Lisa Haas brings us Trees, Trees, Trees!

Maple Leaves full of color!

By Judy E. Bushy
Lisa Haas grew up in Happy Camp! Her family has resided there for many, many generations. Recently, Lisa has watched from afar the devastation and have truly admired the way the community has come together to help one another.

While wondering how one can help raise hope within the community. and a lengthy and crazy discussion with her Mom, Ellen Johnson, the solution to begin was planting trees!
sO lISA talked with Kevin from Eugene Wholesale Nursery about what types of trees would be best in this situation.

Kevin has suggested Maple and Poplar. They are reported to be fire resistant and grow rapidly. They are also beautiful an full of color!

My 21st birthday, AGAIN) is November 8th! We will be coming down with whatever trees are reasonably priced as the price decreases with the amount we buy. I will continue to make trips down until everyone has a tree and then some!

The hope is to see beautiful color and regrowth by next summer/fall.

Many of my family and friends have lost their homes, Lisa said. “I haven’t lived there in quite some time but do visit often. Please reach out to those that I am not aware of that also lost their homes and have them contact me so I can ensure everyone gets a little hope.”

To raise funds for this purpose Lisa has set up a gofundme. account. See below for a link.

“I look forward to hearing from everyone so we can plant a hope tree together!”

Community Banner “Happy Camp Strong” Signing

Fire Chief Erik Haskell fixin’ burgers for the gathering at the River Park!

Strong or not strong, having a home or homeless, whatever situation, signing a banner was celebrated Saturday at the Happy Camp River Park! It was a great opportunity to visit with others in the community who are all working through this difficult time.

There was be free food “to go!” Erik Haskell, Local Fire Chief was busy flipping burgers. This gave some an opportunity to come up and thank Eric for the heroic work that he and the other volunteer Firefighters did on September 8th when the Slater Fire began and thereafter.

Eriks reply was, “I wish we could have saved more.” But what they did was amazing and greatly appreciated by all.

There was also music! Music for the gathering at the Happy Camp River Park was provided by Todd Gilbert and Scott Grandstaff and much enjoyed! While they played on the stage, participants came along and signed the giant white banner with the bold black letters, “Happy Camp Strong!”

Todd Gilbert & Scott Grandstaff provided the music for the event.

The Banner is now displayed on Connor’s Cardlock Fence at the corner of Davis Road and Hwy 96.

Support was to be on hand from many community members including county staff, local pastors, local residents, emergency services volunteers and more. Raffle drawings were held Social distancing was encouraged and masks and hand sanitizer were also available.

Slater Fire Fighting; September 8, 2020

Slater Fire from Davis Road

Photo Judy E. Bushy and report on activities of the day Mario Gomez
Happy Camp has been evacuated and nearly wiped out this week.
Mario’s day started when he arrived at the Slater Butte lookout to rescue Brian who staffed the FS lookout. He had reported a tree downed by wind had hit an electrical line, starting a small fire.

This wasn’t to be a normal day, Strong winds made the difference!
By 930 we had fire rolling through houses and blowing across Indian Creek like a freight train.
Now, Mario Gomez was born and raised in Happy Camp. After Happy Camp High School he attended College of the Siskiyous in Weed, so you might say he’s a Siskiyou County boy. Mario has been OPS Chief on many recent catastrophic fires like the Carr fire and Mendocino Complex.

“Being the Incident Command and OPS chief on a fire burning through my hometown, Happy Camp, where I experienced fire fighting for 22 years ;can’t even explain to you!
Mario isn’t the only one to say it was like we were in a bad dream and couldn’t wake up.
Our local fire fighters with Mario, and folks that showed up from out of town did everything we possibly could to save as many lives as possible.

At 11 pm we had the fire roll on top of us in the Meadows like a hurricane from Hell and exploded the whole fist . A raging inferno! For the next four hours with 20 engines and our local crew saving what few houses that remain in the area of the Meadows today.
“It was a complete war zone! Bullets going off, propane tanks blowing up and so much more!

“Fire fighters and law enforcement officers spent that horrific thirty hours are true heroes! I can’t believe with everything that happened. No first responders died. IT’s a complete miracle!

“So many of my family members, friends and coworkers have lost their home and everything they own, Those fire fighters are still on the line fighting the blaze. Heroes and true soldiers, those guys and gals are truly amazing!

Mario left the fire to go join his current team 1 incident manager in Southern California, but wanted Happy Camp to rest assured about being in good hands..

