Big Fun at the Bigfoot Jambore & Don’t miss the Parade Sunday!!

Alyssa Allgiers was crowned Bigfoot Queen on Friday night at the Happy Camp River Park. Alyssa was escorted by Travis Ward as they danced the Queen’s dance. Her royal court of Princesses included, Julia Peters escorted by her dad, Abigail Eadie escorted by Kris Nelson, Frankie Snyder escorted by Cody Haskell and Cierra Silva escorted by Brandon Tripp. The girls were all lovely and handed flowers by the two little flower girls as former Bigfoot Queen of the Jamboree, Bailee Allec placed the tieras.

2013 Bigfoot Jamree Queen

2013 Bigfoot Jamree Queen

The parade begins about eleven o:clock on Sunday!
We hope to see you at the Happy Camp River Park this
Labor Day Weekend!

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  • Barbara Land

    This is something I think you should put on your news page; My son who lives there, Ken Hoskison, and a friend of his were fishing and saw a UFO for about two minutes. It zigzagged and went up & down at a fast pace before it just disappeared. They came across another person who said he saw it too. Probably other people saw this also. He just has a Tech Phone with not many minutes, but for more info.
    Thank you for your attention,
    Barbara Land
    Ukiah, CA

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