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by Judy Bushy
The Chamber of Commerce always keeps a calendar, and tries to keep it updated as much as is possible.

Summer, winter, autumn, and now Spring!!! Things are always changing! New events POP UP sometimes. Baseball games are canceled. But, trying to put it on Facebook, didn’t work. Well, it may work for the weekdays but cuts out the weekends—and we know you want to know what is happening on the weekends as well, or perhaps more.

Happy Camp and our Klamath Neighbors are wonderful volunteers, and many of them KEEP THINGS GOING in many spheres. But, remembering back to the first Rolling on the River July 4th….Rosemary got 100 volunteers to help with the event!! True, everyone got to be there, but the last accounting of Rolling on the River, $3,000 was contributed to the electric and services needed at the River Park from the 2006 ROR when James Buchner was President of the Chamber. That was wonderful, but some volunteers have moved, or passed on. There is always a need for new participants to continue to make things better and keep things going!!

So, here is the April Calendar, and we hope that it will look better than the Facebook. It was 884 KB and the media space is only 64K so we will see how it turns out!!
To inform your Klamath Neighbors of events and activities, e-mail me at klamath views at yahoo or give a call to the Chamber at 493-2900 (leave a message, please) Call this week, if possible and tell us about the May events and activities, Thanks!!

2016 Events:
May 5 Cinco De Mayo Dinner at the Grange and Benefit to Stella & Jay Clark
May 20 HCHS Prom
June 11 Klamath River Hwy 96 Yard Sales (Klamath River Community Hall and Seiad Firefighters have already planned activities!!)
July 4 Independence Day
August 10-14 Siskiyou Golden FairAugust 27 Seiad Day
September 2-4 50th Annual BIGFOOT JAMBOREE Happy Camp, CA
October 14th Dear Mad’m Day at the Siskiyou Historical Museum
November 25 Thanksgiving Community Holiday Dinner
December 25 Christmas

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