HC Neighborhood Watch ***Monday July 13 Postponed**

Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch Meets 2nd Monday each month

by Judy E Bushy
Well, the last meeting of Neighborhood Watch (2nd Monday each month) went well We discussed the purchase of more efficient cameras, more patrol, fund raiser to afford the best system, and partnering with other non profits to fight crime, graffiti included.

Dan Effman mentioned that, “The strange part was we did not have a good turnout. The majority of the people that are complaining or suggest ways to fight crime didn’t show. We would appreciate it if you attended to share!”

Robin who serves as secretary/treasurer also said, “We encourage people to come out and get involved. As a community we need to work together to keep our community safe from crime.”

Really appreciated that Doreen explained more about the Neighborhood Watch, “Until you get involved and realize the problems aren’t as simple as they should be there will be misconceptions. The NW volunteers are just that; volunteers! There is no pay, no prestige, and many times it is a thankless duty. Until people put their differences aside and act in cohesion there will be little gains made in the area of crime prevention. Especially since we cope without any local 24/7 law enforcement.

Community Help Needed
Hope to see you all at the next meeting (July 13th postponed and will ZOOM August 10th)and a big thank you to those that attended. I enjoyed seeing Dan Effman, Robin Eggers, Rita Manley-King and Yukon Sakota! Some had other duties that kept them away but usually come. Last meeting before Covid-19 issues came up there were 17 and we had only 5 attend for June.

Keeping Safe and prayers….

By Judy E. Bushy April 30, 2020
There’s news at Kingfisher Marketas. Last week we shared requirementS for patrons to don gloves and mask for shopping. To those who didn’t have a kind friend to sew them a mask, Karuk Tribe donated them for the community! bE SURE to continue to shop locally and support our local businesses!

This week the Kingfisher Market said,”We are really looking forward to the end of this Pandemic… until we have the all clear, we will continue to try to make the store a safe place to shop. To that end, we have installed plexiglass shields at each of the registers. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers.”

This coronavirus situation is unprecedented in most of our memory. We certainly hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible, and polls show good and bad things that have resulted. Families are home more than ever! parents ARE helping their children in homeschooling. Teachers, are of course helping, but from safe distancing guidelines.
The saddest things I’ve seen lately is the new complications in children announced in some countries that send them to Intensive Care at the hospital. Also, suicides are up which is an indication of how much kindness and help we need to be aware of the needs of our loved ones and neighbors.

President Trump declared May 7th the Annual National Day of Prayer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these….,” Trump tweeted. “No matter where you may be, I encourage you to turn towards prayer in an act of faith. Together, we will easily PREVAIL!”

Happy Camp has had many situations for prayer in the past days of this crisis. Solutions don’t always seem to come easily, but great effort and strength among all those of the community. There are friends and neighbors with cancer and other serious illnesses that we pray for regularly; we know that this is a difficult time for both the patient and the patient’s family and friends. This makes them more susceptible to the coronavirus as well, and they need out caution out of concern for our neighbors health and wellbeing!

We’ve been praying for a missing person from Happy Camp who was on his way home from Medford. Thankfully, Ron has been found in Medford and he is safe. Thank you to those who have prayed! Don’t stop now!

Thank you, and as we hope that businesses and our practices will open somewhat in the coming days, don’t forget that washing hands and precautions will always help one to stay more healthy and curtail the spread of many diseases. Be safe and healthy!

I hear the rolling thunder….and fires result!

Happy Camp -Oak Knoll Ranger Station

by Judy E. Bushy
The debate at the Happy Camp post office was whether we’d get a gentle rain or some real fireworks! Duane Armbruster thought fireworks and that it was!

Reminds me of a favorite Hymn, I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder. Thy power throughout the universe displayed! Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to thee, How Great Thou Art! How Great Thou Art!

Friday the Klamath National Forest Supervisors’ office said three fires had been started on the Klamath. Two were contained and mopping up and one had yet to be contained.

Cecil Fire
On the Salmon/Scott Ranger District there was a 0.2 acre fire south of Cecilville. It was contained and began mop up.

Pipeline Fire
On the Happy Camp Oak Knoll District there was a 0.3 Acre fire north of Doggett Creek. It was quickly contained and mopped up.

Barkhouse Fire
The Barkhouse fire, east of McKinney Creek Road, was contained at 6.5 acres. Crews, engines, and aviation resources were used throughout the day to reach containment. Crews remain on scene to mop up.

