HC Neighborhood Watch ***Monday July 13 Postponed**

Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch Meets 2nd Monday each month

by Judy E Bushy
Well, the last meeting of Neighborhood Watch (2nd Monday each month) went well We discussed the purchase of more efficient cameras, more patrol, fund raiser to afford the best system, and partnering with other non profits to fight crime, graffiti included.

Dan Effman mentioned that, “The strange part was we did not have a good turnout. The majority of the people that are complaining or suggest ways to fight crime didn’t show. We would appreciate it if you attended to share!”

Robin who serves as secretary/treasurer also said, “We encourage people to come out and get involved. As a community we need to work together to keep our community safe from crime.”

Really appreciated that Doreen explained more about the Neighborhood Watch, “Until you get involved and realize the problems aren’t as simple as they should be there will be misconceptions. The NW volunteers are just that; volunteers! There is no pay, no prestige, and many times it is a thankless duty. Until people put their differences aside and act in cohesion there will be little gains made in the area of crime prevention. Especially since we cope without any local 24/7 law enforcement.

Community Help Needed
Hope to see you all at the next meeting (July 13th postponed and will ZOOM August 10th)and a big thank you to those that attended. I enjoyed seeing Dan Effman, Robin Eggers, Rita Manley-King and Yukon Sakota! Some had other duties that kept them away but usually come. Last meeting before Covid-19 issues came up there were 17 and we had only 5 attend for June.

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