Happy Camp Elementary Holiday Show

Happy Camp Elementary Holiday Show

Patti Sherman had a bunch of Rocket students beating rhythms on drums and other percussion instruments. They practice after school and were amazing! After Casey Chambers welcomed everyone the 2nd & 3rd graders sang Rudolph and Jingle Bell Rock, Rock around the Christmas Tree. These beautiful singers were Syvana Arwood, Michael Beals Jr. Colin Brannon, Mekhia Gabriel, Keelan Hahn, Christian Kienlen, Chelsea Post, Rose Shuler, Shaggy Spence, Ian Tuttle, Hawkeye Valin and Matthew Wilson.

Rudtz Galindo played a piano solo and a duet with Eddie Davenport. The 1st & 2nd graders sang All I want for Christmas in My Two Front Teeth. Alyvia Arwood, Kaylee Bangs, Madeline Davis, Bridgett Aubrey-Harrison, Luke Robinson, Elyssa Thom, Timothy Thompson, Jessica Williams, Hannah Wilson. Elijah Beals, Blake Beals, Jozlynn Brink, Taylor Cortes, Kairi Harrison, Kimi Harrison Zachary Horvath, Justin Kroll, Luis Loya, Kohl Pinassi, Layla Titus, and Alexis Williams.

Then wise people with gold, frankincense and myrrh came on stage! They were accompanied by large colorfully wrapped packages. The Gifts that Don’t Cost was performed by the 4th grade class. The gifts were Joy, Peacebuilder, and Friendship etc. Lovely young Ella Galindo, was a beautifully decorated tree. The class sang O Christmas Tree and We Three Kings.
The 5th and 6th graders sang a rollicking version of Twelve Gifts of Christmas. Brittany Barnett, Dakota Estep, Maria Griffin, Malford “Chuuk” Harrison, Madison Offield, Matilda Peters, Lu-Lin Spence, Aaron Tuttle, Devon Tygart, Gage Welter, Travis Bledsoe, Kai Crockett, Samuel Davis, Beatrice Edwards, Nikkita Harrison, Miranda Hayes, Quinn Horvath, Curtis Kienlen, Carl Mayton, Jacob Rachal, Meranda Rasmussen, Nancy Shuler, Christopher Wilson and Silas Yamamoto. Silas kept singing the praises of the transistor radio!

The 7th and 8th graders had a special presentation of The Giving Tree, performed by Carl Blossomgame, Mitch Hokanson, Sydney Snider, Isabel Bryant, Emily Parry, Cierra Silva, Angel Griffin, Natalia Long, Jack Spence, Abigail Eadie, Ryan Randleman, Cody Sindle, Shawn Hillman Chauncey Lloyd, River Tuttle, Cody Haskell, Christian Robinson, and Taylor Soto. Mitch Hokanson also played some beautiful piano .

It was time for the littlest students to sing Up on the House Top and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. The kindergarteners who sang were Ernie Beals, James Bledsoe, Emilie Cushman, Jason Day, Isabell Gomez, Charles Harrison, Michael Hauki, Devon Honza, Jessica Lantow, Alex Loya, Emily Mattson, Logan Nelson, Luis Osorio, Willow Rose, Priscilla Weeks and Spencer Wreath Jr.

The students returned to sing Winter Song first in the Karuk language , then in English. Then in a grand finale they sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Cody Sindle was the stage hand helping everyone for the performance. The teachers and staff at the school did an excellent job preparing the students for the performance.

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