Celebrate Resurrection April 21st

Sunrise Services for the Klamath River communities

The best celebrations of the year, Passover and Resurrection are happening. My youngest son, Stephen, used to always put a towel over his head and watch Charles Hesston in The Ten Commandment. What better hero than Moses and what greater modern illustration of God’s ability to protect His People and bring them out from bondage! Ben Hur is another favorite of this time of year, although those chariot races are rather grim for the little ones.

Christians in Happy Camp will gather at the “Happy Camp International Airport” according to Kirk Eadie for Sunrise Service at 7:30 am Bring a chair if you need it, and dress warm. I know first light will hit Happy Camp a bit before 5:53 and sunrise ins considered 6:23 but it is always kept at 7:30 no matter what the change of date varies.

In fact if it rains, Pastor Stan Poeschel will be welcoming all to the Log church, Happy Camp Bible Church 64301 Second Avenue in Happy Camp.

Upriver, Horse Creek Community Church will meet closer at 7 am for their Sunrise Service and then they will follow with a 8:30 breakfast, 9:45 Sunday School, and 11:00 church service to celebrate the Resurrection. Talking to Pastor Paul Mcilroy, he also said that in June (June 24 – 28 they will be having Vacation Bible School for all the children in the community who would like The Incredible Race!

Speaking of the kids, there will be an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids at noon at the Happy Camp River Park, Don’t be late, these kids are great egg hunters!! Earlier there you have your final opportunity to support the Easter Egg Hunt by purchasing raffle tickets. Wonderful prizes!!

The most important celebration of the Christian Year will be April 21st
Living He loved me, dying He saved me, Buried He carried my sin far away,
Rising He justified me freely forever, One day He’s coming—o glorious Day!!

Updating for March as we plan to Spring Forward!!

Spring Forward for Daylight Saving Time March 10 at 2 am
Meeting for the 53rd Annual Bigfoot Jamboree.
When will Bigfoot Jamboree be? Well, you will have to come and see if it has been moved to Memorial Day, stays at Labor Day or some other plan is afoot!! There will be sharing of last year’s outcomes and survey results as well as taking suggestions and ideas for this year! If you are interested in working to make Bigfoot Jamboree continue to be the best little hometown festival ever, please come. Please volunteer and, please make your views known. Anyone interested in putting on an event when it is held, vendors, just all the community minded persons who will volunteer are welcome to come and help.

Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch
The Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch voted a few months ago to have the meetings on the second Monday at 5:30 at Partner’s Deli and that’s what will happen on March 11th.

High School Input
Community Input for the Siskiyou Union High School District on March 13, 2019. The Board meets at each of the High School locations and that will be their board meeting for the Happy Camp High School. They are requesting Community Input and so it would be most helpful if there were a number of community members to give input at that meeting.

River Reader’s Book Club
As I write this week’s column, with sadness I’m thinking Kirk mentioned he hadn’t had a coffee for 9 whole days. With the closing of Marble Mountain Gift Company last week, the River Readers met at the home of the founding instigator of the Book Club! What a great time we had visiting and discussing Land of permanent Goodbyes. In preparing to complete the reading for next meeting, it was a very tearful experience. The Syrian children had great hardships to overcome.

We especially enjoyed a great lunch as well. Now the River Readers will be starting a new book in just a couple of weeks. I hope to tell you what it will be; there are some very interesting possibilities. Dan Effman has offered us a public place where we can continue meeting Tuesdays at 11 o’clock and we greatly appreciate his offer. The River Readers will begin meeting at the Partner’s Deli & Arcade the next Tuesday, March 19 and reading a light novel, Gold Coast by Nelson DeMille , join us for friendly social time and discussion on books!!

Happy News of Sweet Survivors

Happy Birthday Ethan, it is such fun when grandkids have birthdays!!

Found! Caroline & Leia who were lost in the woods.

Did you hear the happy news of the two little girls who were found? They weren’t very old, Caroline is five years old and her sister, Leia Carrico, is eight years old. Friday afternoon, they asked their mother if they could go for a walk, and she said “no.” but then she turned around to take care of a younger brother.

A little later she found they were missing. They searched and asked neighbors if they’d seen them but after two hours reported the girls missing.

