Happy Camp High School Celebrates Winter

Wasn’t the snowfall lovely Friday and Saturday!! Didn’t last, but it was so pretty. I was wondering if Abbye Eadie and Cassidy Little singing, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” at the Winter Concert had anything to do with it. They sang beautifully , “Santa Baby” at the beginning, as well as “Dreaming of a White Christmas” concluding Happy Camp High School program.

In between, Denise Beardings Honors English Class presented a skit, “Superfreakiest Elfnam Christmas” which was their own invention. The Drama Class under the direction of Alyssa Garcia who had two presentations. First, the Dance Performance which was good in light, but then, when the lights went out,the glowing trims on black costumes gave a very bright dance. They choreographed the dance as part of their class work. The Drama Class also gave an abridged version of “The Nightmare before Christmas” which they will present in full later.

Our principal, Angelika Brown, welcomed everyone at the beginning and also reminded everyone to enjoy the Art and Industrial Arts displays. The students had done really fantastic work! Silent Auction proceeds to go to the Yearbook so the students will have a book of memories to carry with them after the school year ends.

Happy Camp High School Winter Concert

Proceeds from an earlier lasagne dinner went to the Scholarship Fund for Graduation, June, 2013. Carole Nelson, Vicki Hammon, and Sammy Jo were serving along with students, and Laura Wainwright-Thompson who is teaching Social Studies while Ms. Dorie is away.

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