Kindness at Bake Sale for the Neigborhood Watch

Be Kind" Mister Roger's Neighborhood
by Judy E. Bushy March 12,2020

Thanks to all those who helped out with last Wednesdays bake sale. Robin Eggers, our secretary/treasurer organized the Bake Sale with all proceeds to go to the Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch. The Watch has been putting cameras in critical public areas where they can capture the activities 24/7 that may need monitoring.

There were cupcakes, cookies and Clarabeth’s lemon cookies were snatched up as soon as put out. Pumpkin and apple pies were made by Nadine McElyea and Darlene Mitchell. Cathy made pineapple upside down cake slices. Yum.

Roberta Everett has worked on large puzzles with thousands of pieces at the Senior Nutrition site. People have donated for over 40 when finished and glued together, with the funds being donated to the Senior Meals Program. She also donated some completed puzzles to the Neighborhood Watch sale.

Thanks to all who went home with goodies to help out the Neighborhood Watch and those who donated as well! Your help is so important in keeping up the efforts in the community to deter crime. The monthly Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch meeting is the second Monday each month and next will be April 13th. That’s the day after Easter when there are special services to celebrate the resurrection of Christ! Nell Sakota also shared that she is busy preparing for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

While we have had a bit of showers occasionally, sunshine has been unusually regular in past days. That’s not a complaint, the sunshine is great! One wonders when we will get the rain for the summer months with creeks low and not much precipitation falling. Temperatures are warming but can still be too chilly to put in much of the garden. I’m just finding it hard to be patient.

Overcoming our Greatest Crisis for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s mail

by Judy E. Bushy
In just a couple of days, Valentine’s Day will be here.

Last Thursday was the National Prayer Breakfast. It was held for the 68th year since Billy Graham encouraged President Dwight Eisenhower to hold the first in 1956. Ike, as Eisenhower was called, felt faith, patriotism and free enterprise were fundamental in keeping our nation strong, and asked Graham how we could have a spiritual revival of faith.

At that first one at Hilton’s International Ballroom there were 400 political, religious and business leaders. Today it is closer to 4,000 attendees. Some news reports said it is always nonpolitical, but Mother Teresa condemned abortion with President Clinton, of opposing views, in the audience

I remember when Dr. Ben Carson spoke of the danger to our nation of politically correct” speech instead of being truthful with others. President Obama was in the audience. Afterwards some said Dr. Carson should have apologized to the President, but he said the President didn’t say anything or he would have discussed it with him further.
The speaker at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast was Arthur C. Brooks, whom I wasn’t familiar with. He is a professor at Harvard Kennedy School and senior fellow at Harvard Business School (and father of three teenagers, as he requested prayer!). He admittedly isn’t a priest or pastor, but he is Catholic and a follower of Jesus…”who taught us to love God and taught us to love each other,”

Brooks called Jesus, “society’s “greatest entrepreneur” and thinker,” and shared Scripture from Matthew 5: “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

“Today, I’m here to talk to you about the biggest crisis facing our nation and many other nations today: It’s the crisis of contempt and polarization that’s tearing our societies apart.” He also said, “In this crisis resides the greatest opportunity we have ever had as people of faith to lift our nations up and to bring our people together,”

“Some people say we need more civility and tolerance. I say, nonsense,”
“Why? Because civility and tolerance are a low standard. Jesus didn’t say, ‘tolerate your enemies.’ He said, ‘love your enemies.’ Answer hatred with love!”

Later, President Trump said he was sorry, and admitted that loving one’s enemies, as Brooks discussed was hard.
“It’s not easy folks”. I’m doing my best,” said Trump

Do you think that contempt and polarization are the greatest crisis facing us today?

Happy New Year, Happy Camp!!

Happy New Year!

by Judy E. Bushy January 2020
After a couple of weeks of fun, socializing and celebrating,Happy Camp Veterans social meeting has resumed at the Happy Camp community Center at 10 o’clock on Tuesday mornings. It has been great to have some new youthfulness added, even though it is a newly retired serviceman. All veterans from every era are welcome to join the group who gather Tuesday mornings.

The River Readers Book Club also meets on Tuesday. Their meeting for coffee and sometimes fries, is at 11:00 o’clock at the Partner’s Deli on Highway 96. We are reading Overstory by Richard Powers. Powers has written a dozen novels and has received many awards. This particular book has received a Pulitzer Prize in fiction. The novel hasn’t convinced me that the activists, who experience death and disaster in their efforts to save the trees, are acting logically. The Klamath National Forest, where we make our home has 1,700,000 acres of forest, yet they are trying to save the “last few acres” of trees. With the Six River and Siskiyou National Forests added the acres of trees come to about 3 million acres of trees, beautiful trees!