Mendocino County, Napa County, Del Norte County, California State Parks, the National Guard and the Us Coast Guard, Cal Fire, Humboldt Technical Rescue and the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Posse worked with the Sheriff’s office all to find the girls.

They weren’t found before the sun set on Friday night and they weren’t found by sunset on Saturday. How worried their parents, family and neighbors must have been!

There was going to be a press conference at 10:30 Sunday morning, but due to “new developments” it was delayed to 11:30. The happy conclusion of the missing girls was that they were found Sunday morning, They were somewhat dehydrated but got in warm clothes and went home soon.

The girls had been following a deer trail, when they realized that they were lost. The good news is that Leia had learned some things about being lost in the woods from the 4-H program. They had boots on, granola bars, and drank water from huckleberry leaves, and huddled together under a bush to keep warm and stayed put until Delbert Chunley and Abram Hill of the Piercy fire Department found them. The men had found boot prints and wrappers, and knew which way the girls were going, and found them about a mile and a half from their Benbow home.

How wonderful that so many people joined the search, coordinated through the Humboldt Sheriff’s office. Many were searching, and thoughts and prayers were definitely rewarded with the girls found safe and sound!!

The 4-H program has been popular with many of the Kids on the Klamath River in years gone by. They’ve raised pigs and lambs, and learned horseback riding, but I didn’t know that part of their hiking and camping program included survival skills.

Boys and Girls from first grade to thirteenth- one year after high school, can join the 4-H program and it looks like it is a good idea for kids living in the forest to be aware of survival skills.

Celebrating Love, that Many Splendored thing!!

That many Splendored thing…Love!!

Tuesday was a busy, very busy day. .River Readers Book club members are reading a book where those who have traveled in the Middle East share insights in that culture. Land of Permanent Goodbyes is about a Syrian family, and up to date as the newspaper!! We should finish the first ten chapters now and another five next week. Everyone is welcome to read the book along with us and discuss it on Tuesday’s at 11:00 at Marble Mountain Gift Co. I’m so grateful Faye started out adventures in books that we share! It’s great to have knowledgeable travelers to share insights on Middle Eastern life!
While I’d hoped to go to Happy Camp High School and meet the gentleman that was to present to the students a program on bullying, my scheduling was off and I missed it. Bullying has become a more prevalent concern for so many recently. Not that it isn’t always a concern of parents that their young people be treated fairly by their peers, but there seems to pop up an attitude that allows some to mistreat others. This is not a good attitude to get along with others when students get out into the big wide world, which needs so much love in these difficult days. Of course, the opposite of the bully is the loving-kindness of caring people around us.
It never hurts to be reminded. How we treat each other is so important in loving together in community wherever we are or wherever we go
Sharing with those from Paradise Fire for a Valentine’s Dinner
Our friend, Doug Crowder and his wife Debra have cooked a Valentine Dinner for people in their fellowship every Valentine’s Day since they moved to Paradise. This year their wildfire Recovery Center serving neighbors and workers, they’re feeding hundreds of people; so they’ll go somewhere that someone else will be cooking. Isn’t it great to know that people are there helping those who have gone through wildfire, loss of homes and some a family member, friend or neighbor. After the spotlight of publicity is over, things “settle down” that’s when loving-kindness of those who keep giving means so much!
Valentine’s Day isn’t just a romantic holiday! School kids should show loving-kindness, not bullying to their classmates. We need to be aware of needs even if they are far of Syrian needs, and it certainly makes us grateful to live in America where we can share with those less fortunate. There are so many strangers we meet on our travels and we need to be ready to Good Samaritan. Homeless in Yreka amazed me, but more so the way people shared with a gentleman that was sort of stranded there after a trip to the emergency room.
Like the word Royal Blue shared from Helen Steiner Rice this morning,
Where there is love the heart is light. Where there is love the day is bright.
Where there is love there is a song, to help when things are going wrong.
Where there is love there is a smile to make all things seem worthwhile,
a tranquil place where turmoil’s cease!
Love changes darkness into light and makes the heart like wingless flight.
Oh blest are they who walk in love! They also walk with God above.
When you walk with God each day and kneel together when you pray,
your marriage will be truly blest and God will be your daily guest
and love that once seemed yours along, God greatly blesses unto His own.
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and share some true love. That’s the community care and concern Happy Camp is known for!

