Fun, Food & Live Music at the River Park Sunday

Therese Thomas in the beautiful tie-dye t-shirt available for sale as well as more from food to soaps, at the River Park event

by Judy E. Bushy
The River Park will be site of fun, food, music and good discussion on Sunday. Especially since her accident last Wednesday, Therese is looking forward to sharing with all those who have so generously helped her to her recovery and accomplishments since becoming a part of our community. This Sunday the Evergreen Enrichment Center will be sponsoring the “Original Jefferson Springtime JAM. “ The event will begin Sunday at 9 a.m. at the River Park in Happy Camp.

You Cribbage Players are welcome to come at 9:00 and play in the Cribbage Tournament. Best of three games wins the Happy Camp Championship and a cash award!!

“How one person can make a difference?” will be the first topic of the day at ten o’clock by Guest Speaker Terry Sheen? Terry has an outreach to homeless and incarcerated youth in Trinity County. (Did you know Happy Camp was originally in Trinity county but borders moved and Siskiyou County is the fourth it has been part of!)

At 11 o’clock Guest Speaker Dr. Ken Campos will be speaking at the Pavilion. He will be addressing needs of mentally ill family and friends and their caregivers most of all. Dr Ken Campos is a Distinguished Life Fellow in the American Psychiatric Association Dr Ken Campos at this time in his mental health career is focused on Severe Mental illness and dual diagnosis care, treatment, and support of the family caregivers.

Dr. Campos studied and trained at Caltech in Pasadena to be a research scientist, then went to medical school in San Diego, followed by psychiatry residency training in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic.
Before his 20 years in clinical work, he did basic research at NIH, National Institutes of Health. Then got into his love for the care of severely mentally ill patients.

He started a non-profit SchizoPhrenia Care Project organization to support and educate both people with severe mental illness and their caregivers. The SP-Care mission includes the second goal to provide holistic residential support for those living with schizophrenia and people who hear voices

As a podcaster for family caregivers of someone living with mental illness, his podcast is “HOPE: On the Other Side of the Door.” It is addressing needs of severe mentally ill and their caregivers.

One O’clock n the afternoon a forum will be held on Slater fire. Survivors will share stories of loss and our future steps for HAPPY CAMP! All Slater Fire Survivors will want to come to this forum!

There will be music, too! Todd Gilbert Local Happy Camp Jazz Musician will delight us with his Ukulele.
Arvel Bird, Native American Violinist and storyteller, in REGALIA is driving all the way from Arizona to Happy Camp. Her presentation will be at 4 p.m.

Raffle drawing will be held 6:15 just before the Sweet and Juicy Dance Band from Portland, for an ecstatic Dance Party.
Vendors and other opportunities will be available during the day, until t’s time for Park Cleanup and recycling.
For further information text 530-7398949 or email

Remembering; Memorial Day

Remembering those who gave their all

Kathy TOland posted that the Happy Camp Cemetery District would appreciate help on getting our flags and flowers to decorate graves Saturday May 29th.

Pastor Royal Blue is going to be one of the World War II veterans whose stories will be featured on a Memorial Day special on KVIP Radio Saturday at 11:00 a.m. In Happy Camp you can get that on your radio at 98.5

Pastor Blue brought youth groups from North Valley Church in Redding to helped out the log church on 2nd Avenue many years ago.. They gave Vacation Bible School for the children and engaged fellow teens with volleyball and activities on afternoons.

Now, at 95 years of age, Pastor Blue is retired. He is still followed on his program Morning Inspiration on KVIP FM radio 89.5 in Happy Camp each weekday morning at 6:55 a.m.. We find it a wonderful way to start the day each weekday.

Happy Days to Happy Camp’s Mothers!!

Returning the love and care out mothers gave...Thank you mother’s!!! Being a mother is the most challenging, the hardest job in the world, but the most rewarding!

Children are a blessing from the Lord, but raising them seems to take forever, but that precious time also flies by in the blink of an eye!

What are you doing for your mother this weekend? For a couple decades, a mother’s main concern is her children, and her love and concern follow them the rest of her life!.

Flowers and cards and breakfast cam be good ideas to show your mom love and appreciation, but the best thing is your time to be with her! Partner’s Deli in Happy Camp can help you our with breakfast Sunday morning for Mom, they’ll have Very berry French toast or Swedish Creme Pancakes, which Mom would certainly enjoy!
Or for a special dinner, Partner’s Deli invites you to take your mother to dinner (5 pm until gone.) They will serve a rib eye dinner, baked potato or rice pilaf, fresh vegetables, salad and drink for $30 for a special Mother’s Day dinner.

If you are on your way to the chainsaw carving demonstrations at the Siskiyou Fairgrounds, you can stop by the Klamath River Community Hall and have breakfast, or if you make it later, brunch! There will also be a Craft Show there

Abraham Lincoln said “No one is poor who has a godly mother!”

Happy May! Time to get back to work, gardening and planning!!

