Happy Camp Travels to Weed

Cindy from Mt.Shasta won the Happy Camp Basket

Several members of the Chamber of Commerce traveled to Weed last week to meet other Chambers from Siskiyou County. It was such fun to see people from all parts of the County. Weed Chamber hosted the event and their President, John Diehm shared that it is their 59th birthday since April 20, 1952 when the Chamber began, 9 years before the city of Weed was official.

James Buchner, a director in our local Chamber shared how Happy Camp Chamber is also celebrating a birthday, being 25 years old. Previous Chamber over 150 years ago decided the original name of the name of the town was not good for tourism promotion so they changed the name of the town from “Murder’s Bar” to “Happy Camp!” James also told about the new website at www.happycampchamber.org and more happening soo. A new town map brochure will be out by mid May.

Happy Camp donated a nice little goody basket with products from Happy Camp members and there was a flurry of interest in the drawing. The contents of the basket included eight (8) chocolate bars from Nena’s, a small boutique chocolatier down river in Somes Bar. Nena started making chocolate as a hobby when her children were little, but since they are all grown she shares her chocolate delectables with others. She distributes mainly in the smaller stores along the river, but she is preparing to expand and is looking for new avenues of distribution. Klamath River Resort Inn has donated 2 tube trips of the Klamath River. Since the Klamath River at Happy Camp is the world’s best River for family floats, this will be a wonderful opportunity for summer fun on the Klamath River! The cheerful floral painting in the Van Gogh style, on a saw blade, is signed by local artist Ray Arneson. There were also Artisan blank cards by local artists. A favorite local senior author, Stella Patterson’s book, Dear Madam is included also. “Between the Floods – Happy camp 1856 to 1965” was in the basket, as well as a booklet of stories and poems by Linda Jo Martin – local writer and web designer. There was a New 49ers’s DVD and a DVD “Karuk Voices – Stories from the Klamath River” included. A Happy Camp Tee-shirt with the friendly smiley face was from Forest Lodge Motel. There were two river-polished stones of Happy Camp Jade in a basket donated by Karen Toledo.

The basket was very well received and was won by Cindy from Mt. Shasta. Thank you to all who participated and especially those who contributed such great products to the basket!

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