Happy Camp Appreciates Our Veterans!!

Wednesday is Veterans Day!

To all our readers who have served the United States of America in the service,
“Thank you!”
November 11th is the day that we celebrate our Veterans and out appreciation for them.

We have had sixty to eighty veterans to an appreciation dinner in Happy Camp in the past.
This year, of course, Covid 19 regulations make that impossible.

However, a committee got together and were able to arrange a Appreciation “Dinner to go” for the Veterans!

If you are a veteran, we hope that you have seen the fliers on the bulletin board and called Robin Eggers 707-951-4088 to R.V.S.P. that you will be coming by to pick up the dinners. If it is absolutely impossible to pick them up, some dinners may be able to be delivered. Call Robin and check on the situation.
Thanks, both for you service, and for allowing us to tell YOU HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE YOUR SERVICE AND YOU!!
Wednesday is Veterans Day!]

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