Tuesday is BOOK DAY in Happy Camp

Judy Bushy

Book Club Meets Tuesday at 11 o’clock to noon at MMGC!

It is quite logical for Tuesday to be Book Day in Happy Camp. After all, that is the day, each Tuesday afternoon that the Happy Camp Branch Library of the Siskiyou County Library System is open! iT IS A a MOMENTOUS DAY and looked forward to most of the week by many! The volunteers who keep our library open are gratefully appreciated.

To make Tuesday even more of a Book Day, a book club, to which you are invited, meets at 11 o’clock Tuesday morning at the Marble Mountain Gift Co.. We’ve read several books, The Education of Little Tree, One lucky Dog, Last Bus to Wisdom and a local history book, Beginner’s Luck by Malcolm Terence In fact, since we plan to finish reading about the Black Bear Commune and Malcolm’s experiences since that time living along the wild and scenic Klamath River, we are looking forward to his joining us and reading some excerpts on the first Tuesday in October!

Then a new book will be read, I’ll add that to this post as soon as I know it.

In the meantime, everYone is welcome, and we’d love to have you join us if you enjoy reading a good book!!

Bigfoot jamboree Parade Rocks with Dr. Seuss!

content/uploads/2018/09/18BigfootJamboreeDancingToesFloat.jpg”> Dancing Toes Float with Horton and his Who[/caption]Sunday morning, Bigfoot Jamboree festivities resumed from Friday and Saturday. After a hearty Pancake Breakfast with good food, the parade entries registered and began getting in line. It was a very fun parade!

In the first category, the Ambulance won 3rd place ribbon, the River Valley 4-H horsemanship gals on 2nd and the first place trophy went to the Chicks with Sticks, a fun bunch of ladies who walk with sticks and are famous for it!! They were dressed and preformed as Dr. Seuss Rock band (as Thing one and Thing 2, the Grinch, Horton who hatched an egg, Cat in the Hat and one of the characters that had Stars on theirs…all the delightful characters from the Dr. Seuss books. Dr. Seuss was the theme of the parade.

Karuk Dancers Tapasarara

In the next category, the Karuk Tribal Dancers dance in honor of Vera Arwood. Double J and the Pizza House had a float with lively little Dr. Seuss Characters as well. The trophy went to Dancing Toes with Horton the Elephant and his Who!

Dr Seuss Band AKA Chicks with Sticks walking group