Happy 78th Birthday, Dan Bushy!!

78 years on May 12, 2022

Sunshine and rain sprinkles both made their appearance on Thursday as Dan became 78 years old! Bill Munton picked him up to go to the Happy Camp Community Center for the Veterans Social where the guys get a chance to drink coffee and donuts and visit.

We have many reasons to rejoice, and be very grateful We’ve been greatly blessed. Back in 2003 when Dan had a sinus infection that didn’t respond to the prescription that Dr. Burns gave for the purpose, a CAT scan led to the diagnosis of a Sino-Nasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma. When the surgeries for that cancer failed, we were told that nothing more could be done, and he would leave this life quickly. He wasn’t expected to live to his 80th birthday. Three months of daily radiation and some chemotherapy too had been given and two surgeries. But he did make it to his 60th birthday, and now he is enjoying his 78th birthday! We are very grateful!!


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