Rescue on St Lucia Day, (December 13th in Sweden)

Man Hunt
Tuesday, Happy Camp had a man hunt out! Word got out, mostly by social media that Jesse J. Flagg, our local FedEx delivery person, was missing. After making deliveries to Happy Camp and Clear Creek last Monday, he hadn’t returned that evening. Our Sheriff, Jon Lopey, said, “We were very concerned about Mr. Flagg’s welfare and we are relieved he was found alive and he is now receiving the care he needs. I would like to take this opportunity to commend the involved SCSO, USFS, CHP ground and air units, and fire rescue personnel that played pivotal roles in the search and rescue of Mr. Flagg.

Christmas Miracle
His Grandma said she has her Christmas Miracle! ”Miraculously, Jesse survived 22 degrees last night with a thin shirt and shorts and was found about 10am this morning. He tried to make a torch with his undershirt, as he left his coat and cell phone in the van. He kicked the window out after smelling gas. Then he dropped ten feet to the ground, (first of many drops).

“He has gone thru a warming process and is in a lot of pain from it, but no frostbite, no broken bones, no spinal injury except a slightly compressed disk in his tail bone, no head trauma, lots of bruises and scrapes and scratches and berry thorns. – He swerved to miss a deer. Had he gone off at a straight angle, he would have went way down and into the river (in the deep part) or just a few feet more and the van would have been nose first, about 80 feet down and probably in pieces. Instead the van landed in two trees just like a couple of angels carried it there (really). It’s unbelievable, especially when you see highway 96 and all the possible awful places it could have happen – almost all would be landing in the cold Klamath River, They brought him up 120 feet from the embankment as we watched. He survived digging himself a hole of clay to insulate himself – still ALMOST frozen! – To God be the Glory. Thanks to all who prayed so much! We are ecstatic and full of joy!

Working together for Happy Outcome!
Lisa Bousfield posted on Facebook, ”Thankful for this community. Thankful I work for an agency that doesn’t wait. When I got to work today I emailed our district about the FedEx guy missing. Our Acting Deputy Ranger (Johnny Clem) sent people out in all different directions. Within 30 minutes he was found, down the embankment, alive, no injuries. Glad we have willing capable people here that just do.
Thank you Lisa and the Happy Camp Ranger District and all the agencies and volunteers who were looking or praying for his safe rescue! It is happy when we all work together and have a happy outcome!!

God Jul for Christmas!

In Sweden and Denmark, St Lucia is represented as a young lady in a white dress (a symbol of a Christian’s white Baptism robe) and red sash (symbolizing the blood of her martyrdom) with a crown or wreath of candles on her head celebrated on 13 December in Advent. They remember Lucia, a 3rd-century martyr under the Diocletianic persecution, who according to legend brought “food and aid to Christians hiding in the catacombs” using a candle-lit wreath to “light her way and leave her hands free to carry as much food as possible”. Her feast once coincided with the Winter solice, the shortest day of the year before calendar reforms, so her feast day has become a Christian festival of light Falling within the Advent season, Saint Lucia’s Day is viewed as an event signaling the arrival of Christmas, pointing to the arrival of the Light of Christ in the calendar on Christmas celebrations.

Lucia or Lucy Day in Sweden on December 13th

It’s Christmas time all over Happy Camp!

“It’s Christmas time all over the world, and Christmas here at home”… in Happy Camp we are enjoying Christmas.

David & Melissa Art & Cookies at the Grange

Carol Sharp serves soup!

Chris at the Grange Holiday Faire

The First Saturday was the Grange Holiday Craft Faire at the Happy Camp Grange.
The Second Saturday was the Christmas Lights Parade.
The third Saturday will be the Kids Christmas Party.
But the Fourth will be just before Christmas!

“It’s Christmas Time All Over The World
It’s Christmas here at home
The church bells chime wherever we roam
Så riktig god jul [Norwegian]
Feliz natal [Portuguese]
Shenoraavor Nor Dari (Dari) [Armenian]
To you……….It’s Christmas Time All Over The World

“In places near and far
And so my friend wherever you are
Ein fröhliches Weihnachten [German]
Kala Christougenna [Greek]
Yoi kurisumasu [Japanese]
This means a very merry Christmas (Christmas, Christmas)
To you”

Lyrics by Sammy Davis Jr.

Thanks! for a great Community Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanks to our Volunteers for the fantastic Happy Camp Holiday Dinner at the Karuk Gym Thursday! Thanks to Nell Sakota, Yukon Sakota, Deputy Gabe Garrison, CHP Officer Monday and the kids, Tanner and LaVine (and Molly Sakota and others -not shown)

Nell stepped up to the bat, figuratively, and hit a homerun!! I’m sure you know the old poem, Casey at the Bat by Ernest Thayer from 1888. “Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright; the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light, and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout; but there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Casey has struck out.” Happy Camp was feeling kind of glum, but not from a ball game.

