Klamath Neighbors Cooperation

steelheadsign-2by Judy Bushy
We have so many Klamath neighbors to be thankful for. The Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch met last night seeking ways to solve the mysterious bicycle thefts. While we are sorry there are thieves, we are thankful that others want to work together to help stop them

Some of the High school students are planning a trip to Washington D.C. for the inauguration. They’ve been working so hard with bake sales, car wash, spaghetti dinner, enchiladas and baked potato dinners and Chinese lunch. We are thankful for a community that gets together and supports the fundraising of the youngsters.

There are many who made decorated bras for the annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser as well even though there wasn’t a dinner this year.

Saturday there will be a good opportunity at the Harvest Craft Faire at the Seiad Valley Fire hall 9am to 3 pm. There will be a great array of beautiful craft items available. There will be homemade soup and bread and lunch will be at 11:30 t6o0 1:30. Annie Buma who makes beautiful wooden frames was at the Orleans Craft Fair last week for the Mid-Klamath Watershed (MKWC)group and mentioned that she will be in Seiad next week. They appreciate your support of the local fire department as well.

They’ve sold out all tables, so if you missed these sales, your opportunity will be Saturday, December 3rd at the Grange. Give Ruth Bain 493-2989 a call if you want a table.

So though our community seems to be shrinking from all the Lions, Lioness’, american Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other formal organizations, our Klamath Neighbors are still working to combat crime with the Neighborhood Watch, to support our students, to fight cancer that plagues some residents-our friends and neighbors, and to prepare for the Holidays and earn a bit of spending money with out art and craft creations and even needlework and baking! It is easy to be thankful for a community like Happy Camp and those who volunteer and give of themselves!!

New Business Owners in Happy Camp

img_2734by Judy Bushy, Happy Camp
The business community of Happy Camp has had some changes recently. Bob and Trista Parry turned over the market, which became Kingfisher Market under Leon and Erin Hillman’s ownership last month. Now they are excited to announce that their other retail business, Marble Mountain Gift Co. is also under new ownership. It’s always a joy to see Connie Rasmussen there. Her granddaughter, Meranda makes me delicious coffee on occasion. They will remain, and more family will be involved as Jason and Veronica Rasmussen are new owners. Veronica has given notice at the Forest Service and they will all be available to help you meet your coffee and gift needs.

It wasn’t that long ago that the MMGC start up was celebrated and a couple of Christmas grand openings! The store is always a fascinating place to look for the perfect gift as they have so many great things!!

Community member, Robyn Eadie’s reaction to the announcement was, “Thank you Bob and Trista Parry for serving the Happy Camp Community with a love like no other. Your businesses have blessed many over the years. Congratulations to Veronica and Jason! Looking forward to the new adventures”

Now that we are in November, I must say, we have abundant causes to be thankful for, the harvests and all the blessings that have come to us in this year!

Beautifying our Highway 96 face:

16Highway Plan 001
by Judy Bushy
It was such a pleasure to meet Sandi Tripp again at a meeting last Monday at the Elementary School. Sandi is a Happy Camper, and her dad, Dave Tulledo was also at the meeting. Sandi was here in her capacity for Karuk Transportation. She brought Josh and Jeff from Chico who had a power point presentation and with grand illustrations of the Highway 96 section through the center of the town of Happy Camp, both as it presently appears and ideas for improvement! Sandi also brought Kelly and Kendee from Redding all the way to Happy Camp to answer questions about a grant, part of the Middle Klamath River Community Transportation Plan.

You know, it is apparent to drivers and pedestrians that safety on Hwy 96 can be improved. One is sometimes amazed that we don’t have more accidents. Much as I find driving in the “big city” more stressful and unpleasant, Nation-wide: 66% of the Highway fatalities are in rural areas. It was mentioned that through town there is such a large space between buildings that it’s a wide free for all, without definitions; where lanes are, and where bikes and pedestrians should be. Visitors to our community are often confused as to where it is appropriate to park!

Sidewalks, at least on the West side of 2nd Avenue, and north side of Highway 96 are included in the plan, with a challenge for sidewalk (American Disabilities Act compliant)up the hillside east of 2nd Avenue by the former Headway building (now Karuk Council & Senior Nutrition.) Another improvement for wheelchairs or strollers is replacing the steps on the bridge over Indian Creek on 2nd Avenue.

What an improvement better definition to the highway would make for those coming to our town and it would calm the traffic. With defined areas, vehicles, bikes and pedestrian traffic and parking, then esthetic components celebrating our community character and wayfinding signs to help navigate the community would top it all off.
It was important to those at the meeting, and presumably the business and residence owners in the area, that no additional easement takings are a part of the plan. However, there was more interest in electric and utility burial which was not part of the plan due to the increased expense. Grant competition is high for these improvements. Street lighting options, although shown on the graphic of the flier, would possibly have to be financed from other funds.

Davis Road would not be in the initial plan, but that area slated for improvement with the Greyback Improvement Plan from Federal planning (17.5 million dollars worth) mostly because the mile and a half up Indian Creek from Davis Road was the intersection area with more accidents than anywhere else in Siskiyou County, according to the planners at that time, wasn’t accomplished on last try. However, this a good start and includes vital improvements! There were suggestions that, after the first phase, more improvements might be made for Park Way to the Elementary School and better access to the High School as well in further plans.

What do you think is the most important improvement that would help the Happy Camp community?? Give me a call or e-mailwith your suggestions this week because I know you have great ideas!!
16HwyMtg_0309 Sue Hillman and Lisa Scott evaluate the Hwy #96 improvement suggestions!

