Wonderland and the Many princesses who are Girl Scouts. So they each get $250 cash. HC Elementary float was 2nd with a 101 Dalmatian float and Junction School from Somes Bar won 3rd with another 101 Dalmatian float!! :Lots of kids dressed as spotted doggies!

For the first time, there was a category for horses, equestrian, but there were none in the parade So they decided Happy

camp should get into the 20th century, maybe even 21st, and they gave it to “horsepower” category instead, First was Tow-Nader, Doug Robinson, our local towing guy, 2nd was the VW Club from Grants Pass, wearing tie die shirts and driving modified VWs. The third was Kenny McCulley truck with his grandsons Ian and Emmit..

Business Floats first place winner was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Double J, Second place Pixie Haven by Marble Mountain Gift and third place was Peter Pan by Parry’s Market. For the Individual category, Wild Bill won 2 & 3rd ribbons and Kala Whitehouse twirled 2 batons, won first prize trophy again. There was no grand prize overall.

There were Fire trucks from Happy Camp and Seiad Valley, Ambulance and Forest Service trucks, one with Smokey!! At the end were a bunch of shiny antique cars that just came along and didn’t sign up, but added to the Parade. Becky Tiraterra organized the CERT and Neighborhood Watch volunteers to do traffic control. .

2011 Bigfoot Jamboree Parade in Happy Canp

The Klamath River Veterans led the parade Sunday for 45th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree in Happy Camp. Tom White on horseback carried a flag. Members of the Klamath River Veterans walked with flags, memorial flags folded properly. A black truck came with candy throwing for the kids along the parade route. Then came the Vet Center vehicle which is in Happy Camp with Tim Grenvik monthly to provide services for the Veterans. It was a wonderful parade!

The Elk Creek Campground outdid themselves this year with Undersea Wonderland! Wonderland was the theme of the parade and as usual it was carried out in many variations by the participants. Elk Creek won the Grand prize for best of all entries, quite deservedly! Klamath River Veterans won 1st place Individual categories. A perky little girl, Kayla Whitehouse, who is granddaughter of one of our favorite Happy Camp Grandma’s showed how baton twirling is done by “Redding Buckeye Cuties” for second place. Aubrey Hill Girls even had old Blue dressed with a silver unicorn horn, and he patiently endured as he accompanied the girls in all their pretty costume wings.

In the Organizations category, the River Valley 4H won the first place with all the categories they have recently taken to the fair and worked on projects. The kids did a really terrific job and looked right smart on their full float in green and white. Then came the Outdoor Club which is sponsored by the Family Resource Center, riding on lawn mowers. In case you’ve missed all the excitement, lawn mower races are the newest activity in Happy Camp. We even had two lawn mower races the evenings of Bigfoot Jamboree. What fun. Brandon who was the recent winner was in the parade with the other guys.

Family Resource Center is a big part of our community because of the sponsorship of activities like the Outdoor Club and the Klamath River Veterans but they also had a float with Ryan Mitchell and lots of reading or being read to.

Commercial floats, which is the category for businesses, was won by Parry’s Marke3t which had out local wonderland activities on the float. Hunting Kayaking and Charley Fehley panning for gold were activities in our own wonderland. Second place was the first year for Marble Mountain Gift Company which opened Art and Treasure Weekend last June. They even had Alice and the Queen of Hearts in their Wonderland! Beautiful balloons made it a wonderland cloud of color coming down Highway 96. Double J won the third place in that category with another fun float.

There was an especially active Bigfoot captured in the cage this year, in fact, he was clever in escaping and rarely in the cage as he visited among the children and adults lining the streets of Happy Camp for the parade. Nell Sakota and Leonie were there organizing registrations and lining up the floats. It was a great time and the kids of Happy Camp have candy enough to last them to October most likely.

The Smokey this year was very good at pantomime and many of the youngsters ran up spontaneously for a hug at the River Park. Those that didn’t shriek in terror at least! The littlest kids don’t know what to think of these big furry beasts.

Bigfoot was also on the office float for the Chamber. The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce continued the celebration of 25 years in business this year with the exciting news of a new office. They’ve moved into the little office next to the post office where they will be able to provide information to tourists and visitor to our community. The brochure racks and bulletin boards are up and the Chamber announced the Grand Opening of the office with an office float, decorated with cedar boughs. Bigfoot is of course a lifetime member of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce and sat at the desk tossing out bubblegum gold and silver coins to the parade spectators.

What a wonderful parade for this years 45th annual Bigfoot Jamboree!! We can hardly wait until next year, August 31-Sept 2, 2012 for next BIGFOOT JAMBOREE!!!

LOOK What’s Coming at the 2011 @ Bigfoot Jamboree!

2011 Bigfoot Jamboree, Happy Camp, CA

2911 Bigfoot Jamboree, Happy Camp, CA

Friday, September 3rd Bigfoot Jamboree begins

Booths and Concessions open at the Happy Camp River Park at 6 pm
Bigfoot Queen Coronation and Drawing at Happy Camp River Park Pavilion at 7 pm
Bigfoot Queen’s Dance with Music by Trackster DJ Service 9 pm to midnight when park closes

Saturday, Sept 3rd
Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the Cub Scouts 7 am
Booths and Concessions open at the River Park 10 am
Amazing Race Sponsored by the Bigfoot Stores 10 am
Chalk Art at the Pavilion                                    10:30 am
Drift Boat Poker Run on the Klamath River 11 am
Smokey Bear through out the River Park with FS 12 noon
Bigfoot Research Presentation at the Pavilion by Bob Schmalzbach and Linda Martin 1 pm
Kids Activities 2 pm
Salmon BBQ Sponsored by Karuk Boosters 3 pm
Talent Show at River Park Pavilion 5 pm
Karaoke provided by Kim & Bill at River Park Pavilion 7 pm
Lawn Mower Races sponsored by Outdoor Club 7 pm
Dance with The Genuine Draft Band 9 PM to Midnight

Sunday, Sept 4,
Pancake Breakfast sponsored by Family Resource Center at the Elementary School on Park Way 7 to 10 am
Parade Sign Up and Staging 9:30 to 10:30 am
Wonderland Theme Parade begins 11 am,
Davis Road, West on Hwy 96 and turning on 2nd Avenue to the Bridge
Booths & Concessions open at the River Park 12 noon
Cowboy Poetry by Bill Roberts 12:15 pm
Hot Dog Contest Eating by Elk Creek Campground & Evans 1 pm
Parade Awards at the Pavilion 1:15 pm
Music by Trail Prison Band at Pavilion 1:30
Ducky Race
Family Fun Time (sack races/egg toss etc) 4:30
Park Closes at 6 PM but you will want to go to the Go Kart Track
for Lawn Mower Races sponsored by the Outdoor Club at 7 pm

All events and times subject to change and/or cancellation.
No dogs allowed inside the park not even on a leash.
No outside alcoholic beverages allowed inside the park.
No alcohol will be sold after midnight in accordance with the liquor license requirements.

Thank you to the Happy Camp Coordinating Council for the work and time they put into making the Bigfoot jamboree the biggest hometown festival on the Klamath River Community and have for 45 years!!! Don’t forget to thank them when you see them!!!