One review says it is for readers who despair of humanity’s self-imposed separation from the rest of creation and hope for transformation, not for me! I love living close to nature and being able to enjoy the Creation everyday in Happy Camp! Thinning and controlled fires are more helpful in saving the forests, as the raging wild fire in the forest is more detrimental to air quality and to the life in the forest than any other catastrophe, in my opinion. It will be interesting to see where our conversations take us. I’d be much more behind saving the bees which we are killing with insecticides, which seems likely to bring worse catastrophe.
The library is again open Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 to 5:30 o’clock.

Nest Monday is an important day for the crime fighting and justice seeing members of the community. There is a need for quorum at the Neighborhood Watch meeting at 5:30 at the Partner’s Deli next Monday. It would be nice to hear that there are no crimes, problems or drugs being used in our community, but such may not be the case, and community working together is needed to make a change and keep things quiet and law abiding. Your help and input is appreciated.

It was suggested that neighbors share what was one thing that you’d like to do in 2020, maybe something that you haven’t done in the past, and would like to do. . Linda Martin wants to write her memoir and has encouraged me to join her in this project. In fact we made an outline to begin and will write one section each month, and by the end of the year have twelve chapters of our lives written.

Several people want to walk. Some just want to walk everyday in beautiful Happy Camp, Some want to walk a mile on the Pacific Crest Trail. Others want to walk up Town Trail. Some have gone before and mention the beautiful view of the whole town and river surrounded by the mountains of green trees, A lovely scene!
Nathan Prince wants to get his private pilot certificate while another pilot wants an instructor’s license and to “Save Our Happy Camp Airport!”

Travel was mentioned by several of the respondents, from the pyramids of Egypt to taking grandchildren to Hawaii. Camping, particularly camping in the wilderness were also a favorite thing to look forward to. I’m not sure of Going Happy Camping was the camping or just enjoying our lovely little frontier town. Perhaps when they’re camping they’ll find some lost gold caches or treasures, as some want to go treasure hunting.

Winning the lottery was also mentioned. The most exciting goal for the coming year was to go skydiving! Doesn’t that sound adventurous!

Whatever your plans for the coming year, may it be a great year of making happy memories with your family, friends and neighbors! Happy New Year yet again!!!

Love Month brings us closer to Spring Gardening

Wildflower Garden Seeds

by Judy E. Bushy (Previously published in part in Siskiyou News Feb 3, 2020)
The best thing that happened in January is that we began to get colorful garden seed catalogs in the mail. Garden seed sellers still seem to send the colorful inspirational packages out each year. They’re great and I’m grateful.

A few years ago we had such a wonderful growing season!! My husband Dan planted 22 tomato plants. He loved having tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, asparagus and other garden delights to share without friends and neighbors.The hillside behind our home makes it wet later sometimes, but it was pretty dry and plenty of pigeon poop on the garden spot!Fortunately my husband lost his sense of smell completely a number of years ago, so it makes it easier for him to handle fertilizing the garden.

That reminds me, it is now 16 years since he was operated on for his Sino-nasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma. The neurological team removed the tumor that had grown up into the brain giving him a plutonium plate forehead. When they went to remove the right eye and the tumor, they found it wrapped around the optic nerve and couldn’t remove it.

Sadly they stitched him up and delivered the news to me that there was nothing more that they could do. That was in February 2004 and they said his end would be quick because the tumor was aggressive.
We are very grateful that it has now been 16 years since we got that prognosis. Happy Camp showed itself to be a heartwarming community of very caring people during that time, especially his coworkers at the Forest Service. We are very grateful to all our friends and neighbors and several Happy Camp Churches in town that held us p in prayer in those difficult times.

But back to gardening plans, we do have three cement raised beds (Wilson Forbes and Jefferson School students)in the back yard which can bring early crops of asparagus and things that can endure the chill of spring. But the garden has to be fairly dry and usually can’t be planted until mid-May. That’s an improvement from Bayfield, Wisconsin where my husband grew up with a huge family garden. His grandparents, Leo and Anna Nelson, had a huge garden and Dan loved to run the tiller for them whenever he could.

He also starred the day at 5 AM each morning delivering the Duluth News Tribune to all the subscribers in Bayfield on his bicycle. He waited at his grandparents home until papers were delivered on their front porch. Knowing the great homemade rolls his grandmother baked, I’m sure he enjoyed a hot treat before setting out on the paper route, especially up on the shore of Lake Superior where snow and cold are common! They say that the temperature of the largest freshwater lake in the world is 45 degrees at its warmest and no one ever drowns, as hypothermia would get you first.

So we are looking forward to getting the garden tilled and planted and finding it hard to be patient. But in good time, we will have all the salad fixin’s and all the vegetables, berries and goodies from the garden.

Santa Claus is coming to Happy Camp, for Craft Fair and Tree Lighting!!