The Klamath National Forest is working in close coordination with partner agencies to coordinate firefighting resources in support of aggressive initial attack. The Forest is prioritizing the use of local suppression resources with the predominant strategy being rapid containment of wildfires.


Farmer’s Market began: Seiad Valley Update

Update by Judy E. Bushy June 12, 2020 a version reprinted from Siskiyou News Last Saturday, there was a table with delightful plants, flowers, lavender sachet, and magnets!! Seems like rain has really upset the schedule!!

Jaime Allen with Michael and Yarrow had Framers Garden on Saturday in Seiad Valley.

While there wasn’t a full Farmer’s Market entourage out with things, it was pleasant to have a drive to Seiad Valley and find Jaime Allen and his helpers! They had a table with beautiful flowers, lavender, and plants. Yarrow has beautiful local pictures on glass magnets also. It was chilly, but we appreciated their being out, and the rain held off, but was sprinkling after I made my purchases. The beautiful Alchemy Roses reminded me of my bridal bouquet and since Dan and I celebrated 54th wedding anniversary last Wednesday, made a pretty bouquet for lunch (from Partner’s Deli!!)

Enjoy your local
Farmer’s Market

Are you looking forward to Farmer’s Market time? Fear Not, it has begun!

Saturday, Seiad Valley Farmer’s Market will have lots to share with you. It will be at the large Oak Tree across from the Wildwood a the west end of the town of Seiad Valley. That’s Saturday morning, but rain has postponed it so best to check week by week!

Happy Camp
Happy Camp Farmer’s Market is scheduled to open June 4th. they plan to continue through September 24th. Hours are 5 pm to 7 pm Thursdays at Highway 96 and Davis Road by the Klamath Siskiyou Art Center. Look on Facebook for the happycampfarmersmaket.

Mount Shasta
The Mount Shasta Farmers Market is held on East Castle Street in Mount Shasta. It opened Monday May 18th from 3:30 pm to 6 pm. They plan to go through October 12th. The market is limited to 50 people at a time, Customers are asked to wear masks and they have some available. They are also on Facebook. Look for MtShastaFarmersMarket for more information.

If you are down in Dunsmuir on a Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm you may call 925-4355 to ask details about a FArmer’s Market there or check their Facebook as well.

Farmer’s Markets have been able to open because they’ve been declared an essential service in California. They ask customers not to attend if they don’t feel well. Please, all; observe safe distancing, wear masks and not linger longer than necessary

Farmer’s Markets stimulate the local economy! They help preserve farming and rural livelihoods.The best part is you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, which are very good for you, and your family’s health!

Remembering Those Who Served!

Youthful Volunteers (Emma Bousfield, Clarabeth and Gregory Olson )Decorating Happy Camp Cemetery

by Judy E. bushy (Siskiyou News May 27, 2020 reprinted)
Did you have a good “at home” Memorial Day remembrance of those who have given their lives on the battlefield for Liberty? Being home where all was quiet. One could reminisce about the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, their auxiliary organizations and community members used to gather for simple services in past years.

Presidential Comments
Ahead of the holiday, our president said, “We will never take for granted the blood shed by these gallant men and women, as we are forever indebted to them and their families…. As we commemorate these seminal events, we also remember the tremendous cost at which these victories came. More than 400,000 souls of the Greatest Generation perished during this titanic struggle to liberate the world from tyranny.”

He concluded by highlighting that Congress, in 1950, called “on the people of the United States to observe each Memorial Day as a day of prayer for permanent peace” and also designated “a period on that day when the people of the United States might unite in prayer.”

There were many volunteers working to prepare the Happy Camp Cemetery and the Fort Goff Cemetery for the Memorial Day weekend. The Fort Goff was missing fencing and has had a fund raising drive to replace it. They not only reached their goal but surpassed it! Good work!

The Happy Camp Cemetery was decorated with flowers and the flags for Veterans on a work day in advance as well. Kathy Toland, to whom we are most grateful for arranging the volunteers work at the cemetery Saturday morning, at 10:00 am. Anyone wanting to help is more than welcome; Robin, especially the kids… supervised of course.Before everyone else arrives at 10 Kathy is there to set up the flags, red, white & blue flowers and regular flowers at proper distancing locations and have them all ready to go. Then Friday, May 28th they will pick up the flags. Thanks to all volunteers!!