Slater Fire Coming toward Happy Camp

Slater Fire from Davis Road

Salmon Fishing Season Is Coming Soon!!

Ironhead Guide Service has boats available for salmon fishing on the Klamath River so take a look at the calendar dates and let them know when you would like to book, from September 1, through . October, 7 are also open for salmon fishing. But other’s will be snatching up some of those dates, so give Mario a call as soon as you can. .

Spend the day fishing with Mario and you will see why his boat fills up so fast. You won’t get yelled at for missing a cast, or a bite. Mario doesn’t guide for the money, he does it because it’s his passion and catching a fish is just a bonus. Mario says, He “will work my butt off for you and do everything I can to ensure you have a great trip. Take a look at the reviews to see what my customers have to say about my business.
If for some reason you can’t fish with me personally, my brother Bobby is my first string guide and has been fishing for me for 3 years and has been right next to me fishing so he has been very well trained. I also have handpicked experienced local guides on most of the rivers I fish to assist me with the recent increase in demand for my service because we are determined Irongate Guide Service will not disappoint you.

HC Neighborhood Watch ***Monday July 13 Postponed**

Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch Meets 2nd Monday each month

by Judy E Bushy
Well, the last meeting of Neighborhood Watch (2nd Monday each month) went well We discussed the purchase of more efficient cameras, more patrol, fund raiser to afford the best system, and partnering with other non profits to fight crime, graffiti included.

Dan Effman mentioned that, “The strange part was we did not have a good turnout. The majority of the people that are complaining or suggest ways to fight crime didn’t show. We would appreciate it if you attended to share!”

Robin who serves as secretary/treasurer also said, “We encourage people to come out and get involved. As a community we need to work together to keep our community safe from crime.”

Really appreciated that Doreen explained more about the Neighborhood Watch, “Until you get involved and realize the problems aren’t as simple as they should be there will be misconceptions. The NW volunteers are just that; volunteers! There is no pay, no prestige, and many times it is a thankless duty. Until people put their differences aside and act in cohesion there will be little gains made in the area of crime prevention. Especially since we cope without any local 24/7 law enforcement.

Community Help Needed
Hope to see you all at the next meeting (July 13th postponed and will ZOOM August 10th)and a big thank you to those that attended. I enjoyed seeing Dan Effman, Robin Eggers, Rita Manley-King and Yukon Sakota! Some had other duties that kept them away but usually come. Last meeting before Covid-19 issues came up there were 17 and we had only 5 attend for June.

Keeping Safe and prayers….

By Judy E. Bushy April 30, 2020
There’s news at Kingfisher Marketas. Last week we shared requirementS for patrons to don gloves and mask for shopping. To those who didn’t have a kind friend to sew them a mask, Karuk Tribe donated them for the community! bE SURE to continue to shop locally and support our local businesses!

This week the Kingfisher Market said,”We are really looking forward to the end of this Pandemic… until we have the all clear, we will continue to try to make the store a safe place to shop. To that end, we have installed plexiglass shields at each of the registers. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers.”

This coronavirus situation is unprecedented in most of our memory. We certainly hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible, and polls show good and bad things that have resulted. Families are home more than ever! parents ARE helping their children in homeschooling. Teachers, are of course helping, but from safe distancing guidelines.
The saddest things I’ve seen lately is the new complications in children announced in some countries that send them to Intensive Care at the hospital. Also, suicides are up which is an indication of how much kindness and help we need to be aware of the needs of our loved ones and neighbors.

President Trump declared May 7th the Annual National Day of Prayer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these….,” Trump tweeted. “No matter where you may be, I encourage you to turn towards prayer in an act of faith. Together, we will easily PREVAIL!”

Happy Camp has had many situations for prayer in the past days of this crisis. Solutions don’t always seem to come easily, but great effort and strength among all those of the community. There are friends and neighbors with cancer and other serious illnesses that we pray for regularly; we know that this is a difficult time for both the patient and the patient’s family and friends. This makes them more susceptible to the coronavirus as well, and they need out caution out of concern for our neighbors health and wellbeing!

We’ve been praying for a missing person from Happy Camp who was on his way home from Medford. Thankfully, Ron has been found in Medford and he is safe. Thank you to those who have prayed! Don’t stop now!

Thank you, and as we hope that businesses and our practices will open somewhat in the coming days, don’t forget that washing hands and precautions will always help one to stay more healthy and curtail the spread of many diseases. Be safe and healthy!

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