Chamber of Commerce News

Laura Wainwright, Lauren Burns, Eddie Davenport, Dr. Burns
Entertainers at the Chamber of Commerce meeting,
April 2, 2002. From left: Laura, Lauren,
Eddie Davenport, and Dr. Burns.

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce holds an evening meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at the Family Resource Center. The April 2 meeting was well-attended with lots of news about community projects underway.

Bigfoot Summer Games

There will be a Canoe & Kayak Family Fun Festival here on Memorial Day weekend, May 25 and 26. That’s the weekend of the Bigfoot Summer Games, which take place all along the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, Highway 96, from Happy Camp to Willow Creek.

While Happy Campers will be having fun in and on the Klamath River, with races and activities from Indian Creek to Elk Creek, the Hoopa Tribe downriver will be hosting their annual Coyote Run. The Coyote Run will have 9 mile, 2 mile, and 1/2 mile events for all ages. Orleans and Willow Creek will host festivals and activities as well, so there will be something to do in each town along the byway.

The Hoopa Valley Tribe led the planning for these events with a federal grant proposal submitted to Six Rivers National Forest in Eureka. Event planner Jaclyn Traversie of the Hoopa Tribe met with representatives of Orleans and Happy Camp on December 8, 2001, to discuss plans for each community.

Department of Forestry

A new interim ranger, Jay Perkins, has been appointed to manage our local forestry office. He plans to return to Yreka and the search is on to locate someone who wants to live in Happy Camp and take charge over the office here.

Action Committee

Tom Waddell reported for the Happy Camp Action Committee. It has been meeting once each month to discuss community improvement projects. They are planning to locate and move old mining equipment from forestry land to the park in Happy Camp as an added attraction. They also are working on plans for a new tourist and art information center in Happy Camp on Highway 96.

Waddell also reported that the new economic development plan is still being studied and modified by the Karuk Tribe and will be released to the community soon.

Marcia Armstrong

Our new county supervisor for District 5, Marcia Armstrong of Quartz Valley, was here to let us know about projects she is working on. With her strong positive energy and warm personality she is always a popular guest in this town.

The Arts in Happy Camp

Happy Camp is becoming an artist’s haven with emergence of fine art classes and activities, the formation of the Klamath River Writers Club, and performances by many talented musicians who have chosen to make this area their home.

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