Celebrate Resurrection Sunday morning Sunrise Service in Happy Camp!

Sunrise Worship at the HCAirport 7:30 AM

This Sunday was Palm Sunday on the calendar of many churches. The day celebrates the day that Jesus rode a young donkey into the city of Jerusalem. People sang, “Hosanna” and laid palm branches on the road, so it became Palm Sunday. The week that was to come, he would fellowship with Lazarus (who was alive again) ate the last supper at Passover with His disciples, had times of prayer, was arrested, tortured through several hearings, and crucifixion.

The joyous celebration on the first day of next week, Sunday, is the Resurrection from death and the grave.

No one has been able to tell me when the tradition of Sunrise Service at the Happy Camp Airport to celebrate the Resurrection began. It began before the Christian Fellowship with Pastor Kirk Eadie was here. It began before the Assembly of God was built in 1973. As far back as I can recall, it was celebrated each year by the Happy Camp Bible Church. If anyone recalls when the practice began, I’d appreciate your input,

Since it has been going on a very long time, it is also inclusive of all who wish to celebrate the Resurrection and all are welcome.

This year Pastor Stan Poeschel of the Happy Camp Bible Church will open in prayer. Pastor Kirk Eadie, Alex, Abbye and Robyn will have their guitars and voices ready to make music. Pastor Bill Estes of the Assembly will bring a message. All are welcome and encouraged to come. It is at 7:30 up at the Happy Camp Airport on Sunday morning!!

Following the outdoor service all are invited to potluck breakfast at the Assembly of God Church in Indian Meadows. Since it is potluck, bring a breakfast dish to share with everyone.

There were plans for an Easter Egg Hunt and I’m sure that will be fun for all the children. However, I’ve been unable to find out what the time is for the Hunt to begin. My memory is stuck back in the days when the Happy Camp Lions Club had a big Easter Egg Hunt at the High School Football Field, and if you were just a tiny bit late, the children had been released and rushed to find all the eggs and you might just miss out! So I don’t want to misinform you of the time or place. As soon as I find out, it will be posted on the Happy Camp, CA Chamber of Commerce Facebook page for those of you who have Facebook. Hopefully we will post on the bulletin boards as well.

In the meantime, read about Dave McCracken’s new book, Extreme Prospector, on the Art & Entertainment page.
See the Happy Camp Elementary Students march in a Anti-bullying parade on Children & Youth Page.
And check out the Calendar. Please let us know of any group or organization event that isn’t listed so that it can be corrected right away. Thanks for your help, wonderful readers!!!

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