Many years ago, Muriel Ward-Frederickson’s family, which was a large family with ten children, had a wonderful gathering for Thanksgiving each year. One year Mooch, as she is fondly called, asked Chuck who lived at the Alice Dunaway House, what he had for Thanksgiving. Chuck said,” nothing special,” the restaurants weren’t open and Dunaway House roomers didn’t have cooking facilities.

Since they’d be cooking a big dinner anyway, Mooch went to work and the first dinner was Holiday dinner prospects
Christmas Dinner, probably at the gym, but maybe the Grange. They received donations, vendor and people volunteered to make the Community Holiday Dinner available to all who wouldn’t otherwise have a special dinner for the holidays. When Mooch retired the Happy Camp Family Resource Center began to hold them about 2003. Last year our Family Resource Center closed, so we expected there would also be an end to the Holiday Dinners. Like Mudville, when Casey struck out, this was a sad turn of events lamented by many.

But then, with only three days to the event, or shall I say, non-event, Nell Sakota stepped up to bat! She was helped along with a donation to the Thanksgiving Holiday dinner by the Karuk Tribe and place to have it in the Karuk gym. She put up a poster with Charlie Brown, and went grocery shopping. Donations of desserts began to arrive!

Thanksgiving Dinner this Year
All the criminals passing through Highway 96 behaved, so Deputy Garrison and the CHP Officer Monday helped out. Bamboo brought the beautiful orange flowers and ferns for the table and then started washing dishes. Yukon welcomed arrivals, signed people in and made sure they had tableware. Nell and Molly Sakota dished up turkey and all the trimmings. It was a very delicious meal!

LaVine brought around a cart of desserts, pumpkin pie, cream pies and all sorts of delicious desserts.

Everetts were suprised by their Grandson, Staff Sargent Joseph Everett coming from Germany for Thanksgiving Dinner

Several of the Veterans who meet at the Happy Camp Community Center Wednesdays at 10 for a coffee or social time were there.

Terry and Roberta Everett were planning to be there, and they were and enjoyed the holiday with grandkids too! Their grandson, Joe Everett, who is in the Air Force in Germany, had a big surprise, he got Leave and came all the way from Germany! He had already surprised his mother, Cari, at the spa where she works in Redding. So the whole family experienced the glad surprise of a serviceman home for the holiday!

Even though the sun wasn’t shining, and the rain was coming down, smiles and glad “Happy Thanksgiving” were heard all around. Outside the door several dogs and a horse awaited their partners who were inside enjoying the dinner, until at last they emerged with a warm glow and happy countenance after a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

Seiad Valley Crafter’s Show their Skills

by Judy bushy

Hole in the Earth Pottery was beautiful!

Seiad Valley is such a fun community! They work together so well and they sure do love their Volunteer Fire Department! That’s why the Seiad Day in August and the Craft Faire in November are such great events!! The proceeds go to the (All volunteer) Firefighters work.

When we first arrived we could see the tables that Les Helsley had set up outside with his wonderful pottery from Hole in the Earth Pottery. The bright colors were sparkling in the sun! There was a wide range of colors and designs, and even a 25% off table! There were only a couple of vendors set up outside as it was quite nippy even though the sun was shining beautifully. A lady had notebooks and folders and pictures that she had made. If I still had kids at home, I’d have loved the wipe-off charts for chores.

An evergreen with snowflake ornaments was the first thing you saw entering the Fire Hall! Tim Pinkos had leather work and there were nifty items by the wire-works skilled craftsman. I remember a few years ago he had a knight’s armor in wire that was so neat, but didn’t see that as most of the items were practical.
Some of the tables were high with placemats and colorful sewn items for the home. Someone put a lot of work into all those projects and they were lovely. There was woodworking too, but the woodworker had stepped away from his table when we were admitting his wood projects.

Pete & Leona with beautiful jewelry and delicious eats!!

It was good to see Leona and Pete McLaughlin who not only had the beautiful jewelry Leona makes, but pretty little bags to use for giving them as gifts. She also had made carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting which are so delicious! Across from her was a display of beautiful large polished jade and other rock materials, made into belt buckles and other things. Floyd Brady had really beautiful stones!
Next to Floyd was Bob Humphries’ son, Chris. He had made Rice-Krispie bars, cookies as well as jam. The jams were cranberry and strawberry. Although they were tempting we didn’t want to eat until lunch which was chili, chowder, filled baked potato and bacon soup or sausage tortellini. I loved the potato and bacon soup, but I got the last bowl. So my husband got the tortellini, but he enjoyed that as well.

Yummy snacks and jams for sale!

Lunches and shopping at the Crafter’s Faire!

