Elk Complex Fire Update

Forest Service Update

Total Complex Acreage: 16,449 acres
Incident Resources: 805 personnel
Total Complex Containment: 80%
Cost to Date: $17,400,000
Injuries to Date (minor): 15
Fatalities to Date: 1
Expected Full Containment: 8/05/2007

Siskiyou County Public Health Officer, Stephan Perlman, M.D., again wants to advise residents throughout Siskiyou County to be aware that air quality may be extremely poor in some areas due to severe smoke today. Residents in areas with poor air quality are advised to remain indoors and refrain from physical exertion. In areas with visibility less than 2 miles, drivers are cautioned to drive carefully and to turn their headlights on as they drive through the area. Firefighters plan to continue to use aerial ignition to burn portions of the interior of the fire on the King Creek 2/Wingate/Titus Fires. This involves releasing ping pong ball size incendiaries (PSD’s) as the helicopter flies over the area to be burned. As the fire slowly backs down towards the Klamath River the percentage of containment will rise. Crews are continuing to secure established firelines. Patrol and mop up continue on the Little Grider Fire.

Of the thirty identified fires in the Elk Complex, 25 are 100% contained. The contained fires will continue to be monitored, patrolled and staffed as necessary. The remaining five fires are as follows:

* Wingate/Titus/King Creek 2 acres is 13,381 acres (increase in acreage due to limited burning of interior) and 76% contained. Firelines have been constructed and limited burning of interior areas will continue. A closure for campers and miners, from Five Mile Bridge to Norcross Campground on Elk Creek Road remains in place.

* Elk Fire (1,144 acres) 96% contained and remains in aerial patrol.

* Hummingbird Fire (80 acres) 0% contained. The fire remains in aerial patrol.

The Forest Service, in cooperation with the Siskiyou County Air Pollution Control District, has installed an air quality monitoring station in Happy Camp. Real-time data may be viewed online at SatGuard.


  • Roisin

    I am looking for any info pertaining to the Happy Camp fire. My Daughter is a member of the California Conservation Corps, Ukiah. Her crew was sent to Happy Camp last week. The last I heard was that she was having a very hard time breathing, and her nose bleeding probably caused by the severe smoke, and heat. Her name is Trisha Zevely, based out of Ukiah.I am Roisin(Ro) her Mom, I am just very worried.If any one has any info, or if they just happen to see her tell her I love her, please call MOM.
    p.s. If there is any thing that I can do from here in Gridley, PLEASE just e-mail me. I will try to do my best is helping out any way that I can. Thank You firefighters, we LOVE and Appreciate All of your Hard Work. Good Luck, GOD BLESS

  • Ryan Switzer

    if there is anyway someone give me any info on where Trisha Zevely is living and how i can get a hold of her. i used to work with her in the ccc and i just want to see how she is

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