Art & Treasure Weekend Fun!


at the Klamath River Community Hall

Greyback Road was open just in the nick of time for this wonderful weekend. Third annual Art & Treasure Weekend, with sales, art shows and fundraisers all along the Klamath River Highway 96 was great fun! Almost forgot to sell stuff at the Chamber office!

Thanks to the Klamath River Community Hall folks who started the event off on that end. It was wonderful and it was great to work with them.

Thanks to the Happy Camp Library who had a big, big book sale and vendors at Bigfoot Corner.

There was a huge four family Sale in Seiad Valley. Siskiyou News helped keep all the Yard Sales and events mapped out so that visitors knew where to go. There were yard sales, moving sales, estate sales, garage sales although I didn’t personally see any in a garage, and a garden sale at Parry’s too!

Next year on June 8th I’d like to just VISIT all the sales but it was a great time this year just visiting with people from all over, and some from Happy Camp that we hadn’t seen in a while! Thanks for making this such a geat social tie to the communities along the Klamath River!!!

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