LaMalfa and the Happy Camp Chamber

by Judy E. Bushy May 20, 2020

Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Last week the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce enjoyed a telephone visit with our District 1 congressman, Doug LaMalfa. He mentioned eating at the Pizza House last time he was in Happy Camp, maybe he will be back and visit Partner’s Deli as well.He has visited Happy Camp during some of our worst fire situations.

We weren’t the only ones on the conference call, but the rest were from quite larger Chambers than Happy Camp, like Redding. Let’s see now, Redding’s population is about 91,772 people within about 81 square miles of land in Shasta County. That comes out to around 1, 530 people per mile. Happy Camp, however, had a population of 1,190 people in about 12 square miles. That makes out population density about 81 persons per square mile.. Quite a difference!

Love Happy Camp, especially that we have beautiful wide open spaces to enjoy!!

The men that we were discussing their Chamber concerns with Representative LaMalfa mentioned the harsh pandemic experience of the business community. Because the Redding Chamber couldn’t hold the Cool April Nights event, they lost $30,000. Maybe they will be able to have a Hot August Night or some other event when things are open again.

Happy Camp hasn’t had the Rollin’ on the River motorcycle weekend since 2010, when we made enough to donate $3,000 to the Happy Camp Community Services District for River Park Improvements! That was thrilling for us! Over the preceding ten years, we’d made donations and improvements had been made adding electric and plumbing services to the River Park. The Chamber enjoyed being able to do that and it made the River Park area better for holding future events as well.

Since some Redding businesses told their Chamber that they were unable to contribute their Chamber dues investment this year, they made allowances. They didn’t want to eliminate any faithful members if they had been suffering through the recent sheltering in place problems! Their dues start at $300 a year for businesses, but $500 is their most popular membership investment and it goes up from there, except a $200 civic membership category. With their new policy, they have received 200 new members which increased the membership rolls to 1,000 it had been in the hay-day!! the Website for the Yreka Chamber says that they are offering 15-30% reductions in dues this year as well.

Every other Chamber that we are aware of in the area has much higher membership investments than the Happy Camp. Our dues started in 1986 at $50 each and they haven’t increased for those who were home businesses, or civic members. Annual dues were increased to $100 each for “brick and mortar businesses” and those who wish to plan ahead may invest $500 for a lifetime membership. At the next regular Chamber meeting we will be discussing a suggestion made that we should offer 50% off this year with the difficulty that local businesses have experienced.

What does a Chamber of Commerce do? It is an advocacy group for local business and the community, as such it provides networking and event development, resource development and relationships to last a lifetime. In Happy Camp we have a greater number of non-profit businesses than traditional for profit businesses. Small businesses are vital to our community and Chamber encourages keeping your business local as much as is possible as those are the businesses that contribute to the health of our community!

The Happy Camp Chamber receives many calls on the telephone,(530-493-2900) and seeks to help the callers whatever their question. We don
t know all the answers, but when stumped we will check it out and get back to them or refer them where they can find information. When our businesses post a notice of an event or of community interest on Facebook, we share to all our community. Our calendar has been a bit sparse lately, due to shelter-in-place, but we regularly make the community calendar available on line. We also get mail, and answer those letters and email as well.

We have a Happy Camp & Klamath River Directory with map and basic information. We try to include at least the business name, under the type of business, and phone number and address or website address if it is an online business.

Even the litter pick-ups at the “Friends of Dear Mad’m“ area of Highway 96 has been postponed. First the access to the area was complicated with the slide that closed a lane at times, and then the CalTrans office let us know that they didn’t want litter pick-ups made during the Corona-Virus situation. It is a beautiful walk along the River and Highway 96 for just two miles to just east of Independence rest area, It includes the area where we soon hope that we will be able to get E Clampus Vitus to erect a monument to Dear Mad’m, Stella W. Patterson. In her memory we have held Happy Camp events and programs at the Siskiyou County Museum. .

Thanks to Naturegraph publishers in Happy Camp,Dear Mad’m, the book is still available to those who need a new copy of an old favorite or their first copy as someone has recommended it! Contact them at Nature (at sign)sisqtel.net

We are so grateful to our faithful members!! Our needs are simple because all the work is done by volunteers. We’ve had great volunteers for decades, thay step up to help out for many purposes, members and non-members!!

We had no nominations for the officers or board members this year. We would be delighted to invite those who are interested in Happy Camp community wellbeing to join the Chamber to promote Happy Camp. You may contact the Chamber secretary at happycampchamber com or by mail. P. O. Box 1188, Happy Camp, CA 96039.

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