Appreciation for Good Results for Breast Cancer Awreness

by Judy Bushy
Saturday night there was also an event to climax the special Breast Cancer Awareness that Marble Mountain Gift Company has been supporting.

You should have seen all of the creative bra designs that were made and displayed at the Gift Shop, which is Happy Camp’s newest business on Davis Road. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all through the month people brought in more creative designs and then they were to be auctioned off at a dinner Saturday evening. There was a great turn out for the dinner and the dinner cooked by Bob Parry’s crew was great.

Alan Dyar was the mc and appreciated the community participation for the Breast Cancer Awareness Dinner recently sponsored by the Marble Mountain Gift Company. It was great to see the financial support to this cause even in these hard economic times, which amounted to a large donation to the cause of Breast Cancer.

“He was so pleased with the participation, which was fun. If you missed this dinner at the Grange last Saturday evening, you missed a great time and great food.”

Some of the decorated bras brought $250 and $300 in the auction and the total for donation to the breast cancer purpose was $3,744.65 For this Parry’s Market and Marble Mountain Gift Co would like to extend a huge heartfelt Thank you. To all who made the bras, bought the bras and attended the dinner, thank you for making this event a huge success!

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