Art & Treasure Weekend 2012 best yet!

Second weekend in June is Art& Treasure Weekend along the wild and scenic Klamath River. We enjoyed many visitors to town, from Collinsville and Cottonwood to Grants Pass. The Greyback Road over the hill was open. Many came from Takilma and Cave Junction, Grants Pass and Medford for the Art & Treasure Weekend. There were thirteen who had ads on the Siskiyou Daily News announcement that brought people down the Klamath River. There were at least four more yard sales, a barn sale, an estate sale, flea market, Gardening sale at Parry’s and other unannounced activities also.

Highlight in Happy Camp was the Library Fair!! I always love looking at the books as they have such a great choice for summer reading at these things. They also had a raffle and some of the items our crafts people made were wonderful!

Barbara Farrell reported that Klamath River Community Hall Had a fabulous day yesterday….”we had about 15 vendors, either crafts people or flea marketers. Fabulous entries in our Art Show. Great food sales….all in all a wonderful day. Probably the best opportunity to work together and get better acquinted!”

Thank you, Cathleen Searle, for all the work you did on this event, especially running all over Scott Valley the preceding weekend to spread the news. Thanks to all who went in every direction putting up the fliers and posters and all who participated, sellers and customers!

It was a beautiful day for the event and we had a great time visiting with all our visitors. All out Klamath Neighbors make this such a great place to live!

A Weekend to Treasure!

Art & Treasure Weekend was great in Happy Camp! The showers of early morning didn’t last long and the sun came out for a perfect day for the town wide open market with Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Rummage Sales and Flea Markets and even the Grand Openiing of Marble Mountain Gift Co. on Davis Road.

Visitors came to Happy “Camp from Redding, Yreka, Scott Valley, and from Oregon also,Central Point, Ashland, Medford, Grants pass, Cave Junction, and the coast! Nearly all exclaimed about the beautiful drive on Highway 96 they had enjoyed. Some were here for the first time and some were returning to places that they had fond memories from years past.

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce booth at Bigfoot Corner on Hwy 97 and Davis Road was especially busy handing out maps of the places to find the best sales, crafts and artwork. The Siskiyou-Klamath Art Gallery is at that corner and allowed visitors a good view of work by Alan Crockett and other talented artists. Cathleen Searle, the president of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce said that they had spread the word “all over the State of Jefferson” and were pleased with the response. Cathleen had made a large three sides display celebrating the activities the Chamber is involved with during this 25th anniversary, members, and photos of past presidents.

The response was wonderful and they had so much fun visiting with all the friendly & enthusiastic visitors that the Happy Camp Chamber is tentatively scheduling a bigger and better Town Wide Ar & Treasure Sale for June 8–10 next year with more sales, more food, more arts & crafts and more fun for everyone!

2nd Annual Art & Treasure Weekend fun & food!!

2nd Annual Art & Treasure Weekend: Jaime 2nd Annual Art & Treasure 4 H Barbecue

By Judy Bushy

The weather was beautiful, as it “always” is in Happy Camp. It was a busy weekend with lots of fun activities going on.

Parry’s Market had their meat and produce sale under a big tent. Shopping for groceries was never more fun!  The big tent and the red Hawaiian shirts were fun! They also invited Radio Personalities to come and play music and entertain the pedestrians on Davis Road.

The River Valley 4-H Club served hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings as a fundraiser. There was also popcorn and ice cream by the Happy Camp Resource Center.

The Klamath/Siskiyou Art gallery was the scene of supper. They’ve been serving Friday suppers to Happy Campers in an effort to raise funds toward their new art gallery. They offer some really delicious and unique fare that you will not find at any otter place.

The Freshman Class of Happy Camp High School (2010 graduates!) had a car wash and were very successful in their fundraising!

The Cub Scouts had their Pinewood Derby at the Elementary School on Saturday morning and then went to the Davis Road activities.

Although the events were different than anticipated at the first Art & Treasure event, this 2nd annual Art & Treasure event was a lot of fun and good food!