Happy Camp Christmas Craft Fair

Happy Camp Christmas Craft Fair

Didi France-Poe, Trisha Branham and Melanie Niemi who had lots of beautiful decorations and things for Christmas

Saturday was a great day! Rain didn’t defer the fun at the Karuk Multipurpose Center on 2nd Avenue. There were an amazing number of vendors of crafts and arts! Like Leona McLaughlin said, it was the best party in town, carrot cupcakes, pecan pie brownies and her beautiful jewelry.
There was hot salsa, eggnog with duck eggs and all sorts of beautiful cards and decorations. The wreaths of greenery were fabulous. Ann and company had enchiladas, and took orders when they ran out. Virginia was knitting away on hand warmers. Cat had turned her yarn into very cute bowl holders which work much better than a potholder when you’re holding the bowl and she had sparkly Christmas decorations as well.
Coach Bob Hokanson had a really neat ad for the “Horse Creek Camp” upriver in Horse Creek years ago; C.H. Barton was the proprietor so likely a generation back, whom the bridge down there is named after! He has all sorts of signs and ads and paper goods!

Coach Bob Hokanson

From Dreamcatchers to sterling silver jingling wind-chimes, from leather work to cozy baby booties and blankets., there was an amazing assortment of gifts for all family and friends whatever their ages or needs.
I’m so thankful when people come and tell me of coming events to share with you!
Art Show Next Week
The news that there will be an art show at the Klamath-Siskiyou Art Center next Saturday is exciting. Alan Crockett has been teaching an art class for College of the Siskiyous and the students will be showing their accomplishments on next Saturday! Alan would cordially like to invite you to the new and improved Klamath Siskiyou Art Center for a tasty celebration of an incredible collection of brand new paintings by amazing artists. We would love to have your company to share a lively afternoon of free appetizers, sparkling conversation and delightful drinks. It’ll be a sensational time!
Tree Lighting December 14th
Next Saturday evening will be a great gathering. It’s time to light up The Camp!! It will be only the 7th year since the Happy Camp Volunteer Fire and Tiraterra Family will be lighting the tree after the Lighted Christmas Parade. Staging for the parade occurs at Kingfisher’s Market. Promptly at 5:30 the Parade starts and at 6:00 the Tree will be lit. Then that jolly ol’elf will arrive and the kids will all have an opportunity to talk to Santa Claus. Any questions may be Erik Haskell 530-7355 or Eileen Tiraterra 643-1506.

Parents who work will appreciate the hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, cider and hot cocoa that will be available. Project Santa Claus will be passing out presents to the kids.

Never a dull moment in December and it was good to see the sun poking out a bit after last week’s rain. Have fun getting ready for the Christmas events!

Robin Eggers helped our community to Honor Our Veterans

Appreciating Veterans for their Service!

Patricia & Glenn Briggs served at Veterans Dinner by Dan Effman, Nadine McElyea and Doreen Mitchell

Last week Happy Camp Veterans were greatly appreciated for Veterans Day! It wasn’t long before everyone was asking, is there going to be any dinner or other appreciation? It was discussed at the Neighborhood Watch and inquiries went out far and wide. The Happy Camp Community Center and Kingfisher Market contributed and the Karuk Tribe opened the Multipurpose/gym on Second Avenue for the dinner.

The first grade class made a banner hanging over the tables. Robin’s daughter, Clarabeth decorated candy dishes on each table with red white and blue candy kisses and surrounded with a ribbon of the same design!

Robin Eggers took the bull by the horns, in a manner of speaking, after the Neighborhood Watch meeting and got everyone organized before heading off to Portland where Michael Eggers, her husband and

Local Veterans Honored

a Marine was getting medical care. Daniel Effman made the barbeque chicken for a great dinner. Robin and her family made chow-mien and rolls. Many brought desserts and salads. Wish I knew who baked and made up all the good food and could thank each one, but they were very well received and gratefully appreciated!!

The kitchen was busy! Nadine McElyea and Doreen Mitchell who did so much for the veterans at the Family Resource Center in bygone years were there helping. If you’ve seen Robin volunteer for an event in the past, you’ve no doubt seen all her children and son-in-law helping our as well. They’re really a great team.

When most everyone was assembled and the barbecued chicken was ready, Kirk Eadie shared a couple of verses from the Bible and prayed. Jeff McAllister led in the pledge of Allegiance and shared the members of his family that have or are serving in the military. It was good to see so many in pictures, some with their families pictured too, and other mementos.

Lou Tiraterra, one of the regular Veterans Social members was surprised to find another veteran from the Korean Conflict. Lou, Jim McMillan, William Munton and my husband Daniel usually meet at the Happy Camp Community Center at 38 Park Way at 10 o’clock on Tuesday mornings unless they are out of town or have other appointments. All Veterans are welcome, and they always keep hop0ing for more to join them. This week they had Michael Duncan, a graduate of Happy Camp High School who recently retired from the Navy who could tell them a lot about submarine life.

.We didn’t have any World War Veterans, at least who stood and told what area of the military they had served in. It seemed we had all branches of the service and were so very grateful for everyone came that we could express our appreciation for their serveice. Volunteer workers were also appreciated! There were over forty there, although several years ago there had been many more, it seems a lot of our World War II veterans don’t get out. Next year, please let us know of any more veterans so that we can be assured that they are appreciated and invited. Thanks to those who brought Ve4terans to help them get there!

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