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Prepare NOW for Happy Camp’s Biggest Hometown Festival on Labor Day……..Bigfoot Jamboree!!

March 9, 2013


Don’t forget the Community Solutions and Neighborhood Watch Meeting at the Log Schoolhouse on Monday, March 11th. This is an area that we all have a stake in keeping our children drug and alcohol free and keeping our community crime free! Deputy Nye has been a great help and volunteers are needed as are those who will help take the next step at the coming meeting. Call Doreen for more information at FRC 493-5117

Happy Camp Coordinating Council, those hard working volunteers who plan the Bigfoot Jamboree for Labor Day will also be meeting at the Pizza House at 5:30 to make plans.

Narional Volunteer Week isn’t until April 21-27th and I remember when Eddie Davenport was president of the Chamber and each organization gave recognition to their top volunteers at a picnic in the River park. However, any time of year is a good time to thank all our volunteers!!

Whether it be the Grange, Chamber, Family Resource Center, Community Solutions and Neighborhood Watch, or other organizations in Happy Camp; to have our community healthy and growing we all must pitch in and help out where we can.
Are you an active member, the kind that would be missed?
Or are you just contented that your name is on the list?
Do you attend the meetings and mingle with the flock?
Or do you stay at home to criticize and knock?
Do you take an active part to help the work along?
Or are you satisfied to only just belong?
Do you work with your committee and get right in and mix?
Or leave the work to just a few and talk about the cliques?
Think it over, member–you know right from wrong!
Are you an active member or do you just belong?

We’ll have news on the Monday’s meeting on the community page after the meeting.
Happy Camp Coordinating Councils news will be out on the bigfoot page after that meeting also.
Thank you for helping us keep others informed as you let us know what is happening. We appreciate your help in this way.

I apologize that the calendar is not working at present but it will be soon or we will go with a different format for the calendar. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Call Chamber 493-2900 weekday afternoons or leave a message on the machine for the next volunteer who comes in. Thank you to all our Klamath Neighbors!!

Resource Center Postpones Kid’s Fair and Collaboration Meeting Due To Fire

July 16, 2007

Due to the fire threat to parts of Happy Camp, smoky conditions, and the tremendous number of emergency vehicles, helicopters  and traffic in our area, staff at the Happy Camp Resource Center decided to postpone the Kids’ Fair (scheduled for Saturday July 21) to Saturday August 18th. 

The Happy Camp Community Collaboration Project which was scheduled for  Monday, July 16 has also been cancelled. “Michael Hentz and Serena Conkey are under immediate threat from the fire and there’s too many people busy on fire-related activities,” an email from Nadine McElyea at the Resource Center said. Another date will be announced when conditions improve. 

To contact the Resource Center, phone 493-5117. 

Happy Camp Future To Be Discussed At Meeting July 16

July 12, 2007

There will be a meeting of the Happy Camp Community Collaboration Project on Monday, July 16 at 5pm. This will take place at the USFS Conference Room. Enter via the back door. There may be a change due to the current fire situation, so phone Nadine McElyea at the Family Resource Center, 493-5117 to see if the location changes.

According to McElyea, “Discussion items include the expenditure of some remaining funds from the first half of our planning grant; the need to submit a request for the second part; and some planning around small projects that can positively impact and improve our community, as well as some brainstorming for the future.”

All Happy Camp residents are welcome and encouraged to attend, especially if they are interested in the future of Happy Camp.

Mid-Klamath Economic Development Summit

January 18, 2002

By Linda Martin

Teenagers tell Happy Camp what they want.
Teenagers describe a better vision of the future for Happy Camp youth at the Mid-Klamath Economic Development Summit in June 2001.

January 1, 2002 – Last June we had a wonderful meeting to discuss the future of Happy Camp. About 200 people attended and contributed to discussions of our economic and social needs. It is time for the sequel… another community meeting is planned for Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 4 pm at the Family Resource Center. Dinner will follow the meeting.

The Karuk Tribe is hosting the Mid-Klamath Economic Development Summit meeting where the tribe’s strategy for economic renewal in this region will be unveiled. In his letter to all Happy Camp citizens, Alvis Johnson, Chairman of the Karuk Tribe, wrote, “Our approach is inclusive of the greater spectrum of diverse constituency groups within our ancestral lands. We envision the January meeting as a first step to greater socio-economic prosperity locally and the development of a new paradigm for post-resource dependent communities across the Pacific Northwest.”

Restrictions on timber harvests from federal lands decimated Happy Camp’s logging industry during the last decade, so economic renewal and change are a vital need for the people of this region.

Follow-up article:

Scott Clements and John Martinez
Consultant Scott Clements discusses the summit results with Karuk spokesman, John Martinez.

January 16, 2002 – Scott Clements of Clements Partners, LLC, a Portland consultant, was in Happy Camp to present the results of the latest study done on economic development for the Mid-Klamath region. This study was commissioned by the Karuk Community Development Corporation with an initial community meeting held last July. He said the other studies, done in 1994 and 1998, were helpful but there were no lasting effects for the benefit of Happy Camp.

This time we have a three part plan to work with – starting with Pre-Development initiatives, followed by Stage One and Stage Two initiatives. The Pre-Development plan calls for the formation of a new umbrella organization tentatively called the Community Achievement Leadership (CAL), which would coordinate community planning, prioritize committment of resources, and monitor implementation of specific resources.

As planned, CAL will be a centralized source comprised of members representing all the present community organizations. CAL’s function will be to coordinate efforts and funding for the development of economic opportunities in this region. An important step will be for all participating organizations to pass resolutions approving the formation of CAL.

Another feature of Pre-Development is to request an incorporation revenue assessment from the Siskiyou County auditor. Also suggested was to combine our current sanitary and water districts into one community service district. According to Clements, “A multi-purpose CSD would provide a focal point to address Happy Camp’s future physical infrastructure needs.”

After Pre-Development is underway, Stage One Economic Initiatives can begin. There are five recommendations: 1) forest salvage and juniper harvest programs; 2) an eco-cultural park that would share elements of Karuk culture and customs and would help preserve and maintain Karuk tribal heritage; 3) development of the computer center with website design training programs leading to a virtual marketplace for local businesses, artists, and crafts-persons; 4) establishment of a small business incubator program to support the community’s needs for future commercial goods and services; 5) development of a housing resource center to coordinate housing policies, land use, financing, development opportunity, and service programs.

An exciting element of the evening’s program was the presentation by four local teenagers on recreational development recommendations for the area. Their suggestions were for winter access to the snow park on Page Mountain, a miniature golf course, a go-kart track, a skateboard park that could also be used by rollerbladers and bmx bikers, an off-highway vehicle park, and a motocross track. Another suggestion from the audience was for a local water park.

After Clements’ presentation, the meeting divided into four special interest groups: natural resources, technology, housing, and recreation. Afterwards there was a lasagna dinner and time for socializing.

Klamath River Resort Inn
Klamath River Resort Inn

Indian Creek

Indian Creek, downstream from the Eddy.

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