Scouting Campout full of Surprises!

Scouts camp at Kelly LakeCampers all set to head off to Kelly Lake

Surprise! Upon arriving in the vicinity of Kelly Lake about twenty miles from home, the older boys, Pihneftuuf Elston, Christopher Riehm and Brandon McCarthy went to look around for a good campsite. Scoutmaster Dolly, who drove the gear pick up with the older boys, went down an incline to look out a potential site, slipped and fell.

That left only the three youngest boys, Cody Sindle, John Cook and Ryan Wilson, who just graduated from Webelos with me to assist her. Thanks to Charles Tello, who was camping in the area and helped us out! Then Quinten Peterson came and got the crew organized to get her safely to camp. The older boys returned to help so that was a big help. There was a rattlesnake a couple feet away from the trail that needed to be taken care of too

Our Scoutmaster was soon sitting in camp with her swelling foot elevated on ice until we could get her to the clinic. The boys fell to work setting up tarps and tents and soon a camp was organized. A campfire circle with downed wood collected by John, Ryan and Cody, provided cooking for hot dogs for lunch.  Everyonce in awhile we’d have showers, but about the time we got another tarp up, it would cease. The boys had fun throwing each other in self defense moves taught by Q!

The boys also pitched in and made venison stew for supper. Under Robyn Eadie’s guidance, Alex and Abbye helped cut the potatoes. When Mia helped and cut her finger, Abbye provided band aid care. Neffers browned the venison. Steven Welin cut up the onion, the most unpopular job of the meal.  The most popular part was s’mores around the campfire, with melody of “Does you Chewing Gum Loose Its’ Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?” and stories, (scary and made up with additions by each camper) around the campfire. 

After a good night sleep, despite the rain and lightning off and on, the boys prepared a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes. Brandon cooked up the bacon. All those pancakes disappeared quickly. Boys ate the food they fixed with gusto!

Then it was off to the fishing derby. Surprisingly,  the fish (1500 lbs of fish had been delivered Wednesday before) weren’t biting as well as the day before. Someone caught and released five the day before in a very short time. It is my theory that those released fish went and told the rest of the fish all about the hooks behind the bait!!!

Well, as you know, all the lightening of Friday ended up starting fires in the area, and all around northwest California . The Fire Camp was set up in Gail Zink Park for Siskiyou Fires. The Forest Service will be giving us updates on the fire situation but we have been very grateful that (except for last Sunday) the smoke hasn’t been awfully bad, but it still continues. We are grateful to the Firefighters who have come to battle the wildfires started by lightening!

7th Annual Kids Fair Saturday!

By Judy Bushy

The 7th Annual Kids Fair was held last Saturday at the beautiful River Park in Happy Camp. There were games like Duck Duck, Goose with water balloons. Great fun for a hot day! Thanks to the CHP officers that were there, families were able to have free CHP car seats and installation. The officers kindly answered families’ questions on keeping children safe when traveling. They had video and a survey to fill out too.

Besides the games and prizes for the kids, they loved the dental booth. Vickie Waddell gave the children new toothbrushes, brushing timer, and even gum that is good for your teeth. One little gentleman must have reminded me a million times, that it was good for his teeth!! (Maybe a slight exaggeration!)

The fishing pond was one of the favorite games for the kids, and some even got big teddy bears. Sue Hillman helped children make puppets with glitter and markers and glue and all that fun stuff. There was a table to paint a hat.

There was a raffle for adults, too! Rita Manley, “Queen of the Universe” — well, I asked, so she jokingly told me I could call her that, was taking a survey on what services the Family Resrouce Center might provide to the community. Some of the suggested items were GED assistance and Seniors’ programs. They already do so many things that it is honestly difficult to think of anything not covered yet. They are always looking for ways to be of help in our isolated little town of Happy Camp.

Cliff Stockton cooked up the hotdogs for lunch. There were free hot dogs, sodas, and water which was welcome on that hot afternoon.  Sno cones were also a popular item.

There was a tortoise to talk to. His name is Barstow. And Smokey bear arrived with helpers to hand out stickers and things to the kids!

Kids books give away was from the First 4 program for preschool age children who will have a good start in school due to this boost to literacy. What a wonderful time under the shady trees in the grassy area at the right fork of the park drive. It was a pleasant afternoon to share with community members and visit with neighbors.

