Deputy Melum Gives Tobacco Talk to Teens

Dennis mellum, former DARE officer, speaks at HCHS

Dennis Mellum, better known in these parts for his previous duties as Deputy DARE, was back in school Monday. His talk to the Happy Camp High School Students wasn’t about drugs or alcohol. He shared the results of tobacco use. Dennis has successfully recovered from a battle with mouth and neck cancer. He underwent horrendous radiation and chemo experience and is now able to talk on these matters to young people.

It brought back memories of our months at UCDavis when my husband underwent similar treatments. The experience of hearing the doctors tell you that he isn’t going to be around long (and the threat that it’s an awful way to die) are bad news. The happy news, in both cases, Dan and Dennis, is that they have survived the cancer!

Dennis closed with a quote of Will Rogers, who s said, “If I’d known I was going to live so long, I’d have taken better care of my body!” Hopefully those who use tobacco will decide it isn’t worth the risks.