Friday Art Center Dinner – August 19th

Alan Crockett

The Art Center is finally having another one of its highly addictive dinners this Friday and you’re all personally invited!

It all Starts at 6 pm this Friday with Cold Drinks and a Delicious Music Mix.

Barbara Rohr is generously cooking up a Sensational Indian Curry Dinner with Spicy Chicken Curry delicately Simmered in Coconut Milk and Ghee Served with Basmanti Rice. And of course, we’ve also got a tantalizing Veggie Curry for you vegetarians out there.

All This paired with a classic Grated Carrot Veggie Salad and an Magnificently Succulent Array of Refreshing Raitas and Chutneys .

We’re looking forward to seeing you all,

Alan Crockett

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