Chief Daniel Packer Honored, Mourned

 A sunrise memorial service had been held in honor of Chief Daniel Packer at the Ukonom Complex Incident Command Post in Orleans in the morning. Over a thousand firefighters attended to honor the fallen firefighter who died in the line of duty. Many more attended services in Happy Camp that evening.

  Chief Packer was from Washington, the East Pierce Fire & Rescue. He was preparing to take over duties of division supervision on the Panther Fire, 15 miles south of Happy Camp in rural Siskiyou County, California.  He was an experienced and able firefighter, but while Packer was scouting the fire, the wind shifted and the fire blew over him.

 Each and every firefighter that comes to fight fires in our neck of the woods does so in peril of his life. We dare not take lightly the courage and valiant honor of these firefighters.

Tributes to Chief Packer mentioned his courage, service and commitment, as is true of many of our heroes fighting wildfires in the forest but some especially noted his faith, compassion and humility.  

We pray that God will bless and comfort the Packer family and his friends and comrades on the fire line who have our deepest sympathy.  Chief Packer is among those heroes who selfishly give of themselves for their fellowmen, and his sacrifice will not be forgotten.


  • robert croall

    Shame on you- an article announcing Seiad Days but not a mention of Bigfoot Days! why don’t you call this the Seiad News. I visit town 2 to3 times a year and I know more about what is going on there than you publish.What about the Fire safe Counsil did their work around the airport Townspeople getting together to replant trees at johnson’s hunting grounds or at sulpher springs. Maybe you should have a broader base of people to supply info (Karen Crocker) for example or others who have lived in H.C. all of their lives.

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