Clinic Pharmacy Celebrates 35 Years Serving Community

bixcdclinicpharmacy-001by Judy Bushy
Patt and Mike Celayeta are celebrating too! Clinic Pharmacy has been 35 years serving the community in Happy Camp! They stopped to figure some things and came up with that they have now served FIVE generations of Happy Campers! They are having a contest to celebrate….it’s time for the Guess How Many Pills Are In The Jar Contest.This time they are awarding cash prizes.

Patt expressed their thanks to the community of Happy Camp and the folks up and down the River for their continued support and trust in them to provide the best pharmaceutical service available.

It is fun just to see what health and safety things they have available, some good preventatives and other things good to have on hand “just in case.” We were recently able to get some prescriptions for our Aussie pup, Adom!! That’s a big help as it didn’t require a trip out of town, or out of state, to his veterinarian for the things that were needed as ticks had been pestering him earlier this year! We also appreciate for the way that Patt and Michael support the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce and in many ways help our community!

Patt also said that they “continue to enjoy their profession and service to our community and look forward to folks stopping by to say hello and to enter the contest.” Come by Clinic Pharmacy and put your guess in! You may be the one to win a cash prize by your guess for the contest

Premiere Happy Camp Farmer’s Market THURSDAY

by Judy Bushy
Thursday is the Premiere Happy Camp Farmer’s Market at the Gail Zink Memorial Park at 5 oclock p.m.. This first event is anticipated with much excitement in the community as there will be produce, crafts and jewelry available by local gardeners and craftspeople. It will be happening from 5 pm to 7 pm Thursday afternoon. The location, Gail Zink Memorial Park is next to the High School baseball field, where a game will be going on Thursday and across the parking lot from the Happy Camp Union Elementary School on Park Way. Founder Abigail Yeager, anticipates that the market will run for ten weeks, every Thursday until mid September and invites vendors to join, free, and come to as many markets as you like as they welcome all vendors.

This Thursday Market will kick off with a BBQ featuring a “local” green salad, baked beans, fruit, and bread to go with those BBQ ribs dinner for $12 a plate. Tickets are available in advance and all proceeds will help with marketing and grocery expenses. A softball game will also take place at the ball field “next door” and they plan to have music to shop by as well.

The Market is Certified by the Department of agriculture, able to accept (Women Infants and Children program) W.I.C checks and Senior Nutrition Program checks for fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs (and honey for Seniors only.) although they may not have the equipment at the first market, they will also be able to accommodate EBT through SNAP CalFresh.

This Happy Camp Farmer’s Market is a pilot project for a new nonprofit, Hope for Happy Camp, hoping to improve economic development. Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce encourages this opportunity for Hope for Happy Camp as a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the community of Happy Camp, California through economic development projects and youth programs that are environmentally-conscious and sustainable. Grant Gilkison of the Mid-Klamath Food Shed endorses the Farmer’s Market as well!You can show your support by “liking” the Hope for Happy Camp nonprofit Facebook page to assure you get news of events, and join the Farmer’s Market, as a vendor or customer or just stop by for dinner! They would love to see you there!

20th Karuk Reunion was a Great Gathering

by Judy Bushy

Although the day was warm, it wasn’t quite as hot as some Karuk Tribal Reunion days have been in the past! Tents were all over. This year was the 20th annual event at the Tribal compound, Administrative, medical and dental clinic and other offices are there as well as the People’s Museum and Multipurpose Building that used to be the Happy Camp Elementary until back in 1989 when the new school was build on Park Way.

The largest and most prominent white tent being the one where all the Health Services were located. Keeping people safe and healthy is very important to the Karuk Tribe and we are grateful for all that they provide, not only for Karuk Tribal members and descendants, but also for the entire community.

The most fun of the event, to me at least, was to see bunches of children in joyous play swooping down the water slides, splashing and playing! In a day when there is concern that our children spend far too much of their time glued to modern technology, cell phones, I-pods, and computer screens and games, Active play in the out of doors in water play was fun to watch! The kids all wore big smiles, some with toothless grins common among youngsters in the early primary years. They were all especially cute, at that age in life when new teeth are a momentous occasion!
After watching them for awhile, and trying without much success to catch the blur of their activity and constant motion on camera, it was time to go to lunch in the air conditioned Senior Nutrition site.

It was ther that I had the pleasure of meeting Huddleston Oakes! Huddleston grew up at Ferry Point and his sister, Arlene was the young girl who visited Stella in her book about living on the Klamath River, Dear Mad’m! He uis listed, with Arlene in the Methodist /church roll for 1939. It was happy news to hear that he can read Klamath Views in the Siskiyou Daily News in Weed as well. His mother, Virginia Effman Oakes, and later added Anderson) wrote newspaper articles before my dayu. Debbie Wilkinson and Hazel Davis Gendron wrote articles about Happy Camp. Wouldn’t it be fun to read all their articles now!! Hazel has been sharing some items that she found in old newspaper research on the Facebook page, Growing up In Happy Camp, and we enjoy them so much!

We went back to the reunion later, as there were more old time friends and family still to visit with, but Huddleston left us wishing we knew more about the families, Southards, Oakes, Effman, Hastings Brothers and Taylors as well as the Coverts, Cy Jenson (Up’n Up) Fred Crooks (DearSir) and others no longer here. Those characters who lived down where Tinkum Creek met Titus Creek before joining the Klamath where Robert E. Southard and his family had their cabin.

