Happy Camp, CA is on the Bigfoot Scenic Byway

September 13, 2012
by Judy Bushy
Someone mentioned to me that they were unaware that we had a Bigfoot Byway, from Happy Camp down Highway 96 to Willow Creek.

Bigfoot Byway Logo

The theme of this Byway is “where the wildlife watches you!: It was dedicated when Debbie Wilkinson was the President of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce on April 1st, 2001. The date was chosen for those who feel our Sasquatch is a myth or legend, so everyone could join in the fun!
Harvey Shinar was there as both a council member for the Karuk Tribe as well as past Chamber president. Bud Johnson as Chairman took part also.

Forest Supervisor, Peg Boland was with us at the ribbon cutting. Although she was not cutting the ribbon, the Forest Service with vital in the accomplishment of the Bigfoot Byway was in large measure the work of Gay Baxter who worked with businesses and organizations along Highway 96 to make it happen years ago.

Some years later, Cheryl Wainwright had the inspiration and enlisted Ralph Starrit’s help as well as community involvement to build a large Bigfoot Statue on the corner of Highway 96 and Davis Road where the Byway begins it’s northern most start.

It is perhaps appropriate that the other end of the Bigfoot Byway is at Willow Creek where they have a wooden statue and a Bigfoot wing on the China Flat Museum.
The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce has hoped that the State of Jefferson Scenic Byway, together with the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, The Trinity Scenic Byway and Trinity Heritage Scenic Byway, will become an All American Road as it is known locally as the Klamath Trinity Ring of Rivers. Ofshots include the Smith River to the Pacific Coast and Redwods as well!

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