Hungry? In Happy Camp…

Hunger Solutions

Newly Opened Partner’s Deli & Arcade

When you get hungry in Happy Camp for a lunch or dinner out, the only opportunity was the Pizza House. They make the best pizza, and love their mozzarella bread sticks too!! Lots of parties and gatherings are held there, some in the outside patio. They have other good things on their menu too, but since the Frontier Café and saloon has been closed, there was no other choice available.

Now, however, Dan Effman has opened Partner’s Deli and Arcade right on Highway 96 next to the Happy Camp District Forest Service Office. Thanks to the Siskiyou County Health Inspection giving him a “go ahead” the end of July Partners Deli & Arcade will be opening 10:00am to 7 or 8 pm (Do you recognize the pet the place is named after!)

Not only did the Deli pass inspection, the Kwik Dogs cart passed too so Dan will be available for catering. He is very open for suggestions to serve the community better, whether for hours and menu items or other ideas. Dan would be happy to hear, so please let him know. This is your place and we will do our best. Give them a call for “To go” orders 493-2901 With the Hot dog cart he can do catering on request when you have a hungry bunch to feed.