Come, Celebrate Dear Mad’m With Us!

Happy Camp is celebrating a literary celebrity of our community. The book “Dear Mad’m” by Stella Patterson has brought many visitors to our community and encouraged many “senior citizens” to lead an adventurous life despite advancing years.

Stella Walthall Patterson celebrated her 80th birthday on a remote mining claim in the mountains near Happy Camp, CA when she launched an experiment. She began living alone in a cabin by the Klamath River in the Siskiyou Mountains with her dog, Vickie, for a year, This tale of her adventure has won the hearts of Happy Campers and many others!

Dear Mad’m Day will be Saturday, August 13th and the Picnic Luncheon (for $5 donation) will be at 11:00 o’clock. Sandwiches, ribs, salads and specialty breads are planned, as well as Dolly’s Strawberry Lemonade and dessert. The Luncheon will be held in the shade of the sycamore trees on the lawn of the Klamath River Resort Inn on the Klamath River east of Happy Camp, a beautiful setting for a picnic!!

We are so pleased that guests who have known our Dear Mad’m from their time on the River, Peter and Elizabeth Walthall Lismer, whose book (Dear Mad’m, Who Was She?} will be published by Naturegraph 2012, Hazel Davis Gendron who used her artistic talents for a drawing of Stella Patterson and numerous other “Friends of “Stella” from near and far will be coming to the Picnic Luncheon.

There will also be the presentation of Dear Mad’m and Dear Sir awards, Books will be available for purchase as we honor our local neighbors who use their writing and artistic talents to enrich our lives. The Writers Group of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce (that meets every Sunday afternoon at Frontier Café) is planning the luncheon picnic to celebrate Stella Patterson and those who still maintain the spirit she exemplifies today!.

Reservations are requested, or Call Judy Bushy 493-5248 or Linda Martin 493-2099 to reserve your place for Dear Mad’m Day Picnic Lunch. Seating is limited so please bring chairs or blanket for picnic.

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