Happy Camp Students Learn Life Skills

Life Skills final prepared a dish fit for a king!!!
By Judy Bushy

Some lucky students of Happy Camp High School took a class called “Life Skills.”

Some lucky guests that they invited to “sample” the final exam were delighted!!! For the Final exam these students made a delicious lasagne with garlic chicken, fresh corn on the cob and delightful salad. It was definately a grade A+ final exam!!

They prepared a dish fit for a king, and enjoyed by the principal and other guests!!!

35 Years Inspiring Youth

Lola Bassett escorted by Tripp and Wright to honor Coach KufnerCoach Kufner Honored

by Judy Bushy

John Kufner was honored for 35 years as coach! The recognition ceremony was at half time at a recent Happy Camp football game. The signed football was presented by his mother, Lola Bassett who was escorted by Phil Tripp and Jeano Wright.

The stands applauded in appreciation for what Coach Kufner has dedicated many years teaching, both in the classroom and the football field, at Happy Camp High School!

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