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Calendars, Calendars…Thank you to all who are putting your events and activities on the Calendar at marble Mountain Gift Co. It is greatly appreciated when we can look and see the coming activities scheduled !! Now you may also see a link to a Happy Camp Calendar on the right and as well. Remember, however, if you keep your event a secret, we won’t be able to read your mind and put it on any of the calendars. We plan to compare and add events and activities to both the paper calendar at MMGC and the WebCalendar, but can only do it if you keep us informed. Thank you for doing that!!

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce mixer to get to know more of our neighboring Chambers will be this Friday. Business and Recreation participants are urged to get your brochures to the Chamber or give a call to 493-2900 to have them picked up in advance of Friday’s event. Thanks so much! It’s time for the visitors to come streaming down our beautiful scenic byways to visit us and we want to do all we can to make their visit full of outdoor family fun in our beautiful forest and on the river!

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