We have Caring Folk along the wild Klamath River!

Happy Camps Log High School

Carmynne Neimoyer was celebrating something soon to come right here in Happy Camp! It’s just two weeks until the Elementary School hosts the SCAL end of the season basketball tournament and cheerleading competition. This tournament will bring seven schools to our little town.
Enthusiasm is growing and last minute stuff is coming together Thank you to all those that are sponsoring our kids. There will be fliers coming out for information on how the entire community can help to support our kids and their athletic program. While it is being hosted by the Elementary School it will be held at the high school, 234 Indian Creek Road on February 15th and 16th.
That’s the wonderful thing about Happy Camp, and the communities along the beautiful wild Klamath River! Our Klamath Neighbors really pitch in to help those who have something to tackle that is larger than they can accomplish successfully alone.
Stop and think of anything really positive that has come about in our community and it is likely that it wasn’t one person who did it all. Surely, one person may have had the vision, seen the need, and had a passionate desire to fulfill that need. But alone, we start in a small way and when others catch the vision, great things are accomplished.
If one image portrayed the best in Happy Camp me than any other, it used to be the Log High School. It was Gorham Humphries, with a number of daughters and a son, who had a vision for a Happy Camp High School.
The students traditionally had to go and board at far distances if they wanted to continue their education beyond Elementary. Some when to Riverside, some boarded in Mount Shasta, but high school wasn’t available here. That seems strange today, when even basic college courses can be taken through Internet or Videoconferencing with College of the Siskiyous. And the distance to College of the Siskiyou’s has been shrunk to only a couple of hours, in good weather. Back in the 20’s the road had finally come through to Happy Camp so it wasn’t a few days to get to Yreka or Weed, but it still was quite a drive!
Grants weren’t the answer to all needs back then. The Siskiyou County Educational sources couldn’t help Happy Camp with a high school, and the Elementary School needed the spare room that had been used temporarily for that purpose. So Humphreys began working to enlist assistance on this huge project. The land was donated, the trees were donated, and the labor for almost all of the work was donated by members of the community. When the volunteer labor became scarcer or lapsed, the ladies had a big potluck picnic to get the effort a boost and give the classrooms ready to begin school that fall. I’ve written years ago about all the community effort that went into that great accomplishment, but there’s not room here for all the names and memories at the moment.
The Fire Hall was built by the Grange members. The River Park was the vision of Larry Wright, Tom and Doug Lemon who visualized a beautiful park, where others saw only a dump and blackberries! The Grange and other members of the community got busy and made the beautiful site we have today.
So perhaps it is understandable, when the Klamath –Siskiyou Art Center window is broken. that’s sad. The natural solution is to organize the Neighborhood Watch program–people work together with the goal to stopping burglary, drug and alcohol abuse and other criminal activity in our own home community?
The Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch meets the second Monday of each month. Lately it has been held at the Partner’s Deli and Arcade at 5:30 and next Monday is the day. We are grateful for those who volunteer and there will be election as new officers are needed next Monday.
More than sixty people came to the first meeting of a group to stop drug and alcohol abuse in our community, and we need more ideas and solutions that can only come with input from the community. A meeting with Sheriff Lopey is planned for spring; but in the meantime, please consider what you can do to stem the rising tide of crime in our community.

Spread the Love; NO Bullying

Stop Bullying

Happy Camp High School Basketball Homecoming

The big event at Happy Camp High School is Homecoming. Big Valley will be here in Happy Camp for a game on Friday at 5 p.m.. the High School will celebrate all week. You may have seen students running around in pjs yesterday. Today is a day to wear black, Wednesday is Dad Day and Thursday is Cape day. Friday all out loyal Happy Camp Indians will wear Blue and Gold and cheer on the home team at the game.


Keith Deltano is coming to present a program for the Happy Camp High School, February 5th. The topic is bullying and mental health matters. The students program will be during the normal School Day on Tuesday. However, parents are invited to have a discussion with Deltano on bullying at noon next Tuesday at the Penthouse at the High School.Learn more at www.dontbullyonline.com

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