Clinic Pharmacy Retirement

Ever since 1981, Happy amp Community has had a local drugstore, Clinic Pharmacy. The owners, Michael and Patt Celayeta, closed recently for retirement.

Through the years they’ve provided trustworthy prescriptions and medical needs and answered many a customers questions. Clinic Pharmacy has been a faithful member of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce through the years and sup[pported the Happy Camp Review with their advertising. Michael even wrote some informational articles for the paper back ion the 1990s.

In the September, 1993 issue of a local newspaper, Happy Camp News & Views from the previous Happy Camp Review, there was a front page article ‘Clinic Pharmacy Moved to Hillside.”

The article went on to say, “Michael and Patt Celayeta, the pharmacist and pharmacist technician-owners are planning to move into their new building this summer. For the past 12 years the pharmacy has rented space located inside the Happy Camp Health Service building.” That was at 38 Park Way at that time.

+The new The new location “will be on Hillside Road between Rustic Inn and Woodsman Restaurant *or Burger Barn) which closed due to fire time time ago. The building has had varied uses. Many Happy Camp locals will remember the building was the original site of the Senior Nutrition Site which moved to the Lions Club building. Since then the building has served as a restaurant, a pizzeria, and was remodeled for use as a doctor’s office.”

When Michael and Patt bought the building it needed to be remodeled again With the help of their good friend ”
Al “Sonny” Vanderhoof, the work began in May. 1003. Patt has been concentrating her work on the new project, while Michael keeps the current pharmacy practice in operation. After closing time at 5 pm he dons his other work clothes an joins in the remodeling process. You could see them busy remodeling every weekend too!

The new location provides the extra space the pharmacy has needed for so long. and also allows a much larger inventory+of health care items to be carried in stock.

All prescription services continued, reliably as usual, only the location was changed. Now after over forty years, a well deserved retirement begins.

Appreciation bouquet

Mike and Patt, we want you to know, as you retire that you made a difference in the Happy Camp community.
Throughout your career you’ve reached out to our Klamath neighbors in friendly warmth and generously shared advice. I remember when you wrote about “proper care of prescriptions for the paper.. You’ve accomplished a lot and given a great deal. We wish you the best as you look ahead to retirement. If anyone deserves the best…it’s you!!

Happy Retirement!

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