Thanks to Dorcas and all the sponsors and volunteers that helped make this a great day. It had to be moved from July due to the fire danger when it was initially scheduled. It ended up being a celebration that our town still stands together!

Sponsored by: HC Family Resource Center in partnership with Siskiyou First 5, Domestic Violence, CHP,Ca Office of Safety Health Childhood Injury Prevention Program, Parrys Market, Clinic Pharmacy, Pepsi Cola, Scott Valley Bank, Siskiyou Telephone, Crystal Geyser Bottle Water Co. & Others.

Happy Camp Cubs Bridge to Boy Scout Troop #52

Just over a year ago, the Cub Scouts of Happy Camp were revived! This year, the time for the annual Blue and Gold Banquet has come and the boys had a lot of accomplishments, good times and fun to look back on.

Happy Camp Scouts

They’ve hiked and done community service. They’ve served breakfast to hundreds of bikers. Camped and learned archery and riflery and sang songs at the top of their lungs. There is no one that can sing like an energetic pack of Cub Scouts! The Webelos, Den 5 under the den leaders Louie Tiraterra, Jr. and his sister Eileen, with help from Lucille Tiraterra also have prepared themselves to become Boy Scouts.

That is just what happened at the Blue and Gold banquet last Friday. They became Boy Scouts of Patrol 2 of Troop 52. Carol Sharp who is Scoutmaster for the Patrol 1 Boy Scouts, and her Troop welcomed the boys across the bridge to the Boy Scout campfire where each boy received a neckerchief of their new rank. Kyle Stockton, Christopher Riehm, Pihnuftuff Ellston, James Simmons were the Boy Scouts. Barrett Harrison, Alex Garcia, Casey Tiraterra, and Jacob Gonzales were the Webelos of Den 5 bridging to Boy Scouts.

The delicious chicken for dinner was generously donated by Parry’s Market. The Happy Camp Elementary opened the kitchen for Ginny Bunnell to cook the chicken in their ovens for the banquet. Christina Kelley and Dan Stewart led the Wolves of Den 2 in singing just before the meal. Wolves also won the award for having the best-decorated table which they had done in an Aloha theme as they’ve been practicing the Hula and playing Hawaiian games for the month of February.

Andy Tripp of Crater Lake Council of the Boy Scouts of America joined the group for the Banquet and shared a few minutes of Friends of Scouting. The Pack and Troop each got a ribbon for their flag also. From Crater Lake Council.

Danielle Cruz-Riehm gave boys, Michael Riehm and Frank Davis from the Tigers Den, Sam Davis and Jeffrey Kawyer from the Wolves and Jacob Gonzales of the Webelos their award for participating in Snowcapades. These boys went to Lake of the Woods to the Cub Scout camp on a recent Saturday where they played in the snow. The Tigers also received a lot of awards; Michael Riehm, Frank Davis and Chaance Rasmussen made maps of the community and have been watching the stars too.

Tina Kelley presented Carl Mayton and Silas Yoshomoto with awards for achievements they have earned and Erica Kawyer presented boys with additional awards.

Some of the awards from the Rain gutter Regatta had not been given at the previous Pack Meeting and so Skyler Bunnell, John Cook, Casey Tiraterra, Alex Garcia, and Barrett Harrison and Skyler also received his Bear Badge.

Cub Master Dan Bushy introduced Vickie Simmons as the new chairperson for the Scouting committee. Cherie Estes is handling the bookkeeping and Pastor Bill Estes represents the Charter organization, the Happy Camp Assembly of God The leaders of both the Pack (Cub Scouts) and the Troop (Boy Scouts) wish to thank all in the community who have so generously given them help and support in the past year. . Thanks especially to Parry’s Market, Happy Camp Elementary School and Ginny Bunnell.

Happy Camp Children’s Fair, 2001

A fair for children was held at River Park in Happy Camp on July 14, 2001.

Children enjoyed fun activities like face painting, drawing Bigfoot pictures, and ring toss.

One of the attractions was a petting zoo with llamas and miniature horses from Little Dreams Ranch.

A girl with a miniature horse
A girl waits patiently as the hungry miniature horse enjoys the fresh, green lawn.
Nearby, a crowd gathers to see llamas at the Children’s Fair petting zoo in River Park.

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