Siskiyou Outdoor Museum Anticipation!

by Judy Bushy June 14, 2016


What a pleasure to stop in at the Siskiyou County Museum last week and see Lisa dressing manikins with beautiful wedding dresses. Yes, this is June all right! It was amazing to see them ready to show off our 1880s to 1900s collection of wedding attire, a beautiful array of gowns, some men’s suits, along with bridal accessories, photographs, love letters, and more.

A gorgeous three-piece gown caught my eye right away, as it was very beautiful, but not the traditional white dress usually seen. It was created by French designer Emile Pingat (1820-1901) and sent from Paris, France to Siskiyou County and worn by a sophisticated lady on her wedding day. I wonder who was the fortunate young lady who was able to wear that fabulous dress for her wedding!!

The volunteers were so helpful in looking up and helping me with the information that I went to pick up. Our museum is a treasure. Siskiyou County Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Admission is $3.00 for adults, $1.00 for children ages 6-12, and under are free.You won’t want to miss the Grand Reopening of the outdoor museum soon!!

From the museum, I intended to look up some historical accounts of a shooting in Happy Camp in latter 1946 and see what I could find on the Classic Hill Mine. Unfortunately, although I found that the Library has lots of resources, they were nearly closing. I’ll have to make that trip again…earlier in the day!

Self Discipline by Dave Gordon

Proverbs 16:32 “He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty and he who rules is spirit than he who takes a city.”

Proverbs 16:32 (NKJV)

Proverbs 16:32 (NKJV)

Media can be addicting; computers, I-pads, notebooks or cell phones. The doors they open can also be addicting: texting, internet, email, Facebook or twitter. I read a story not too long ago about a young lady who was texting while she was driving, and she crashed her car. You would have thought that would have taught her a lesson but apparently not—because she was in an accident again. This time it cost her life, she was texting while driving again. She apparently could not bring herself to use the self-control necessary to shut off her phone and pay attention to her driving.

There are many areas of life in which we need to exert self control that doesn’t deal with media. What about eating? What about eating? One’s consumption of food may consist of eating too much or of eating the wrong kinds of foods. Maybe lack of self-control is shown by drug use or alcohol use. Maybe it could be our tempers.

How many times have I run into people who could not keep a lid on their tempers? The damage they leave behind them is tragic to see. They leave behind damage wives, children, parents, siblings or friends who have been bitterly and viciously attacked—verbally and physically. As I have counseled over the years. I have talked to thoroughly damaged wives or husbands who at one time stood at an altar and declared before those assembled witnesses that they would love, honor and cherish their spouse – and yet they have been virtually destroyed by that spouse.

James 3:6 talks of the undisciplined tongue this way” “The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person sets the whole course of his life on fire and is itself set on fire by Hell. “ Children may be the most damaged by the uncontrolled mouth used upon them because they are still forming their self-image and will probably at some level silently accept as true the words spewed out at them.

How well do you control yourself? You may think it is impossible, but let me encourage you with this, “with God nothing is impossible.” Come see us this Sunday.

Pastor Dave Gordon
CJ Community Bible Church

Beautifying our Highway 96 face:

16Highway Plan 001
by Judy Bushy
It was such a pleasure to meet Sandi Tripp again at a meeting last Monday at the Elementary School. Sandi is a Happy Camper, and her dad, Dave Tulledo was also at the meeting. Sandi was here in her capacity for Karuk Transportation. She brought Josh and Jeff from Chico who had a power point presentation and with grand illustrations of the Highway 96 section through the center of the town of Happy Camp, both as it presently appears and ideas for improvement! Sandi also brought Kelly and Kendee from Redding all the way to Happy Camp to answer questions about a grant, part of the Middle Klamath River Community Transportation Plan.

You know, it is apparent to drivers and pedestrians that safety on Hwy 96 can be improved. One is sometimes amazed that we don’t have more accidents. Much as I find driving in the “big city” more stressful and unpleasant, Nation-wide: 66% of the Highway fatalities are in rural areas. It was mentioned that through town there is such a large space between buildings that it’s a wide free for all, without definitions; where lanes are, and where bikes and pedestrians should be. Visitors to our community are often confused as to where it is appropriate to park!

Sidewalks, at least on the West side of 2nd Avenue, and north side of Highway 96 are included in the plan, with a challenge for sidewalk (American Disabilities Act compliant)up the hillside east of 2nd Avenue by the former Headway building (now Karuk Council & Senior Nutrition.) Another improvement for wheelchairs or strollers is replacing the steps on the bridge over Indian Creek on 2nd Avenue.

What an improvement better definition to the highway would make for those coming to our town and it would calm the traffic. With defined areas, vehicles, bikes and pedestrian traffic and parking, then esthetic components celebrating our community character and wayfinding signs to help navigate the community would top it all off.
It was important to those at the meeting, and presumably the business and residence owners in the area, that no additional easement takings are a part of the plan. However, there was more interest in electric and utility burial which was not part of the plan due to the increased expense. Grant competition is high for these improvements. Street lighting options, although shown on the graphic of the flier, would possibly have to be financed from other funds.

Davis Road would not be in the initial plan, but that area slated for improvement with the Greyback Improvement Plan from Federal planning (17.5 million dollars worth) mostly because the mile and a half up Indian Creek from Davis Road was the intersection area with more accidents than anywhere else in Siskiyou County, according to the planners at that time, wasn’t accomplished on last try. However, this a good start and includes vital improvements! There were suggestions that, after the first phase, more improvements might be made for Park Way to the Elementary School and better access to the High School as well in further plans.

What do you think is the most important improvement that would help the Happy Camp community?? Give me a call or e-mailwith your suggestions this week because I know you have great ideas!!
16HwyMtg_0309 Sue Hillman and Lisa Scott evaluate the Hwy #96 improvement suggestions!

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