Fond Farewell to the Principal….again!

Coach Attebery, Liz Laney, Alan and Carol Dyer at the end of the school year.

by Judy Bushy
Alan Dyar has spent many years caring for and seeing to the education of Happy Camp Children! First when he came here it was as Principal and District Superintendent of Happy Camp Elementary School. Dyar retired from that position in 2007.
After a short time, he applied and was selected to be the new principal of Happy Camp High School un 2007, the position from which he is now retiring. In the meantime, Dyar has counseled youth, worked with the teachers and staff and also had huge responsibiilties in building projects of the schools. In this way, he has had a big impact on the community of Happy Camp.

Jesse Tree Celebrates Christmas in Happy Camp

girls admire Christmas Jesse Tree at Fellowship

by Judy Bushy

Jesse Tree has been celebrated at the Happy Camp Christian Fellowship.This may not look like the traditional Christmas tree to you, and indeed, it is lacking the greens with sparkling lights, shiny tinsel and bright baubles. It is however, traditional in another way.

Margaret Bernhard shared an ornament with an ark on it and read Scripture that tells how Noah’s family was saved from flood, just like Jesus came to save those who believe in Him from destruction. Susan Neal hung an ornament. Vickie Simmons hung a burning bush on the Jesse Tree and read scriptures which told how God spoke through the bush, just as Jesus came to speak to us for God. Deleana read a scripture on “Son of Righteousness” as she hung an ornament on the tree and Pastor Kirk Eadie read four more scriptures.

Two weeks worth of ornaments have been hung on the tree and the rest will each be placed on the Jessie Tree on Sunday December 23rd.