Fire Meeting Saturday Night & Wednesday

Fire Incident Command was handed over to Mike W after two weeks.

Fire Incident Command was handed over to Mike W after two weeks.

Size: 44,549 acres total for the complex
Containment: 15 percent for the complex
Date Started: August 11, 2014
Estimated Containment Date: September 8, 2014
Estimated Cost to Date: $29 million
Total Personnel: 1,972
Committed Resources: 48 crews, 11 helicopters, 131 engines, 18 dozers, 27 water tenders
First of all, for the most up to date news and opportunity to ask questions, there will be two community meetings tonight. The Seiad meeting will be at 6 p.m. at the Seiad Valley Fire Station.
In Happy Camp the meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at the Karuk Tribe Senior Nutrition Center (64101 Second Avenue). Team members and Klamath National Forest representatives will present information and answer questions about the Happy Camp Complex fires.

Mandatory Evacuation orders are in effect for the below areas. People in areas under mandatory evacuation should be aware they may not be able to reenter the evacuation area until fire danger has passed. The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department will be patrolling 24 hours in the evacuated areas.

Due to increased fire activity of the Happy Camp Complex, the following evacuation orders are currently in effect:
Mandatory Evacuations: Scott River Road from Bridge Flat to the intersection of Hwy. 96 and all areas south of Hwy. 96 between Scott River Road down river to Cade Summit

Advisory Evacuation: All areas north of Hwy. 96 between Scott River Road and Grider Creek

An evacuation center is located at Winema Hall at the Siskiyou County Fairgrounds, 1712 Fairlane Road, Yreka. Both large and small animals will be accommodated at the Fairgrounds. Large animal transport can be arranged through the Sheriff’s Posse. Contact Jodi Aceves, (530) 340-2422 to arrange transport. For more information contact the Siskiyou County Sheriff Department at (530) 841-2900.

Fire Information: The Happy Camp Complex has grown over 13,000 acres on Friday to 57,722 acres and is 15-percent contained. The fires merged into one.

The Faulkstein Fire: Last evening fire activity was significant with fire spread to the north and east along Highway 96. A cold front passed through the area, and shifting winds with unstable air caused a smoke plume to develop leading to an abundance of embers spreading out from the main body of the fire. Communities that are threatened by the fire are Happy Camp, Elk Creek, Seiad, Hamburg, Kelsey Creek and Scott Bar. Structure protection groups composed of hand crews and engines are engaged and are placed in strategic locations to assist in protecting homes and property should the fire move into these areas.

Structure defense groups utilize hose and sprinkler systems to assist in fighting fire. Additional duties include locating water sources and clearing of combustibles around structures. The fire is also established in Tyler Meadows and moving east toward Middle Creek Meadow’s.

The Frying Pan Fire: Friday’s fire activity over much of the Happy Camp Complex was a repeat of the previous day. The fire has reached the Klamath River just east of Grider Creek. Firefighters contained a spot fire that ignited across Highway 96 between Hamburg and Seiad. The north edge of the fire is holding west of Grider Creek, though east of Grider Creek the fire is moving to the east and northeast. Containment lines near Happy Camp and on the west side of the fire continue to hold. Air operations took advantage of the clear skies, using helicopters and air tankers to drop water and retardant on the north and south ends of the complex.
The fire is threatening approximately 200-250 structures within evacuation areas. Completed and ongoing protective actions include limbing trees, clearing brush, removing yard debris and brushing roads. A total of 131 engines are supporting fire suppression and structure protection activities within both zones of the fire.
Fire activity in the south end of the fire has slowed as it moves into the 2008 Panther Fire perimeter. Tactical ignitions took place along a dozer line in this section to strengthen and extend containment lines.

Forest Closure Order No. 14-05-755 is in effect for Klamath National Forest lands affected by the Happy Camp Complex. For details on this closure and other fire area closures, please see
Approximately 75 percent of the 1.7 million acre Klamath National Forest remains open to forest adventures.

Weather and Fire Behavior: Today there will be gusty northwest winds, with daytime temperatures in the mid-50s to mid-80s; nighttime temperatures will be in the 50s. Tonight minimum temperature will be in the low to mid 50s with a weak to moderate inversion layer. The fire remained active into the night with primary fire spread from spot fires caused by rolling materials and tree torching. This will continue to be the case today. Expect an acceleration of fire behavior when the inversion lifts.

Safety: A Clean Air Respite Center is located at the Karuk Tribe Senior Nutrition Center in Happy Camp (64101 Second Avenue). The center is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily and will remain open longer if needed due to smoky conditions.

Air quality: Today, stronger northwesterly winds, cooler temperatures, and better smoke dispersion continue into the weekend. Conditions will still be smoky for communities southeast of the fires but better dispersion should provide a few hours of cleaner air. By Saturday evening smoke impacts could reach Weaverville and Redding.

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  • Hi Judy, I live in Missouri, used to live in Happy Camp. Was wondering if they are having the Bigfoot Festival with the fire going on? I didn’t see anything about it.
    Also, is there ever any sightings of bigfoot around Happy Camp? Would appreciate it if you would email me a quick note about this. Thanks. I always enjoy reading your news. Pat

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