May Baskets for our Klamath Neighbors

May Baskets for our Klamath Neighbors

Our previous year has been so unusual! It was different for us all, taking precautions for Corona Virus, of course. Then Happy Camp experienced the trauma of 260 families homes burning. One home burned with a family fleeing is a major disaster in Happy Camp.
Everyone being told to flee, is unimaginable. But Happy Camp is strong, and has come back together helping each other. The Karuk Tribe has been able to help so many with trailers or Recreation Vehicles to live in over the winter.
Now spring has come. Rain lets up for beautiful sunny days, although we are still hoping and grateful for rain. Last trip out to the Eye Doctor it was wonderful to see snow on Mt. Shasta!. It had looked awfully bare for this time of year!
The Madrones are in full bloom, some say that the smoke traumatized them last year as well because their blossoming forth is extraordinary this spring. The lilacs, and a bush I bought to plant that isn’t even in the ground is flowering. Deciding where to put it has postponed planting.
This was an especially beautiful blooming spring, from daffodils and tulips, to the lilacs and Redbud. The drive along the Klamath River a wonderful time! After an difficulties from September to Christmas, Christmas was such a peaceful time of joy! Then January, February and March made quiet interlude of staying home. Even doctor’s appointments were often by telephone.
When April hit, being able to go out even to the doctor appointments felt like a vacation, but there’s still good times ,quiet at home, But now it is time to get back to work.
One of the biggest “getting back to “normal” signs is the beginning of the Bigfoot Jamboree planning the big event. Past few years, fire camps changed things and then when Slater Fire hit last year it was completely put off. There’s always requests for the logging show and some of the old favorite activities to resume. Perhaps that will be possible, but only if there are volunteers and participants. So, you’ve had a good time being home but now’s the time to get busy again and make our favorite hometown festival fun for all again!

Stories of Happy Times in Happy Camp

Shortly after the Slater Fire some people wrote all about their experience of the fire. Many more seemed unable to dwell on the crisis and instead wanted to go forward. Indeed, it was imperative as meals, shelter and other needs took precedence. Perhaps in the quietness of winter, with a shelter, while not what we would have called “home” last year, is home for now, there is time.

Have you had time to reminisce about happy times in Happy Camp?. If you grew up in Happy Camp, what are your best recollections from your childhood? If you came later to Happy Camp, what brought you to this little town in the big forest? If your family came generations ago, have they passed down what brought them here and what they thought about it in those days.

After a holiday season like no other and entering a new year full of new unknowns doesn’t it seem that connection feels more urgent and vital than ever. Connections with family, friends and neighbors-Connections with Happy Camp!

The best way we can connect with each other is through the simple act of hearing our stories!. We can share our pleasant memories, and our hopes for the future. Take time to cut through the noise of social media and news, to the truth of what brought happiness to the community of Happy Camp, and how we can build and improve on it for the future

We may have different stories and memories, but maybe we will discover how we’re not so different. There is a FB site, Growing up in Happy Camp,you can enjoy reading many old stories. At this time, after what we survived and are recovering from, we need to hear what happy thoughts you have. Thanks for mentioning what memories you feel should be saved in an anthology on Happy Camp, from earliest Karuk culture to this year, which we will remember, and be glad to see end. Email: klamathneighbors @ or send a note to P. O. Box 375, Happy Camp, CA 96039. Thanks for telling your story!

Lighting up Happy Camp Town for the Holiday!

How was your Christmas? That first Christmas wasn’t like any of us had this year, no doubt none of us were living in a stable. We didn’t have shepherds visit us after hearing angelic proclamations, or even wise men traveling from afar.

This year was different for many families, due to COVID-19. It was different for half the families in Happy Camp that are living in new places, most likely a Recreation vehicle or a trailer. My husband and I were blessed to be able to spend time together celebrating Christ’s birth at home, after I hadn’t been able to visit him in a care facility for about seven weeks!. I think we will be eating delicious leftovers for the next few days thanks to friends who brought us a Christmas Dinner. Such an appreciated kindness!

Many in Happy Camp have worked so diligently to promotes the joy and happiness of our town! Almost afraid to mention same of those with such generous hearts, because with all the loving kindness and thoughtful sharing, I’m sure to miss some.

We have been especially blessed by seeing the Community Christmas tree out in front of the Forest Service District Administration Building. That old tree Looks better than it has for years! It was trimmed up with new lights and a big star to top it all off. The Happy Camp Volunteer Fire Department did the work of getting it all together with help from Home Depot and Mountain Enterprises to help make our evenings merry and bright.

There was the Parade with lighted vehicles of all kinds, then for the tree lighting at the Forest Service Parking lot. Then a drive through with Santa and the kids got a number of treats!

One spot in town wasn’t enough! Driving home one evening around Thanksgiving I enjoyed seeing a bright Candy Land themed display at the Goodwin’s log cabin on Curly Jack Road1 It was great! Lifted spirits right away!

It was so heartening, that a group got together offering a $100 cash prize for the best lit home in Happy Camp. They probably didn’t expect the difficulty that they’d have selecting the winner! Many of those who still have homes got busy and decorated in order to lift the spirits of everyone in Happy Camp. It was amazing to see. Then a list was published and families could drive around and view the lights and make their vote.

The winner of the first place decorated home was Phil Parashis with a home on 700 Jacobs Way. Second place was Barb Snider with a home behind the Sub Stations. We’ve always enjoyed Kathy Tolands decorated home in Indian Meadows at 500 Indian Meadows Drive and it was looking great this year too. The Goodwin home of Doug and Jeanne at 1245 Curly Jack Road came in fourth place and was one of a number of brightly lit Curly Jack homes. Another got the 5th place, Betty Gates at 1418 Curly Jack Road.

Congratulations to those that won and to everyone that participated, we wish there was a prize for all of you.All brightened the view for everyone passing. It looked like everyone had fun decorating. You all did an excellent job lighting up our town. Are you looking forward to doing this again next yea– better even then the past.

The organizers wanted to say, “Thank you so much to the Happy Camp organizations, Connor Cardlock and the Karuk Tribe Housing Authority for your generous donations. You helped make this a exciting and fun event.”

There were businesses, like Kingfisher with lights, and Pizza House with painted windows with reindeers sharing pizza and elves and stockings. The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce would like to add a prize for the best business decorations. We would like to thank the organizers of the event this year, who wished everyone a, “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, stay safe everyone ??”

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