Great Plans for This Years Bigfoot Jamboree

Bigfoot Jamboree, 45 years, Happy Camp, CA

Bigfoot Jamboree, 45 years, Happy Camp, CA

Fun for EVER”YONE at the Bigfoot Jamboree!

Just talked with Linda Zink at the BIGFOOT STORES on Highway 96. Linda is leading the Coordinating Council for the Bigfoot Jamboree which is coming Labor Day Weekend. Sammi Offield is at her side helping as Vice President at their Tuesday meetings each week.

Everyone always loves the Bigfoot Jamboree! It brings many Happy Campers back who have moved away so we all get to enjoy seeing them again!

Friday’s Queen Coronation will have plenty of beautiful girls as we haveĀ 6 candidates for Bigfoot Queen this year. They are all out selling their raffle tickets now, so hurry and get yours for some great prizes as the deadline is coming. I’d hoped to have a photo of all the girls but we will have to get that yet. They’re all out selling tickets, no doubt. After the Queen’s Coronation is the dance for the young people.

Friday and Saturday will be the big days for vendors down at the River Park. There’s everything from toys to fashions, with great food also! I hope the Happy Seniors have a bake sale as it is the best home baked treats fo be found anywhere! Dolly’s Deli has the best strawberry lemonade too!! The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce will be having the traditional Country Store again this year with things from members that you won’t want to miss.

Sunday at 11:00 is the parade from Davis Road staging area, down Highway 96 to Second Avenue down to the Bridge over Indian Creek. The theme this year is “Wonderland/” so put on your thinking caps and come up with fantastic floats entries to join the procession! Other plans for Sunday will be the big changes in this years Bigfoot Jamboree. Booths will be open longer. We have Monday to rest, so the park will be open until 6 o’clock instead of closing earlier as in past years. Even later, at 7 pm there will be the Lawn Mower Races over at the old Go Kart Track.

JavaBob Schmalzbach and Linda Martin will be sharing their research into Bigfoot sightings on Saturday. JavaBob has been traveling the country from coast to coast whenever a Bigfoot sighting is reported since he left Happy Camp five years ago. Linda will be sharing more local sightings. Reminds me of when we had Dr. Matthew Johnson from Grants Pass come to speak after his experience at Oregon Caves.

Good things are planned for Bigfoot Jamboree. We hope to have the schedule of ALL the fun things to do soon. Then you can plan all the great things you won’t want to miss!!

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