Community Banner “Happy Camp Strong” Signing

Fire Chief Erik Haskell fixin’ burgers for the gathering at the River Park!

Strong or not strong, having a home or homeless, whatever situation, signing a banner was celebrated Saturday at the Happy Camp River Park! It was a great opportunity to visit with others in the community who are all working through this difficult time.

There was be free food “to go!” Erik Haskell, Local Fire Chief was busy flipping burgers. This gave some an opportunity to come up and thank Eric for the heroic work that he and the other volunteer Firefighters did on September 8th when the Slater Fire began and thereafter.

Eriks reply was, “I wish we could have saved more.” But what they did was amazing and greatly appreciated by all.

There was also music! Music for the gathering at the Happy Camp River Park was provided by Todd Gilbert and Scott Grandstaff and much enjoyed! While they played on the stage, participants came along and signed the giant white banner with the bold black letters, “Happy Camp Strong!”

Todd Gilbert & Scott Grandstaff provided the music for the event.

The Banner is now displayed on Connor’s Cardlock Fence at the corner of Davis Road and Hwy 96.

Support was to be on hand from many community members including county staff, local pastors, local residents, emergency services volunteers and more. Raffle drawings were held Social distancing was encouraged and masks and hand sanitizer were also available.

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