It’s Christmas time all over Happy Camp!

“It’s Christmas time all over the world, and Christmas here at home”… in Happy Camp we are enjoying Christmas.

David & Melissa Art & Cookies at the Grange

Carol Sharp serves soup!

Chris at the Grange Holiday Faire

The First Saturday was the Grange Holiday Craft Faire at the Happy Camp Grange.
The Second Saturday was the Christmas Lights Parade.
The third Saturday will be the Kids Christmas Party.
But the Fourth will be just before Christmas!

“It’s Christmas Time All Over The World
It’s Christmas here at home
The church bells chime wherever we roam
Så riktig god jul [Norwegian]
Feliz natal [Portuguese]
Shenoraavor Nor Dari (Dari) [Armenian]
To you……….It’s Christmas Time All Over The World

“In places near and far
And so my friend wherever you are
Ein fröhliches Weihnachten [German]
Kala Christougenna [Greek]
Yoi kurisumasu [Japanese]
This means a very merry Christmas (Christmas, Christmas)
To you”

Lyrics by Sammy Davis Jr.

Klamath Neighbors Cooperation

steelheadsign-2by Judy Bushy
We have so many Klamath neighbors to be thankful for. The Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch met last night seeking ways to solve the mysterious bicycle thefts. While we are sorry there are thieves, we are thankful that others want to work together to help stop them

Some of the High school students are planning a trip to Washington D.C. for the inauguration. They’ve been working so hard with bake sales, car wash, spaghetti dinner, enchiladas and baked potato dinners and Chinese lunch. We are thankful for a community that gets together and supports the fundraising of the youngsters.

There are many who made decorated bras for the annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser as well even though there wasn’t a dinner this year.

Saturday there will be a good opportunity at the Harvest Craft Faire at the Seiad Valley Fire hall 9am to 3 pm. There will be a great array of beautiful craft items available. There will be homemade soup and bread and lunch will be at 11:30 t6o0 1:30. Annie Buma who makes beautiful wooden frames was at the Orleans Craft Fair last week for the Mid-Klamath Watershed (MKWC)group and mentioned that she will be in Seiad next week. They appreciate your support of the local fire department as well.

They’ve sold out all tables, so if you missed these sales, your opportunity will be Saturday, December 3rd at the Grange. Give Ruth Bain 493-2989 a call if you want a table.

So though our community seems to be shrinking from all the Lions, Lioness’, american Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other formal organizations, our Klamath Neighbors are still working to combat crime with the Neighborhood Watch, to support our students, to fight cancer that plagues some residents-our friends and neighbors, and to prepare for the Holidays and earn a bit of spending money with out art and craft creations and even needlework and baking! It is easy to be thankful for a community like Happy Camp and those who volunteer and give of themselves!!

Cinco De Mayo at the Grange

16Grange_0251 Bonnie Alvarez, Nena Creasey, Chris Magarian, Laura Mayten and Ruth Bain served delicious meal for Cinco De Mayo at the Grange!!
by Judy Bushy
Thursday, May 5th, was the time for a great dinner at the Grange for Cinco De Mayo!! I was talking with Bonnie Alvarez as she was preparing the food along with Nena Creasey and everyone loves their cooking specialties. They made a delicious New Mexican Casserole!! There were Pork Tamales, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans, Fresh Salad, Chips & Salsa and the desserts!! There was such a nice variety, and I loved the Fiesta Cake!! To say nothing of the cobbler and cheesecake and such a tempting assortment of delicious desserts!! Chris Magarian and Laura Mayten also helped serve dinner.

Ruth Bain or Carol Sharp had tickets, or you can stop by the Happy Camp Community Service District or Marble Mountain Gifts for tickets as well.

The proceeds of the dinner will go to the medical needs of Jay and Stella Clark. Jay was the principal of Happy Camp High School from 1973 until his retirement and has been elected the past few years to represent Happy Camp with the Siskiyou Union High School District which includes the Happy Camp school.

If you couldn’t make it, but want to help out the Clarks, donations will also be appreciated. But it was a great chance to enjoy a great dinner and visiting with friends and neighbors at the Happy Camp Grange on May 5th!
Thank you Ruth Bain and all the Grange workers!!16Col&Career_0252

Celebrating Love in Happy Camp


by Judy Bushy February
Walk into Walmart in Yreka (only 75 miles away!!)and you are greeted with red and white and pink boxes of chocolates and cookies in heart shapes!February is a fun time for celebrations!

Monday the Happy Camp High School students got the day off for Lincoln’s Birthday. Next Monday all the students will have a day off thanks to President’s Day. Good Month for celebrating birthdays, I have a grandson, Gavin James who was just five years old on Thursday and a granddaughter, Makenzi Skye who was five years old on Sunday. It just seems like no time since they were newborn babies, then toddlers and now they are nearly ready to launch into kindergarten already. It is a beautiful thing to see the growth and learning of a child and I love being Grandma, but wish we saw them more often!!

The Happy Camp Grange will be having a Dinner on Sunday from 5 to 7 pm. Besides your choice of tri-tip or chicken, there will also be full meal with salad, baked potatoes, dessert, and even door prizes!! You can pick up tickets for $15 at the Happy Camp Community Service District or Marble Mountain Gifts or call Ruth Bain 493-2989, Laura Mayton 493-2596 or Carol Sharp 493-5215. What a wonderful chance for a great dinner at the Grange and support one of the most important non-profits in our community at the same time.

There will be a Sweetheart Dance on Saturday, the 20th, from 7-10 for 6th through 12th graders at the Karuk “Community Center 64236 with the goal to promoting healthy relationships and peaceful homes.

For one Valentine’s Day I tried to define LOVE. That word we use for so many things, but are so vague about what it means. But in saying that LOVE was not just a feeling of infatuation, the headline on the column ended up being “Love is a Feeling!!” Opposite of what was intended!! Oh well, just goes to prove that Love is hard to describe, especially because we use the same word for loving chocolate, loving our mother, and loving our babies as well as the more romantic love and the commitment of being married fifty years to one spouse.

Ruth Graham was once asked if she ever considered divorce from Evangelist Billy Graham. The Grahams had five children: Virginia (Gigi), Anne, Ruth, Franklin and Nelson Edman (Ned)and Ruth was sole parent at home when Billy Graham was holding evangelistic Crusades across America and the world. She said “No, divorce was never considered, murder perhaps, but not divorce.” They were married about 64 years, “for better and for worse, sickness and in health, as long as they both lived” and united in the ministry.

So the best definition of love that I know of, is found in 1st Corinthians 13:4-8:
Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.Love never ends. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8