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Homecoming at Happy Camp High

February 15, 2008

Homecoming Royalty 2008HOmecoming Royalty 2007

by Judy Bushy

Basketball homecoming at Happy Camp High School was a pcaked house to see the basketball princes and beautiful princesses.

Brandon Effman and Aja Conrad, homecoming royalty from 2007 crowned the new royal pair. Mark Poeschel reigned as king while Cassidy Hammon was the Homecoming Queen.

There was more to come on this excitingly successful basketball season!

Klamath River Resort Inn
Klamath River Resort Inn

Indian Creek

Indian Creek, downstream from the Eddy.

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Happy Camp River Access Buck

A buck at the Happy Camp River Access.

Elk Creek Bridge

The Elk Creek Bridge.

Klamath River

Downriver, about four miles.