Keeping things going!!

16AprilCalendar 001

by Judy Bushy
The Chamber of Commerce always keeps a calendar, and tries to keep it updated as much as is possible.

Summer, winter, autumn, and now Spring!!! Things are always changing! New events POP UP sometimes. Baseball games are canceled. But, trying to put it on Facebook, didn’t work. Well, it may work for the weekdays but cuts out the weekends—and we know you want to know what is happening on the weekends as well, or perhaps more.

Happy Camp and our Klamath Neighbors are wonderful volunteers, and many of them KEEP THINGS GOING in many spheres. But, remembering back to the first Rolling on the River July 4th….Rosemary got 100 volunteers to help with the event!! True, everyone got to be there, but the last accounting of Rolling on the River, $3,000 was contributed to the electric and services needed at the River Park from the 2006 ROR when James Buchner was President of the Chamber. That was wonderful, but some volunteers have moved, or passed on. There is always a need for new participants to continue to make things better and keep things going!!

So, here is the April Calendar, and we hope that it will look better than the Facebook. It was 884 KB and the media space is only 64K so we will see how it turns out!!
To inform your Klamath Neighbors of events and activities, e-mail me at klamath views at yahoo or give a call to the Chamber at 493-2900 (leave a message, please) Call this week, if possible and tell us about the May events and activities, Thanks!!

2016 Events:
May 5 Cinco De Mayo Dinner at the Grange and Benefit to Stella & Jay Clark
May 20 HCHS Prom
June 11 Klamath River Hwy 96 Yard Sales (Klamath River Community Hall and Seiad Firefighters have already planned activities!!)
July 4 Independence Day
August 10-14 Siskiyou Golden FairAugust 27 Seiad Day
September 2-4 50th Annual BIGFOOT JAMBOREE Happy Camp, CA
October 14th Dear Mad’m Day at the Siskiyou Historical Museum
November 25 Thanksgiving Community Holiday Dinner
December 25 Christmas

Thanks to Neighborhood Watch for PANCAKES!!

Neighborhood Watch Volunteers fixing a delicious Pancake Breakfast before the parade.

Neighborhood Watch Volunteers fixing a delicious Pancake Breakfast before the parade.

Bigfoot jamboree is a great time to enjoy a Sunday morning breakfast of pancakes, eggs (done just the way you like them) and all the other good stuff!

The Elementary School was the scene of the Pancake Breakfast this year on August 31th. Just in time to have a hearty breakfast and then go see the BIGFOOT JAMBOREE parade

Seiad Day before the Fire!!

Dave Timbrook Drove in the Seiad Day Parade!!

Dave Timbrook Drove in the Seiad Day Parade!!

Saturday, was Seiad Valley Day and the parade started at 10. There was a mobile home fire late last night and all the Seiad Volunteer Fire Department was there to fight it. Thankfully, there were no injuries or deaths among the people. Engines from the Happy Camp Complex Fire joined the local Crew and kept the fire out of the woods.

Only one of the Seiad Fire Trucks was in the Parade as the Fire Chief Tom Mopas let them go home to bed instead!! Sensible move I thought, they no doubt needed the rest! Tim Pinkos and Barbara Geidel were in the Seiad Valley Fire Truck leading the parade. Roy Hetherington drove his beautiful 1953 Bentley. It is quite the beautiful car! Dave Timbrook was out of his wheelchair driving his orange 44 Model B Allis Chambers Tractor thanks to the guys who didn’t want him to miss driving in the parade this year!! Thanks for the cooperative effort!! Patrick Ayres was driving his 1942 Jeep and Jim Dwyer came next in his 1930 Model A Ford.

Bob Humphries was there with his tractor which had the Chicken Poop Bingo!! It was a busy week for him and the teachers coming back from the summer with in-service training. On Wednesday’s trip to Mount Shasta the white school van had been run into by a bear! Margaret Colas, the new High School Principal, was concerned about the bear, but it had run off. Bob told her another bear had been killed by collusion on the road the next morning as well. This is a cautious time to watch for the wildlife that acts upset and confused by all the smoke and fearful as well.

Next in the parade there was a John Deere’s “Club,” Rick Jones, Richard and West Timbrook. Tom Mopas, parade announcer said the next was the Seiad Calvary! It was Bill Roberts, Peggy Goshgarian and Chris Olson under original Horsepower—horses and mule train coming down the street. I should have had names of the horses and mules, as I’ve forgotten their names since Bill introduced then. Maybe that’s okay, they probably don’t read the paper anyway so I hope tha

Bob Humphries Chicken Poop Bingo game

Bob Humphries Chicken Poop Bingo game

t they won’t feel slighted!
Lolly Jones was going to march for Adopt a Highway and encourage everyone to pick up litter, but got drafted to direct traffic for the parade as well. Last, but certainly not least came a CalTRans vehicle!

After the parade, the festivities at the Fire Hall in the center of Seiad Valley began. The little kids had wate-rslides and the bounce house to work off all their energy, and then snow cones and cotton candy to revive more energy. As if they need it!! We ordered a cheeseburger from Annie Buma as Larry Wright grilled the hamburgers and Cathy Bishop put them together. It was such fun as always to see our Klamath Neighbors who we don’t get opportunity to visit with often enough.

Editor’s note: It was also great to have that happy time just before the Frying Pan and Falkstein wildfires of the Happy Camp Complex got more active resulting in advisory and mandatory evacuations. Seiad Valley residents had that experience last year with the Fort Goff fire and I hope that it doesn’t happen again. As far as I know, no structures have been lost to this time and out thoughts and prayers are with out neighbors!

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