Seiad Valley Crafters Fund the Fire Hall Activities

Iris, Amber and Linda made such cozy blankets pillows and other fabric arts!

AFter lunch we browsed the rest of the Seiad Crafter Faire offerings!
Linda Thompson had cozy blankets that were just perfect for the chilly weather, in pillows. There were all kinds of lovely patterns and one that held a baby. A doll was shown with it and I thought my granddaughter’s doll would have loved it! Amber Ogborn and Iris Edwards were next to Linda at a table with beautiful things they had made. Cody Sindle was there, or I think he was under the hood hiding!

Right across from Linda, Amber and Iris was a table of beautiful frames by Annie Buma, Annie’s Custom Woodworking & Framing. She has hand-milled sugar Pine, Douglas-Fir and Ash wood, with bark on some, made into beautiful picture, or mirror or art frames.

There were cookies, candies and treats for sale to enjoy as well.

Girls with snacks and candles at the Seiad Fire Hall.

Some young girls, Hannah and Mercy, had a table they had candles, some arranged in polished wooden branches. They had a good bunch of things for sale. It was good to see youthful entrepreneurs!! All ages were there from the youth to the more mature. Mr. & Mrs Long had their beautiful woodworking items for sale.

Teri Colwell had soaps and lotions, of great variety. She was sharing a table with someone with flower arrangements as well. Jill also had some lotion, sustainably harvested in Siskiyou County!

Jill Livingston and her sister Kathryn had books. I love books so that was great1 They also had calendars with historic photos of Siskiyou County or beautiful photos of Mount Shasta. The item that really fascinated me was a series of brochures at only $.75 each of Campsite Critters—a camper’s guide. The text and illustrations were by Irene Brady. There was a guide to big animals like “Bears” and the wild cats and dogs, “Mountain Lion” and “Wolves”, to little animals, “Chipmunks.” And those tiny little guys, “Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas!” When I say that the artful sketches are beautiful, it isn’t just the picture of the animal on the front, there are tracks, in the chipmunk one, about twelve other drawings as well as a map of their territory. In fact, Jill showed me on the back they have a little suggestion who you could begin trying to draw them yourself. I wished that there was one on otters or raccoons. In fact deer and elk would also be interesting. There is a lot of information on both sides of a four -fold brochure!!

Wildlife Brochures that Kathryn and Jill Livingston showed at Seiad.

Our neighbors along the beautiful wild, Klamath River are some very talented people! They had such a wide variety of skills represented and wonderful gifts to give for the coming holidays. It was all for a good cause, the Seiad Valley Volunteer Fire Department, so you know that the fire fighters also give their time and labor to the community. Seiad Valley has faced evacuation from forest fires four of the last five years and they appreciate the work of the Fire Fighters!! We have so much to be very thankful for!!

Reviving Square Dancing Along the Klamath River

Fun at the SquareDancing gathering!!

Reviving Square Dancing Along the Klamath River
Thanks to Debbie Bickford, who’d been saying, “Be there or be square!” Toe tapping music was coming from the Happy Camp Elementary School Saturday evening. A Square dance caller came from Medford was in Happy Camp Saturday at the Happy Camp Elementary School! There were lots of smiles and lots of instruction on how to do the steps, and it just looked like a good time.

Wayne Eaver is the caller for the Rogue Valley Square Dancers and Callers Association who came to Happy Camp for such a fun Square Dancing experience Saturday evening! They have a website

Square dancing was very popular in Happy Camp back in the 60’s. In fact, there was a popular Square Dancing Club that held a street dance and incorporated lots of other festivities with it. The year was 1966 when they closed off 2nd Avenue and began what has continued since that time as our annual Bigfoot Jamboree over Labor Day weekend. First few years, the Square Dancers handled it and then, I think it was the third year after that; Happy Camp Coordinating Council was organized to continue Bigfoot Jamboree!

Most years we also have a Square Dancing group from Yreka selling Pepsi at the modern Bigfoot Jamboree at the River Park. They didn’t bring their caller, so they don’t dance, even though I ask when they are going to each year. This year they didn’t make it.

According to Wikipedia, “A square dance is a dance for four couples (eight dancers) arranged in a square, with one couple on each side, facing the middle of the square.” Square dances in small towns all across the country are attracting a bunch of people. You’re not just connecting with your partner; you’ve got a whole square, eight people, to share the motions and actions. The music is fun and cheerful and will set your toes a tappin’ too! Just the thing for a chilly Saturday after the rain!!

If your organization is planning an event or activity along the Klamath River Highway 96 communities or in Happy Camp, give me a call if you want me to share it! (493-2900) We’re always home, but if we step out for a moment to go to the post office or for a drive, please leave a message. Emails are welcome as well klamathviews (at) We’d love to hear from you.

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