Here Comes Summer!!

Summer Corn Feast

Is your corn knee high?? I grew up, with a cousin in the Haapala Corn Seed Company family, knowing that the corn had to be knee high by the fourth of July! All the progress was measured by that deadline. Whose knees by the Fourth of July?, I didn’t worry about! There was always plenty of just picked corn on the cob with the potatoes covered in melted butter and chives, and watermelon, of course!! Just picked meant that Tex went out and picked it while the water boiled in preparation of the arrival of the corn.

But this year has been different! First there was the snowy January, then the weather got cold and rainy just when we were expecting spring to be showing up. Our garden plot remained a swamp through all the cool weather so we couldn’t get seeds planted for the greens, peas and beans which are usually the staples. Our Garden Fairy arrived from Sacramento to help the dozen (not four dozen as in some years) tomato plants in raised beds usually for the kitchen garden greens. Even the Lily of the Valley hasn’t poked any sprouts through the front garden, after careful selection for something that would survive on the outskirts of the shady walnut! So, no, we have no corn by the fourth of July. In fact, it seems like summer just began….which it just did last week!!! But our garden is going sadly!! With last week’s triple-didget heat, I barely left the house. There’s plenty of work to catch up on there to keep me busy, for sure!

Summer Lunch for Kids!!
If any children of any age are a part of your household, a good lunch excursion is The Free Lunch at 632 Jacobs Way Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 12:30 o’clock. If you have any questions please call Nell 493-1490. Thanks to Nell and any other’s keeping our children fed this summer!

Barbecue Coming
Thanks to Sherri for bringing me the flier for a special picnic coming up this week!! On Wednesday three’s Customer Appreciation Day Barbecue in Happy Camp at the River Park by Siskiyou Telephone. This is the annual Siskiyou Telephone Customer Appreciation Day! Not only will they serve BBQ hot dogs with all the toppings, Chips, beverages and cookies, but 50 winners will receive a $20 credit on their phone bill!! Every STC customer is automatically entered into our computer generated drawing and you need not be present to win, but who would want to miss a fun picnic lunch at the River Park Pavilion from 11:30 to 1:30 on Wednesday.

Parade Plans
Bigfoot Jamboree team that serves on the Happy Camp Coordinating Council has decided on a theme for the parade; TV Cartoons. So, your summer project it to watch TV cartoons until you find something suitable for your parade float on September 3rd. Yup, that’s right, Bigfoot Jamboree is September 1-3rd so you can look forward to it all summer.

Karuk Reunion is going to be July 22nd!


  • Ms. Patty

    Dogs roaming about freely without owners is affecting tourism, because no one wants to walk around unfamiliar animals. Also, a thrift shop with local antiques is missing, too. I, personally would love to see a local library in town and would love to help in a project like that to get it started. Cleaning up store fronts, restaurants, and buildings is a must. City folks are not used to looking up and seeing dusty cobwebs or dirty sidewalks. I am sure Craig Lighthill, Lilly’s Daddy, could do some regular water pressurizing, concrete restoration, washing windows, and cobweb removal to high interior/exterior ceilings. The coffee shop in town should be the example for all business owners to keep a tidy atmosphere, except for the need of a couple of signs to lead the way. Frontier Café needs to enforce no smoking in the bar, so everyone can use the restroom. I have also noticed that different cooks make their dishes differently and consistency should be enforced, as well as speeding up the service times for meals. I have waited 45 minutes to an hour to receive my meal because my ticket was dropped, and I am a diabetic. This comment is meant to be constructive to bring in more business. I had a catering business of my own years ago, and cleanliness is next to godliness, so they say. Let’s clean up our town, so they will stop, spend money and leave, right? “Open the mill” for summer tourism to show how the mill was so important and brought many jobs for families to this valley. Provide basket weaving examples and Karuk language learning listening devices to the museum. Sell items that can be traded by students between the different stores once the items are purchased to teach the importance of trading in the area. Make a few signs and painted trash cans along Hwy 96 at each turnout that represent the Karuk, gold mining, lumber mill, and farming community. Encourage cleanliness to this wilderness, so others are encouraged to come back. I know an artist who could paint the trash cans. Money well spent is money well earned. Hope my suggestions help. This is what I see that will draw a lot of attention.

    • Thank you, Ms Patty, for your suggestions. Marble Mountain Gift Co. (the Coffee Shop) does does look attractive and new gardening areas are being developed. There was such disappointment when the hydrants were painted, at such an expense, when it could have been used for other more effective projects.
      We would surely like to have you visit a meeting of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce to discuss the ideas you have as they are very welcome. Welcome to the community and thank you for the work you do with the children.

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