• I never got to know Fred Crooks. But I didn’t miss him by too long.
    The property, Fred n Mrs Pattersons place? Above Ferry Point?
    Was subsequently lived on by 3 retired schoolteachers.
    Joan Richardson, Vivian Witt and Marie…… Never knew her last name.
    These were neighbors and close friends of mine. I cared for all of them, very much. My friends.
    I worked on the house, and kept them in stovewood. I “cleaned the spring” to get them perfect spring water every year.
    They fed me and cared for me too.
    I have a few antique bottles and jars found on the property. From well before Fred Crooks was even born. Back to the early residents.
    I have a couple of Fred’s old tools and a few bottles from the time of Dear Madam. I know where the “family” dump is. I could go get more. heh
    Its a pretty nice location, the old homestead. I can’t drive past without looking up the hill and remembering.
    yours Scott Grandstaff

  • Sylvia Parry

    Her name was Marie Miller.

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