Children Hear Stories of Christmas, but Snow Changes Plans

Holiday Activities continued this week. Tuesday was an opportunity for the little ones to come to the Family Resource Center in their jammies for cocoa and story time with Mrs. Claus. They heard, “T’was the Night Before Christmas…” told by a Teddy Bear with much expression, and his sidekick, mouse.

Mrs. Claus also read a story. Each child went home with a fabulous treat bag of a toy, candy cane and little orange as well as a book of their own.

thank you to the Family Resource Center for this opportunity for the children, and Mrs. Claus too!

The Holiday Program at Happy Camp Elementary School was to be Thursday. This is always a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the little ones presentations. However, due to the snow which was bringing down trees and power-lines, this program was unfortunately canceled. Better to have the families safe at home despite our disappointment in missing the program.

Then Friday when everyone was snowed in yet was to be4 the last day of school this year. 2012

Mrs. S.Claus shared stories with children.

School will resume on January 7, 2013!

Happy Camp High School Celebrates Winter

Wasn’t the snowfall lovely Friday and Saturday!! Didn’t last, but it was so pretty. I was wondering if Abbye Eadie and Cassidy Little singing, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” at the Winter Concert had anything to do with it. They sang beautifully , “Santa Baby” at the beginning, as well as “Dreaming of a White Christmas” concluding Happy Camp High School program.

In between, Denise Beardings Honors English Class presented a skit, “Superfreakiest Elfnam Christmas” which was their own invention. The Drama Class under the direction of Alyssa Garcia who had two presentations. First, the Dance Performance which was good in light, but then, when the lights went out,the glowing trims on black costumes gave a very bright dance. They choreographed the dance as part of their class work. The Drama Class also gave an abridged version of “The Nightmare before Christmas” which they will present in full later.

Our principal, Angelika Brown, welcomed everyone at the beginning and also reminded everyone to enjoy the Art and Industrial Arts displays. The students had done really fantastic work! Silent Auction proceeds to go to the Yearbook so the students will have a book of memories to carry with them after the school year ends.

Happy Camp High School Winter Concert

Proceeds from an earlier lasagne dinner went to the Scholarship Fund for Graduation, June, 2013. Carole Nelson, Vicki Hammon, and Sammy Jo were serving along with students, and Laura Wainwright-Thompson who is teaching Social Studies while Ms. Dorie is away.

Happy Camp High School Basketball Schedule

Basketball Schedules

Dec. 6-8 Boy’s Tournament-Trinity High School

Dec. 8 Girl’s Varsity Tournament-Dunsmuir

Jan. 8 All Teams Etna @ Happy Camp
Season Schedule

Jan. 11 Happy Camp @ Big Valley/ Leaving HC at 10:30am

Jan. 15 Surprise Valley @ Happy Camp (To be played in McCloud) only has Varsity Teams and will start at 5:00pm/ Leaving HC at 12:00pm

Jan. 18 Happy @ Tulelake/Leaving HC at 10:30am

Jan. 22 Butte Valley @ Happy Camp

Jan. 25 Dunsmuir @ Happy Camp

Jan. 29 BYE

Feb. 1 Big Valley @ Happy Camp

Feb. 5 Happy Camp @Surprise Valley (To be played in McCloud) only has a Varsity Teams and will start at 5:00pm/ Leaving 12:00pm

Feb. 8 Tulelake @ Happy Camp

Feb. 12 Happy Camp @ Butte Valley/ Leaving at 11:00am

Feb. 15 Happy Camp @ Dunsmuir/ Leaving 11:30am

All games home or away will start at 4:30pm except the games in McCloud.
As always, there may be changes. Please check on the Happy Camp High School Website for up to date information. thank you!

Happy Camp High Football & VolleyBall Schedules!

Football and Volleyball Schedules

August 18: Scrimmage in Dunsmuir starts 10:30 am/ Parent Drivers for Football

For updates, see the Happy Camp High School Website. Things sometimes change!August 18: Srimmage in Dunsmuir starts 10:00 am/ Parent Drivers for Volleyball

August 31: HC @ Dunsmuir- HC vs Westwood

September 7: Herlong @ Happy Camp/ Home Game/ 6pm

September 27: Volleyball HC @ McCloud – vs Surprise Valley

September 28: HC @ HayforkO

October 4: Volleyball HC @ Tulelake

October 5: Redding Christian @ Happy Camp/Home Game 6pm

October 11: Volleyball HC @ Big valley

October 12: Big Valley @ Happy Camp/Home Game 6pm and also Homecoming Ceremony after the game is over.

October 18: Volleyball Butte Valley @ Happy Camp/Home Game 5pm

October 19: Tulelake @ Happy Camp/ Home Game 6pm

October 23: Volleyball Dunsmuir @ Happy Camp/Home Game 5pm

October 26: HC @ Butte Valley

Sinead Talley & Charley Reed Students of the Year!

Charley Reed one of two Students of the Year


At the School Awards, Students of the Year were presented.

The first presentation of Student of the year was presented by Principal Angelika Brown to a student who is “motivated, polite, participates in sports, Student Council and all school activities. This student has shown leadership qualities and has helped organize different events for our school and her tribe. She has hosted exchange students and participated in international travel. She has great common sense and is very intelligent and cultured. We are all proud of her and proud of the fact that she got in Stanford and just represented us all at the White House in Washington DC. The first Student of the Year is Sinead Talley.”

The next introduction was made by Denise Bearding as follows: “When thinking of a student of the year, we look for those who are outstanding in certain areas. This particular student is outstanding in many areas. Some of which have not been recognized before. This student has appeared in front of a variety of audiences and crowds many times over the years and has always been gracious and self—effacing about his accomplishments. Many people may not know about a side which is not quite so obvious. In the area of fine arts, he is focused and creative and has a fine sense of quality and detail that shows in his drawings and other art work. He is thoughtful about what he produces and holds his work to a high level of excellence. In his writing, he is not afraid to put his heart on his sleeve letting emotions and thoughts come to the surface, He has never shirked from tackling a weird writing assignment and is always willing to challenge himself academically. His elementary school teacher remembers him, as I think many of us will today, easy going, friendly, and pleasant and liked by all. He quietly and determinedly focused on his school work, followed school rules, was respectful of his peers and adults and always had a smile to share. This student is looked up to by his colleagues and younger children. For good reason, he is a leader in the classroom, on the court, and on the field; an outstanding athlete and scholar and exemplary representative of the school and the tribe. It is with admiration and pride that we offer this prestigious award to Charley Reed for Student of the Year.”

High School Beautification In Action!

High School Beautification

Judy Bushy

The High School grounds look fabulous this year at the end of school! Mrs. Bearding looks on as students plant flowers around the school to improve the view!

For the past few years, the school has been through repeated remodel and repair. This is the first time it has been back to “normal” and with Mr. Eadie trimming the grass and the students planting flowers, it is really looking good!! Here are some of the students, Christian Robinson, Emily Parry, Ciera Silva, Bailey helping improve the loos of the school.

Thanks to all who contributed to the improved look of Happy Camp High School!

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