Former Happy Camp Guide on Monument Proposal

Siskiyou Crest National Monument Proposal

National Monuments are a land-grab by the federal government and greatly restrict access and use to lands that were designated for “public” use.

Thank you to Tim Grenvik, a Scott Valley resident who used to live in Happy Camp, for bringing his concern with his short comment:

I’ve been hearing snippets off and on for some time now regarding this move, but nothing official. Having seen how establishment of the Smith River system as a “national recreation area” drastically changed what I can, and can no longer do over there, has me worried about the Siskiyou Crest proposal. I’ve enjoyed many years of various ”outdoor activities” in the Siskiyou’s and have grave concerns should it be defined as a “national monument”. I can say with some certainty, you would no longer be able to enjoy that country the way you used to. If you stop to take a moment and reflect on the many changes you’ve personally witnessed over the years, the many activities you can no longer enjoy on public lands, then you may see there has been a shift in policy that denies you your right to enjoy the outdoors. This proposal, should it be enacted, would be the final straw on a huge expanse of land in our back yard that is already partially denied to us. Just think LSR’s (spotted owls), wilderness expansion, road removal, stream course protection, and gates on public land – all deny us access or use in the name of “management”.

I have always asked but one question — ‘MANAGEMENT FOR WHO?’


  • John Doe

    Everyone is complaining so much about this monument, but none of you have any factual basis to back it up. The fact is, that the nat monument IS going to be instated weather you [insulting word deleted] hang 100 million more ‘no monument’ signs or not. Heres an idea, how about you start petitions, read about past monuments and what they have done for the land, start an advertising campaign, start a web site, get t-shirts out here, and get some political backing. All you people do is sit around with [insulting phrase deleted], and complain. I can’t wait until the monument goes into place. The ‘management’ they are referring to is stopping you [insulting word deleted] from clear cutting everything, dredging all of the rivers, over fishing, dumping, and hunting the hell out of everything. The reason that everyone thinks that your beloved ‘state of Jefferson’ is a joke is because it is! You people were too [insulting word deleted] to get your [inappropriate word deleted] together then, and you are to [insulting word deleted] to get your [inappropriate word deleted] together now. So go ahead, put up some more [insulting phrase deleted] ‘no monument’ signs; it seems to be really working out well for you folks. Join the 21st century for god sakes; you still believe in god damn bigfoot. I await your rebuttal.

    [edited by Admin]

  • John Doe – If you had something worth saying you surely could express it in a more dignified manner!

    Name calling and vulgar speech are the marks of an ignorant person without the presence of mind to speak to others in a respectful manner.

    If you express your opinions with respect they are more likely to effect change in your readers.

    Would you like to try again? A side benefit of speaking respectfully is that you can use your own name!

  • kevin harrison

    the monument will ruin lives, where i’m from we stick and work together. our home is our home and we will fight for that right. the pain we’ve had in this place is only temporary but the pride will last for ever.this is our native land that our ancestors had left FOR US!!!!! If you let the monument come into action we will have no choice but to retaliate.

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