Elk Fire Complex Update From The Forest Service

Total Complex Acreage: 8,327 acres

Incident Resources: 1,122 personnel

Total Complex Containment: 15%

Expected Full Containment: 7/29/2007

Cost to Date: $4,300,000

Injuries to Date (minor): 6

Structures Threatened: 550

The top priority is the protection of the Happy Camp, Hamburg, and Elk Creek communities. Yesterday, line construction progress was made on the larger fires of the complex (see list below).

Moisture from the recent rain helped in the firefighting effort. However, the respite was short lived. As conditions dry, the fire is becoming noticeably more active and trees have started torching. Smoke from the fires will become more visible and health issues may again be of concern.

As conditions change, local communities will be updated regularly. The public is invited to attend another informational meeting at the Happy Camp Grange this Friday at 7 p.m.

A new call center with the latest information has been established in the Klamath National Forest Supervisor’s Office at (530) 841- 4451.

Complex Fire Details

Defensive lines around the following fires are being prepared for a burning operation when conditions become favorable:

Little Grider Fire (approx. 1298 acres)

King Creek II Fire (approx. 2779 acres): Firefighters are planning to work directly on the fire’s edge.

Wingate (approx. 909 acres)

Elk Fire (approx. 1166 acres)

Titus Fire (approx. 2026 acres): There is also a recommended evacuation for homeowners, campers, and miners from Five Mile Bridge to Norcross Campground on the Elk Creek Road. Firelines have been constructed around structures.

The following smaller fires have been contained and will continue to be monitored, patrolled and staffed as resources allow:
Tom Marten Fire (approx. 31 acres)
Clear Fire (approx. 38 acres)

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