Everett Collard, Remembered in Happy Camp

Collard Family 1953

Collard Family (1953)

Each year as Happy Camp celebrated our, Dear Mad’m and the story that she told, we honor some of our longtime residents that exemplify the pioneering adventurous spirit of Dear Mad’m and Dear Sir and the Klamath pioneers.

In 1911 when we had the first “Dear Mad’m” and “Dear Sir” awards we honored Barbara Brown to whom we feel a tremendous gratitude for her publishing endeavors, and Ken, a miner who had the Dear Sir award.

The second year, we honored Dear Grandma, Geneva Johnson, from Happy Camp. We also had expected to honor Everett Collard, a long time Happy Camp lawman. However, Everett passed away a couple of weeks before the event. We still wish to express our appreciation for Everett’s good neighbor living along the Klamath River for all those years and remember him for the good things that he has done in the community.



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